You are so sweet (after a long separation)

You are so sweet (after a long separation)You are so sweet (after a long separation)

Zhao Tiantian complained in his heart and resisted the impulse to roll his eyes desperately Lu Sheng felt a little caught off guard by the girl's'declaration of love ' although he did not say it directly but he was not stupid so euphemistic expression he could still understand Originally if two people were alone he would definitely follow the girl's words and continue to ask questions forcing her to blush until she could only say the three words "I love you" at a loss Finally he stopped the little mouth that seduced him all day long and kissed her I think he is not a person who pays attention to form but there must be some process Besides now this occasion is not suitable for a detailed chat but had to wait for the next girl's initiative Eyes a dark the heart flashed a bit of regret and chagrin the line of sight to the white master not far away so he opened his mouth and said "You wait for me here for a while I say hello to people and we will leave" "Mmm" Zhao Tiantian answered obediently I was looking Apparel forward to the banquet before but I felt a little embarrassed when I really stood here After all she has never set foot in the field the people around her are obviously not in the same world there is always a feeling of incompatibility I felt uncomfortable and thought I'd better go back to the hotel early See the girl so clever appearance Lu Sheng hand some itch can not help but touch the girl's head even the eyes are never spoiled Zhao Tiantian did not look up so she did not see the strange look in the man's eyes she only felt the man's hand clasped on her forehead as if the Buddha's palm had suppressed Sun's monkey so that she did not dare to move half a minute Heh! Is this a warning to her not to get into trouble Mamma Mia How other people do this action is to bring pink BGM special effect he is good one palm covers her scalp tingling But this can not blame Lu Sheng after all has never done this kind of ambiguous action before for a time his men did not control the strength is excusable Zhao Tiantian waited until Lu Sheng left before he dared to raise his head He took a glance at the man's receding figure breathed a sigh of relief and loosened his back which was frozen there and the whole person felt much more comfortable It has to be said that although the banquet is boring it is really pleasing to the eye at a glance Everyone was dressed in gorgeous gowns and several of them were familiar characters on TV Group bosses who often appear on brokerage channels or the rich second generation who are quite famous on the Internet Stars also come a lot but most of them come as female or male companions of the rich which reminds Zhao Tiantian of the so-called "hidden rules" of the entertainment circle Zhao Tiantian stood there and took a cocktail from the table next to him He did not drink but simply pretended to look at the crowd talking to each other in the field while secretly shouting I go! Isn't this the new young actress last month Is the man in his arms at least over fifty years old Damn it The fans of that little fresh meat have torn the male God before! Feelings of their own resources are not clean! Hey Isn't that the rich second generation with a poisonous mouth Why did you change your girlfriend again ¡­¡­ Zhao Tiantian is eating the melon with relish the expression on the face also begins to become comfortable gradually China Suppliers Just when he was defenseless he suddenly heard a strange voice in his ear "Is this young lady waiting for someone" Subconsciously he turned his head sideways and saw a man in a dark red suit See his face hanging elegant smile looks like the kind of elegant person facial features are not delicate but the overall proportion is very coordinated a handsome man Zhao Tiantian expression a stupefied then put on a polite smile the heart can not help but mutter "She was accosted" "Yes I'm waiting" The man gradually approached until he stood one meter away from her not far or near just enough not to make people feel uncomfortable I've never seen you before but this is the first time I've come to Mr Bai's party Zhao Tiantian did not know what'white old man 'at all and did not know that the banquet was held by him I came to this party in a confused way and now I'm embarrassed But the more embarrassed Zhao Tiantian smiled sweeter trying to cover up one or two Well this is my first time here Seeing that the girl did not seem to reject him Jiang Hao could not help but give birth to a trace of joy and his expression became more and more gentle "My name is Jiang Hao the grandson of Mr Bai dare to ask Miss your name" Jiang Li entered the hall Textiles Leather Products after Lu Sheng left As the grandson of Mr Bai it was no problem for him to be late for a moment so he did not know that Zhao Tiantian was hugged by Lu Sheng As soon as he entered the door he saw Zhao Tiantian standing in the distance Compared with a group of gorgeously dressed women around him Zhao Tiantian was obviously much more elegant than them Although the dress she was wearing was ostentatious there was a sense of coldness just like a small white lotus out of the mud From a distance I feel that it has a unique flavor and when I get close contact with it I find that it is even more beautiful Especially when the girl smiled the cold peach blossom eyes were starry for a moment and the pear vortex at the corners of her mouth was breathtaking which made him fascinated My surname is Zhao and my name is Zhao Tiantian Jiang Hao "The name sounds very suitable for you" Zhao Tiantian Well it seems that this man really wants to flirt with her Once again fixed his eyes on the man named Jiang Hao and found that his appearance and temperament were not bad much higher than the original Gong Hai! Think of Jin Xiaohua in high school when she was dumped three times but she has not tasted the taste of love in her junior year it seems a little sad ah The male God is good but she really can't be tied to him all her life after all it's not realistic to fall in love with her idol! And if he doesn't find a boyfriend what if Lu Sheng thinks she has ideas about his company's executives The brain thought a lot in a mess the next moment Zhao Tiantian looked at Jiang Hao's eyes will be bright on a few minutes even the voice of the speaker are deliberately soft a little "You are also" ¡£


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