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Super evolutionSuper evolutionSuper evolutionSuper evolution

By scanning and positioning, Shiyilang determined the location of Lin Qiyu and said, "Thirteen kilometers.." Thirteen kilometers away, I put the topographic map into the mind of the Ice Dragon Guard and let them lead the way! There were still countless supports on the ground, grotesque towering pillars, as if they had grown out of the ground, uneven ground, endless soldiers advancing, the obstacles on the ground could not stop them at all. With the rise and fall of the terrain, the army looked like surging waves, and the sound of heavy footsteps became one. From time to time, a group of soldiers flew down in the air, as well as various fragments, including the broken limbs of the Gougu people, the broken fragments of the intelligent soldiers, the burning flames of large groups, and the dark red flames reflected on the marching soldiers, which made them look extremely depressed and dull. There are hundreds of groups of intelligent soldiers flying in the sky, who are responsible for the security of the ground troops, so far everything is going well. Lin Qiyu sat on a simple chariot composed of ice dragon guards, squinting his eyes and feeling a little strange. From the beginning of landing on the ground, Gougu people have not fought back,Agate Slabs For Sale, in addition to many Gougu people in midair, the ground seems to be very calm. His heart gradually uneasy, if the front is blocked by Gougu people, it is normal, but the front is silent, let him have a bad feeling. He kept asking Shiyilang how far it was, and when he learned that there were still three kilometers to reach the base, Lin Qiyu couldn't help ordering in person: "Speed up." About one kilometer away from the base,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, Shiyilang issued a warning: "Master, a large number of Gougu people are pouring out from the ground. The biological signal is extremely strong. It is impossible to estimate the number at present.." "Forcibly break through!" Lin Qiyu ordered. At this time, there is no way to retreat, only to move forward desperately. Moments later, there was a fierce sound of gunfire from the front, as well as the peculiar howl of the Gougu people. Shiyilang reported again: "Seven's troops were all lost, Seven.." It's over. I'll give Seven a new body in the battleship. Master, a lot of Gougu people are coming from outside! Stereo images were quickly transmitted to Lin Qiyu, only to see the spring tide formed by Gougu people pouring out from the interior of the nest star and flowing along the remaining biological shells to the direction of the base, the number of which could not be counted. Lin Qiyu hurriedly said, "Shiyilang, calculate that these Gougu people have arrived at the base.." How much time does it take? "Six hours at the most," said Shiyilang! In three hours, they'll reach the opening in the creature's shell! "How many more soldiers are there?" Asked Lin Qiyu? Alas, it's too late. In order to put all his eggs in one basket to break the biological shell, grey marble slab ,Pietra Gray Marble, he did not leave a reserve. There were about one hundred thousand soldiers on the Wandering Warship. This number of soldiers was simply not enough. If they were thrown into the sea of people formed by the Gougu people, I'm afraid they couldn't even get a spray. Shiyilang said, "The battle must be settled within six hours. Once these Gougu people arrive.." He did not go on, at least more than 5 billion Gougu people, they form a joint force, is absolutely not Lin Qiyu's tens of millions of intelligent fighters can resist. What's more, there are only about 10 million really powerful intelligent fighters, and the rest are mechanical fighters and simple mechanical fighters with rapid production, whose combat effectiveness is much worse than that of intelligent fighters. As he spoke, Lin Qiyu rushed out of the supporting forest, and a flat wasteland appeared in front of him. This is the most special place of the nest star. It is the only plain without support. It covers an area of about 1000 square kilometers. The long and narrow terrain is like a slender and curved loofah. Looking ahead, Lin Qiyu could not help but gasp, the scene in front of him was so soul-stirring. Dark soldiers and Gougu people form a boundary line, winding do not know how long, both sides are all fierce and fearless to rush forward, a fog of blood sprayed into the air, mechanical soldiers body parts from time to time thrown high, thunderbolt lightning into one, a dazzling white light shining out of the heavy dancing figure. The Gougu people who took part in the battle were the most elite people. Tens of millions of crazy people blocked the progress of the intelligent warriors. There was a thick biological energy in the air, which was the internal energy spread by the Gougu people after their death. Ice Dragon Guard quickly cleared an open space, millions of simple soldiers quickly gathered, set up a battery, set up space particle cannons, under the remote control command of Shiyilang, formed a large artillery array. More than 6,000 space particle cannons and more than 10,000 auxiliary kinetic energy cannons were quickly set up under the coordinated command of the Ice Dragon Guard. Before they had time to debug, the group of kinetic energy cannons began to fire rapidly. In a flash, a deafening explosion sounded, and a stream of fire tore up a large number of Gougu people. Immediately afterwards, the space particle artillery group also began to launch shelling. The ground trembled violently. No one would have thought that the ordinary particle cannon in space would have such a huge power that it would empty all objects within a radius of 500 meters, and the flashing light after the explosion would be no less than that of a nuclear explosion. Once again, the Gougu people have exposed a fatal weakness. They do not have powerful offensive weapons. In just ten minutes, millions of Gougu people died, body fragments piled up like mountains, blood plasma accumulated on the ground more than a foot thick, and the strong odor and burning smell made people want to vomit. Even in the face of such a powerful shelling, the Gougu people continued to advance, no matter how fierce the shelling was, the whole front was still deadlocked, and it took an hour to advance a few hundred meters. Lin Qiyu has no intention of making a move for the time being, and he knows in his heart that once he needs to do it himself, it means the failure of this huge army. Gougu people are weaker than intelligent fighters, but with a large number of people, they do have the capital to destroy them. Gougu people don't care about the loss of millions of people, even if they kill 100 million Gougu people, it won't help. He was ready to deliver the fatal blow at the critical moment. The artillery fire became more and more intensive, and the speed of the Gougu people filling the vacancy slowed down. Eleven Lang Tong knew: "Master, the speed of the Gougu people is speeding up,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and they are about to reach the gap of the biological shell!" An ice dragon guard also came forward to report: "Master, we are surrounded." Lin Qiyu says impatiently: "Nonsense, we are surrounded originally..." 。


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