Me, trouble water, make money [wear quickly]

Me, trouble water, make money [wear quickly]Me, trouble water, make money [wear quickly]

Xiao Xie is full of curiosity, she has traveled through many ancient worlds, but it is ancient and rich, or bloody Mary Sue surprised her, she closed her eyes, familiar with the way to be transported into the card space. It was so dark that she heard the thunder and the rain, as if they were going to drown the world. Under the thunder was a woman's low voice, "Bring it in, put it here, put it here.." Xiao Xie opened his eyes and saw clearly all around. It was a very small and old room. In the room was a graceful woman dressed in ancient costumes and a man dressed in black. They put something wrapped in a black cloak on the couch in the room and sent the man dressed in black out. On the couch, there was a little girl of seven or eight years old, who opened her eyes and got up in a daze as if she had been woken up. Looking at the things wrapped in the black cloak beside her, she reached out curiously and lifted them, revealing a white jade face inside. She was asleep with her eyes closed, her eyelashes curled like two soft feathers, and there was a lachrymal mole hidden at the end of her eyes. The little girl blinked in surprise, and there was a good-looking little boy in it. The woman hurried back to the room. "Mother, who is this?" She asked? Why are you in our house? "I don't know which poor baby I picked up,White Marble Slabs," said the woman. He hurried into the inner compartment to boil water. The little girl looked at the little boy and in surprise reached out and touched his face and picked it up. There was a loud thunder outside the window. The sleeping little boy was awakened by the thunder. He trembled and opened his eyes. What a beautiful pair of eyes, black as jade. When he woke up, she suddenly got up and shrank back, staring at her with her eyes wide open in horror. "Don't be afraid." The little girl quickly climbed over and said to him, "I'm not a bad person. My mother said you were picked up by us. My name is Xie Jiao. What's your name?" He moved his eyes to her face and then to the frightened, shivering eyes behind her. Are you afraid of thunder? Seeing how frightened he was, the little girl knelt beside him and covered his ears with her hand. She tilted her head and looked at him. "Are you still afraid now?" The little boy trembled for a moment and raised his jade-like eyes under her palm to look at her. Her eyebrows and eyes curved and she smiled at him like a crescent moon. She said to him,white marble slabs, "Don't be afraid. I'll cover it for you." He looked at her with a wink and heard her say, "You are so beautiful, but why don't you speak?"? Are you unable to speak? He pursed his lips, but still did not speak. Why do you ignore me? Xiao Xie stood by and looked at the two dolls and exclaimed, didn't he? Is the memory of the original owner so warm this time? Sure enough, it's the routine of the white moonlight. You can't see the bloody Mary Sue. As soon as she finished sighing, her eyes were black, and the original memory fragment in the first card space ended, and she was transported into the second card space. She heard a cry, a cry of panic and fear. When she opened her eyes, she saw a bride in a bright red wedding dress sitting on the ground crying in horror in a room lit with red candles. Opposite her sat a man in the same wedding dress. His fingers trembled and he held the wine glass. There was black blood on his lips. Looking at her, his eyes were red. "You.." Poisoned? You want me dead? The lachrymal mole at the end of his eye seems to be weeping. I.. I don't know if it's poison, Carrara Marble Slab ,Agate Stone Price, I just.. Only She did not know how to explain, crying shivering, "you let me go, let me go?"? Lu yuan, I beg you. More and more blood flowed from the corners of his lips, and his eyes became redder and redder. He smiled and tears and blood flowed down. "You can't!" He raised his hand to wipe the blood clean, but he couldn't wipe it clean. "I will never let you go in this life, in the next life, dead or alive!" He got up and tried to walk toward her, but he fell at her feet, grabbed her ankles, raised his blood-red eyes and stared at her, saying, "Why?"? Why did you lie to me? Jiaojiao Outside suddenly somebody runs over, outside ask: "The adult but have a thing?" He suddenly put his blood-stained hand over her mouth and whispered, "Don't cry. If you don't want my people to find out you're going to kill me, don't cry.." Little Xie was so surprised that before he could recover, his eyes darkened and he entered the last card space. "Why lie to me?" Xiao Xie heard a low and weak voice. She smelled the strong smell of medicine and blood. In the humble wing, she saw the weak woman lying on the couch. It was that Jiao Jiao. On the floor beside the bed was a copper basin covered with blood, in which was soaked a black and purple shaped baby, who looked as old as June and July, and whose eyes and nose had grown completely. A man stood aside, covered his nose with his fingers, showed a pair of phoenix eyes, glanced at the baby in the copper basin, and looked at the woman, "Don't blame me Jiaojiao, who knows whether the child is mine or yours and Lu yuan's." The woman on the bed who had just had a miscarriage stared at him, tears in her eyes slipped out, and her weak voice trembled, "Lu Ruiyun, you." If you have any conscience, you shouldn't say such a thing to insult me. Don't you know what I've done for you? "Of course I know." Lu Ruiyun smiled, "but who does not know that Lu yuan to your mind, you in his house so many days, he did not touch you?"? I don't believe it. The woman on the couch was so furious that she grabbed the hard pillow beside her and threw it at him, but he fended it off. He rubbed the back of his hand and his smile faded. "Don't be uninterested. Take good care of your body. I will also remember your affection for me and accept you as a concubine." The woman on the couch stared at him in despair, tears falling down, "Lu Ruiyun, you can't bully me like this." If you were a person, you couldn't bully me like this. He sneered,Artificial Marble Slabs, "You and your mother are all concubines." Shit! What kind of scum is this? As soon as Xiao Xie's eyes darkened again, he pulled away from the card space and returned to the system space, staring at the cards in his hands. What kind of world is this? What kind of original owner is this? "Are you sure this original owner is a Mary Sue?"? Is there such a miserable Mary Sue? 。


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