The Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the World

The Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the WorldThe Story of Plundering Beauty in the End of the World

The iron arm was forced by the murderous look on Lin Ge's body, and he couldn't help retreating a few steps. Liu Fen took the opportunity to climb up and hide behind Lin Ge. She sobbed and said, "Brother Lin, Zhao Tao was frozen into an ice sculpture by them." Although the expression on her face was very awkward, Liu Fen's heart was full of happiness. A man is willing to do so much for a woman, not to mention in the end of the world, even before the end of the world, I am afraid that few men will do such a thing for a girl, really happy! Lin Ge nodded and said, "I'm here. Everything is all right." An invisible force hit Zhao Tao's body, the ice on Zhao Tao's body was broken at once, but the force did not hurt his body, which alone showed Lin Ge's superb fighting skills. After Zhao Tao's ice was smashed, his body regained consciousness. He quickly retreated behind Lin Ge and asked happily, "Boss, did you succeed in awakening your powers?" Lin Ge nodded, ten days, a full ten days, he fused the power of the lightning beast, and the average person awakened the power as long as one day, and he used ten days. Of course, this is not because Lin Ge is more stupid than others, but because the function of the flash frequency beast is really too special. In the past millions of years, this lightning frequency beast is the second known mutant Warcraft, and such a monster, which is hard to find for millions of years, was killed by Lin Ge and fused with its functional fruit. An era of ants against the sky has begun. That's great, boss. You kill all these sons of bitches today and take it out on us. When Zhao Tao was outside the city, he saw with his own eyes the destructive power brought by the crazy speed of the lightning frequency beast. As long as Lin Ge awakened his power, his already terrible speed would be increased hundreds of times. At that time, as long as he is willing,Micro Gear Motor, not to mention a grey wolf, even the entire city of hope, he can completely destroy it in an instant. This time the iron arm and the whole grey wolf will be in trouble. Chapter 42 two thousand swords a second. Lin Ge looked at the Iron Arm and said coldly, "Are you the Iron Arm of the Grey Wolf Society?" The cold voice, more than ten thousand years of ice, makes the body tremble unconsciously. Iron arm originally did not want to pay attention to Lin Ge, can see Lin Ge eyes beating with a devouring flame, with his cold voice than ice, he unconsciously in the heart of a shock. So he managed to cheer up and said, "Yes, I am the Iron Arm of the Grey Wolf Society." "Do you know how wrong you are today?" Questioning is like an emperor questioning a condemned man who has committed a felony. Unexpectedly, after Lin Ge appeared, he did not immediately start with him, but talked about these irrelevant things. The Iron Arm sneered, "How dare you! You are the first person to accuse me since I founded the Grey Wolf Club. I would like to ask myself what mistakes I have made. Even if I have made mistakes, how will you deal with me?" The iron arm is worthy of being a fierce hero, gear reduction motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, even under the pressure of the momentum of Lin Ge Rushan, there is no compromise. Lin Ge walked back and forth a few steps in the surprised eyes of the crowd, and said with dignity and no doubt: "After the end of the world, human beings almost died under the joint strangulation of the Dark City and the Alien Warcraft. It was not until the City of Hope appeared that the surviving human beings had a resting place. In a sense, the City of Hope has become the last hope of human beings." And you are under the protection of the city of hope, so you should do more for mankind. "But what have you done? To gang up in the city for personal gain, to bully the weak, to rape and kill young girls, to sell human flesh, and to secretly execute freedom fighters who are not pleasing to the eye at every turn? Any one of these things you have done today is enough for you to die ten times." "Now, the alien Warcraft siege is imminent, you not only prepare for war with your own men, but also exclude dissidents. Because of your recklessness, you indirectly caused the death of two members of the Grey Wolf Society just now. Do you think you are a heinous person and should be punished?" Lin Ge's words, like a blow to the head, shocked many people's hearts. Those people are thinking carefully, naturally know that Lin Ge said is not wrong, the new city of hope, facing the double attack of the dark city and the alien Warcraft, at any time there will be the danger of destruction of the city, but for their own small profits in front of them, to do things regardless of the overall situation, immediately many people showed shame on their faces. Shit! The iron arm listened to the gas jump high, although Lin Ge's words are not nonsense, but now the strong man is not lawless, that is not unconscionable, otherwise how to live, the cruel end of the world, has made normal people's psychological distortion, do everything possible. Lin Ge did not say others, but named himself, he also put the cause of death of the two people who had just died in the hands of Zhao Tao and Liu Fener on him, this is not a reversal of black and white! "Lin Ge, I know you are a good talker, but even if you say the dead are alive and the living are dead today, you can't escape death. Didn't you say that I don't care about the overall situation? Then I'll tell you that after I kill you, I'll personally lead the people in the city of hope to repel the different Warcraft. I'll kill all the demons in the city of darkness in the future. At that time, I will be the hero to save mankind." And you people deserve only to be stepping stones under my feet. Since Iron Arm awakened his powers and became a new human, his ambition has expanded unprecedentedly, and he even intends to seize the position of commander-in-chief of the city of hope. He wants to use the soldiers and freedom fighters in the city of hope as his cannon fodder to fight against the city of darkness and eventually make him the world's top human leader. At that time, all the women in the world, as long as he likes them, mature women, little girls, ladies, black silk, all kinds of women, will become his playthings for him to enjoy, and he can also try to be an emperor in the end of the world. It is the common wish of all the strong people under the ordinary people to wake up and hold the power of the world and lie drunk on the knees of the beauty. Although the iron arm has a low character, it does not prevent him from being ambitious. For the iron arm, his biggest danger is not to become the city of darkness and different Warcraft,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, but constantly strong exhibition of the tiger and the dragon, followed by the leader of the military, but the strong rise of Lin Ge also gave him a certain shock.


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