Talk about ghosts

Talk about ghostsTalk about ghostsTalk about ghostsTalk about ghostsTalk about ghosts

Zhang Xiang walked toward the street lamp. A woman who looked good but could not hide the wrinkles around her eyes came up and said, "Boss, do you want to play?" Zhang Xiang looked, this woman is not suitable, Yin Qi is not enough, Reiki is also very inadequate. Such a woman out of the "Yin Corpse Skin" can at most deal with those who do not have the climate of cats and dogs, to deal with such masters as Lin Feng and Qiqi is simply not enough to see. Zhang Xiang smiled at the woman and said, "No!" With that, he turned and left the woman. The woman is unwilling to drag Zhang Xiang to say: "Boss, play, very cheap, one hundred times, how about three hundred packages of night?" Zhang Xiang turned around and said, "No need!" The woman was startled by Zhang Xiang's cold face and let him go. After a while, he looked at Zhang Xiang's back and scolded him with his middle finger: "***!" Zhang Xiang passed by several warblers in a row without a suitable candidate, but he was not in a hurry. He had been looking for two days, and the night did not care about today. After all, it was not easy to find a person born on a cloudy day. When he came to a shampoo room, there was a pink light inside, and several women were looking at him with cleavage and thighs. Eyes can almost drip water, Zhang Xiang can not be in the mood to look at the thigh, carefully looking at the woman inside. The proprietress pulled open the door and dragged Zhang Xiang in and said, "Boss, you see so many MMs, there must be one who likes them. Take that one away!" Zhang Xiang looked at a young girl, although the appearance is general, but it is the person he needs. He couldn't help smiling and went to the girl and held out his hand. Those women did not see their own play, nor to Zhang Xiang discharge,water filling machine, continue to seduce other men in the past. Zhang Xiang grabbed the girl's hand and said, "How much is the package night?" The girl shook her head and said, "We don't go out at night." Without saying anything, Zhang Xiang took out his wallet and shook five hundred in front of the girl. As soon as the girl's eyes lit up, she immediately took the money and put it in her bag and followed Zhang Xiang out of the door. The girls inside looked at them with envy and shouted, "Xiaoqing, remember to come back tomorrow morning and bring us breakfast." Xiao Qing waved to the other people inside and said, "I know!" He got on the rough car with Zhang Xiang and went to Zhang Xiang's destination. Zhang Xiang rented a house here for convenience. This square has a single house, and the people on both sides of the next door do not stick to the wall, even if there is any noise, others will not find it. As soon as he entered the house, as soon as Zhang Xiang turned on the light, Xiao Qing stuck it up and rubbed Zhang Xiang's inner thigh with his thigh. Zhang Xiang stuffy hum, the breath becomes heavy up, water filling machine ,PET blowing machine, did not expect this bitch actually aroused their own desire. Zhang Xiang picked up the woman, went into the bedroom, and threw the woman on the bed. The woman twisted her body like a snake, leaving a fleshy body. Unable to resist the temptation of the body, Zhang Xiang lay on Xiao Qing's body. Xiao Qing immediately like an octopus to catch prey, hands and feet will tightly entangle Zhang Xiang. Who is the prey of whom? Zhang Xiang, who had released his excess energy, lit a cigarette and lay on the bed to smoke. Xiao Qing hugged Zhang Xiang like a lover. She knew that the average man would not come only once, and since they had spent money, they would certainly get enough. Now he's just brewing the next storm. Zhang Xiang took a puff of smoke and said, "How old are you?" Xiao Qing winked and said, "Can't you see?" Zhang Xiang said, "How can I see it?" Xiao Qing rubbed her delicate breasts against Zhang Xiang's body and said, "How big do you think it is?" Zhang Xiang froze for a moment, knowing that Xiao Qing, the little wave hoof, was seducing himself again. Let yourself be tired early, so you can go to bed early. After all, this kind of thing is generally hard for men, poor men can have sex for a lifetime, hard for a lifetime, the pleasure added up to less than two and a half hours. Volume II Chapter 34 Ghost Marriage (2) Zhang Xiang exhaled thick smoke from his mouth and hid himself inside. Xiao Qing put her arm on Zhang Xiang's chest and gently circled his chest with her index finger. Zhang Xiang stroked Xiao Qing's hair and said, "Are you tired?" Xiao Qing nodded gently and said, "I'm a little tired!" Zhang Xiang said very gently: "Then you have a good rest!" Xiao Qing is very surprised to look at Zhang Xiang, the general package of men will be crazy to. The last time Xiaoqing went out for a night, he was a 60-year-old man who kept tossing about on Xiaoqing all night. It was almost morning and I was still trying to do it, almost foaming at the mouth, and Xiaoqing was almost worried that the old guy would be in trouble if he didn't get tired of myocardial infarction. It is rare for a man like Zhang Xiang to pack the night but only once. In fact, her heart also very much hope that Zhang Xiang once, after all, Zhang Xiang is still handsome, and firepower is not bad, he just came to a rare climax in the work. Xiao Qing said doubtfully, "Didn't you come here again?" Zhang Xiang shook his head and put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray. He hugged Xiao Qing in his arms, patted Xiao Qing gently with one hand, and put the other hand on Xiao Qing's neck. Xiao Qing looked at Zhang Xiang gratefully, and he treated himself as gently as a lover. Zhang Xiang's hand swam on Xiao Qing's beautiful neck, making Xiao Qing a little itchy, as if he liked Xiao Qing's neck very much. I've only heard of "foot fetish" and "hand fetish", but I haven't heard of anyone who has "neck fetish"! But it's no big deal, but Xiao Qing still likes him to touch himself like this. Xiao Qing closed her eyes and felt the temperature from the rough palm. The palm stopped at her throat and suddenly tightened. Xiao Qing immediately felt out of breath. When she opened her eyes, she found a crazy flame shining in Zhang Xiang's eyes. In an instant, her mind flashed all kinds of news in the newspaper, such as cheating prostitutes and robbing money, and psychopathic killers dismembering women. Some time ago,bottle blowing machine, it was reported that a university teacher killed three women and then cut off their heads and put them in the refrigerator. She couldn't remember the name of the murderer. Frightened Xiao Qing struggled hard, holding her hand around her neck with both hands, trying to open it. But how could she pull Zhang Xiang's powerful hand when she couldn't even lift the bucket head at ordinary times.


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