Beastmaster Ranger

Beastmaster RangerBeastmaster RangerBeastmaster RangerBeastmaster Ranger

If not, then this exploration is over, as the big star said, can only come again next time. Mumble. The tree spirit murmured thoughtfully and nodded suddenly. What? You can collect! Feng Yafei's eyes shone and she asked in disbelief. You wouldn't lie to us, would you? Can you really gather these golden stones? Shi Haoyu is also very surprised to look at the little guy, casually asked things, did not expect to get a positive answer. "Gollum." The tree spirit grunts under two people's gaze, once again firmly nods, lets two people immediately be surprised extremely. Then hurry to collect it, little Gollum. Feng Yafei said excitedly. Gollum. The tree spirit looked at Feng Yafei and seemed embarrassed to shake his head again. "Why don't you go if you can?" Feng Yafei asked in puzzlement. Gurgling. The tree spirit turned around and made a digging motion against the stone pillar, then turned around again and shrugged his shoulders to show that he could do nothing. What does that mean? Feng Yafei was also made some brain dizzy, puzzled to look at the man beside her. I see. Gollum is explaining that it can gather this ore, but it doesn't have the tools. Shi Haoyu said thoughtfully. Goo Goo. The tree spirit grunted and nodded his head violently. It was obvious that the guy had guessed right. Ah Still need collection tools? What kind of collection tools are available? Feng Yafei was suddenly enlightened and couldn't wait to ask. Let me ask you something, Gollum,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, do you need a specific tool for collecting this ore, or do you need a high-quality mining pick? Like this color? Shi Haoyu immediately took out a piece of purple equipment and asked. Mumble. The tree spirit shook his head and pointed to the dagger at Shi Haoyu's waist. The pale golden dagger is the booty he won on the battlefield last night. It belongs to the perfect quality. Because the dagger is strong enough to attack and can cause secondary damage, Shi Haoyu is reluctant to change it and is ready to use it at any time. I see. It needs a gold mining pick. Shi Haoyu's eyes lit up. Goo Goo. The tree spirit grunted and nodded, agreeing with his guess. Gold mining picks are valuable props, but crazy they should have them. Feng Yafei said thoughtfully. For a large guild like the Phoenix Crazy Temple,ultrasonic dispersion machine, there are tens of thousands of subordinate players, who often encircle and suppress all kinds of BOSS. Last time, they even killed a big BOSS like the Raging Lion King. Unfortunately, if you want to get the gold level of life props, you must kill more BOSS, there is a chance to burst out of the gold mine pickaxe! This kind of thing belongs to the best props that money can't buy on the market at present. "You ask crazy if they have this kind of treasure on their hands?" Shi Haoyu hurriedly said. I'm asking. Feng Yafei has begun to ask in the Alliance Commander Channel. Shi Haoyu waited quietly on one side, looking forward to it in his heart. Need gold pickaxe to collect the vein, its quality must be perfect, such a high-level ore, can echo the system such a strange setting. In the cave protected by the waterfall, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, it is normal for such ore to appear. They replied that there was no mining pickaxe of such a high level in the guild. Feng Yafei said helplessly. Well, it seems that if we want to find out the secret of the ore, we have to find the pickaxe first. Shi Haoyu has no way now, but this trip is not in vain. We must find the gold pickaxe as soon as possible and find out what the situation of the ore here is. "Let's go straight back to Zongmen's territory." Shi Haoyu took out the scroll and said. That's all I can do. I'll pick you up later. Feng Yafei said. Not for the time being. I'll try to go back to the main city in the evening. If I can't go back, I'll contact you again. Shi Haoyu nodded and directly used the Huicheng Volume. Swish! Two white pillars of light shone at the same time, and the golden cave was instantly restored to darkness. The next second, Shi Haoyu has been standing in the shadow hall Zongmen transport array, looking around a large number of players bustling scene, he immediately took out the transport props, the experiment to start the transport function. He still has several teleportation opportunities for this prop, but he doesn't know if the system is closed. According to the function of props, this should not belong to the transmission building, there should be no problem. Swish! A white light column fell, the familiar system prompt appeared, Shi Haoyu heart immediately excited. My God, I can finally go back. Watching the scenery around him disappear in an instant and his body lose its weight lightly, he understood that this transmission prop could continue to play its role. In an instant, he appeared in the empty streets of the main city, looking at the teahouse gate a few meters away, excited Shi Haoyu immediately stepped to the gate. Enter the teahouse, rush directly to the stairs on the second floor, open the secret passage mechanism, and come to the long underground tunnel. Walking fast all the way in the dark environment, to the end of the tunnel, the hall was ablaze with lights, and a beautiful figure in tight leather armor, unusually hot, was already waiting at the entrance of the hall. You finally came back. What happened after such a long time without any news? The clear and beautiful voice of the demon fox Ningning sounded. I almost can't come back. Let me go to see your Aunt Hua and tell her something important in detail. Shi Haoyu said excitedly. What do you got? The demon fox Ningning asked in surprise. Yes, this news is very important, related to the blood of your saint, as well as the safety of the whole fire and cloud realm! Shi Haoyu nodded and said. Ah Then come with me quickly. Aunt Hua's injuries are getting worse and worse. If you don't come, I'm afraid you won't see her. The demon fox Ningning said anxiously. What, how is she? Shi Haoyu's excited mood dropped to freezing point in an instant when he heard the situation. For him,sonicator homogenizer, this demon fox Shaohua is a very important task NPC, if she hangs up now, the situation is really troublesome. Chapter 424 dangerous main city.


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