How do I modify my MetaMask Sign In password?

For Metamask Sign in, Go to the app on your mobile device or open the MetaMask extension · On the next page, you'll have to create login credentials for your account. For more details visit our website.

A password plays a very significant role in the safety and security of our online accounts- be it our social media accounts, shopping portal accounts, or crypto trading accounts. The same is the case with a MetaMask wallet. Therefore, it is very important that we never reveal or share our passwords with anyone if we wish to ensure the safety of this wallet.

But, in addition to creating a strong password, it is also recommended that you keep on changing your password whenever possible. By doing this, you can multiply the safety of your accounts because it reduced the chances of account/wallet hacking. In light of that, we are now going to guide you on how you can change your MetaMask sign in password.

For changing your password, it is important that you have access to the Secret Recovery Phrase of your wallet. If you do not have this with you, then changing the MetaMask login password would be difficult for you.

So, if you believe you have the SRP- secret recovery phrase, come along and apply the steps as outlined below.

Steps to change the password

Note: For creating a new password, the simplest way you can take is to restore your wallet. So, below. We'll be guiding you about restoring the wallet.

  1. To get started, please open the MetaMask extension or the app
  2. If you have been logged out of your wallet, select "Restore wallet"
  3. If you are still in your wallet, first log out and then select "Restore wallet"
  4. Now, on the resulting page, you will be asked to enter the MetaMask sign in the seed phrase
  5. Please be watchful while entering this detail and then go to the next step
  6. Followed by this, you can set a new MetaMask login password and confirm it
  7. Then, click on the "save" button to end the process

After saving this new password, you can use this password whenever you wish to access your wallet in the future.


As you can see, updating the password for MetaMask Sign in was like a cakewalk. Therefore, we recommend you update the password often. But, while doing so, make sure that nobody is around you or watching you change these details. Anybody having access to your SRP or password would be able to hack your wallet or withdraw funds from it.

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