Extreme Madman of Online Games

Extreme Madman of Online GamesExtreme Madman of Online GamesExtreme Madman of Online Games

Walking out along the passage where the crowd consciously got out of the way they were just about to study and stroll from there when they suddenly found that the crowd in front of them was in a commotion sometimes mixed with some beautiful women and other voices and looked at them curiously After a while a female player in a white cheongsam surrounded by several male and female players who were suspected to be followers came over proudly Hey isn't that the butterfly fairy The pacifier recognized at a glance that the graceful and swaying female player in front of him was a butterfly fairy known as the first beauty in mecha He really lived up to the reputation of male prostitution Boss the butterfly fairy is not very online now but it's not easy to see it The pacifier grabbed Liu Lang's arm excitedly "Go look at the style of the first beauty at close range" "Lady-killer if you want to go go" I'm not interested Liu Lang threw away the pacifier and walked to one side He looked at the butterfly fairy who was about to look up to the sky He thought to himself "Didn't the wind say that she was going to marry far away in Japan" How do you still have time to play Look the present person is really Agriculture different from the butterfly fairy I met in the Halberd Demon Temple Don't you just find a Japanese cheater Do you need to raise your face to the sky The Butterfly Fairy proudly walked to the counter where the paints were sold She swallowed a lot of saliva around her and ignored all the players who were leering or envious She smiled and said to a female player beside her "Feng Qing please help me draw some petals that Yamamoto likes on my clothes In the future my account can be landed in Japan to give him an unexpected surprise" "All right" The female player called Feng Qing bought a tube of pink paint and carefully painted petals on the butterfly fairy cheongsam The pacifier walked to Liu Lang's side and whispered "Boss did you see that man named Feng Qing" She is the second beauty of the mecha Today I really have a good eye I saw two beauties at once Cool! Liu Lang was too lazy to pay attention to him staring at the petals appearing on the cheongsam of the butterfly fairy wearing the branches decorated with petals frowning Even though he was not very interested in flowers and plants he still noticed that the spray-painted pattern had a very strong exotic flavor China Factory Sakura Someone had already recognized that the pattern on the butterfly fairy's cheongsam was the national flower of Japan and he cried out unconsciously! What does it mean to draw the national flower of Japan on the traditional Chinese dress cheongsam in front of many Chinese players in the Chinese mecha game Is it a provocation Is it contempt Yes Whatever it is it's enough to trigger the anger of the players present! Irresistible anger! Unable to hold back their anger the players gathered around and accused the woman of worshipping foreign things and fawning on foreigners! "Butterfly Fairy what do you mean by spraying cherry blossoms on his clothes" Butterfly Fairy are you sick Are you out of your mind The voice of accusation is higher and higher and the original lust envy and jealousy in the eyes of countless people all turn into contempt and anger! Several followers quickly protected the butterfly fairy and Linlin in front of them with cold electricity in their eyes looking contemptuously at the players around them! Butterfly fairy in the face of many accusations without timidity gracefully gathered her long hair beautiful eyes with disdain to look at the crowd "What's wrong with spraying cherry blossoms on my clothes" What's the matter with you I like cherry blossoms and I prefer Japan a country full of cherry blossoms Like pouring a ladle of cold water in a boiling oil pan the words of the butterfly fairy triggered a riot at the scene! Countless players gnashed their teeth and rushed to the past ready to give this shameless loss of national dignity of the smelly woman a profound lesson! Before the fanatical crowd could get close to the butterfly fairy they were stopped by several followers in front of her pushing and shoving and those followers were torn and annoyed pulling apart their posture and kicking all the Food Beverage players who pulled them away with a few sharp kicks! The figure flashed and the crowd that had been crowded just now was hit by the players who kicked away and dodged one gap after another and the posture of the followers kicking their legs through the gap clearly fell into the eyes of Liu Lang and the pacifier The two men looked at each other and called out a name "Sui Qiang!" The two men were deeply impressed by Sui Qiang's fierce kicking skills who used to be the third best fighter in the country Now they suddenly saw that the followers were using the same moves They unexpectedly remembered Sui Qiang and clearly realized that they were using karate! Japanese karate! The second volume of the tournament Chapter 146 of the Chinese Dragon Seeing their compatriots being kicked away by several followers with authentic karate the players who rushed up were even more angry! If the whole clothing store was not designated as a safe area they would have thrown their skills on a few followers! But this is a safe zone these players without martial arts skills can only rely on numbers to win # 38; # 183; # 38; # 183; Players are constantly being kicked away and repelled and a few followers like steel barriers isolate many angry players from the outside making it difficult to cross the line! Finally the players who rushed up blindly realized that they could not compete with the followers in front of them in fists and feet and stepped back one after another shouting abuse You What are the Japanese doing in the Chinese mecha Get out Little devil do you dare to come outside the clothing store Grandpa pinched your yolks out! Several attendants saw that the crowd did not jump on them nor did they attack them They assumed a defensive posture and quietly looked at the cursing crowd # 38; # 183; # 38; # 183 trade-global.com


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