Fifty Meters Deep Blue by Liu Tong

Fifty Meters Deep Blue by Liu TongFifty Meters Deep Blue by Liu TongFifty Meters Deep Blue by Liu TongFifty Meters Deep Blue by Liu Tong

I can pretend that nothing has happened, but I suspect that we can't do whatever we want anymore. I shook Daisy. Didn't you say you liked the kind of boy who was not bad in essence but bad on the surface? I can smoke and have very long hair. Daisy did not speak, tears streaming down her face. I tried to wipe her tears, but she couldn't stop them. She turned her face and body to one side. I held her tightly from behind, and my desperate struggle was just selfish to get her back. When love has no way to retreat, it is the time when the petals of youth are doomed to be lonely. Daisy and I stood on the hill watching the sunrise and snuggled up to each other. It was bitterly cold in winter, and we hugged each other to keep warm. When the sun came out, Daisy and I were separated into two sides, two sides that could not be approached. The advance and retreat of dawn, forward is day, backward is hell. The only image I had in my mind was that I wanted to shine because of Daisy, so I stood up and shouted, "Daisy, I love you!" However, none of this is possible. Everything is my fantasy. Lying on the sheets with blooming Corydalis patterns, I breathed lonely and imagined as always that I could paralyze myself, just as we embraced and cherished each other on the snowy hilltop, on the rain-splashed playground, and in the surging crowd at the end of the cinema. But on our way to each other, we lost each other, and I pushed myself into the abyss and her into heaven. Later, Daisy often came to see me,inflatable castle with slide, listening to music and drinking together, but this life was completely out of the frame, and we drifted away. After drinking, I hugged Daisy again. I said, "Daisy, I was wrong. Forgive me. I didn't mean it. Will you come back?" Daisy also "whine" to cry, she said: "Yang Jue you hold me, hold me hard." So I hugged her hard, and I wanted to carve her into my body. We can hold each other,Inflatable outdoor park, we can tremble together. We can survive by leaning on it, and we can keep warm by snuggling. Daisy sobbed and said, "I'm not coming back. We can't make any more mistakes. I can't hurt Aqing any more." Qing, whom I loved, gave me a fatal blow without any hint or leeway. Xiaomi sighs. It's too cold at the top. 98 A Qing is not wrong, she is a person who pursues love like Yang Jue. So long ago, Yang Jue killed the person he loved most for love, and today others hurt him for love. He can't blame Aqing, only himself. Daisy held his head. "Absolutely, I can't come back. Will you still be with me?" Yang Jue said, What choice do I have? If I'm not with you, who am I with? Yang Jue also said against his will: "I think you and you love me is not the same thing, you often come to accompany me in the future?" 99 I have no choice but to do so. I also take care of their feelings carefully, although I have never seen Aqing again, although I know she has a hard time in her heart, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable water obstacle course, she is also the person I loved, and I was trapped between them, and finally lost myself, to help them. 100 Yang Jue said, "Daisy, will you come back?" The shadows of the trees were gone. He waited for Daisy to come until the sky sank completely. She still didn't come. Where's the moon? The whole world is gone, I can only feel Yang Jue, and whether other people ride horses past us, I do not know, Yang Jue does not know. Because of the darkness, not only can we not see things clearly, but we can't even hear voices. The sound of them speeding past, the sound of them calling us, we can't hear. We can't catch their outstretched hand either-the outstretched hand on our side. They wanted to give me a ride, but we couldn't see, so we had to go down in the dark, hand in hand. Is this the end of the world? This is really the end of the world. I fell down in the dark. I was so tired. I dreamed that the flowers were blooming. The orange moon rose in the dream. Carloads of flowers, carloads of smiling moons, to every sad, dark city. Bright and lovely flowers, low eyebrows pleasing to the eye, send out gentle light. Anxious people forget their fears for a while. Walking in the street, almost everyone is holding a flower and showing a relaxed smile. Children use flowers as toys, some as stools, some as gifts for others, and some are thrown into the garbage everywhere. But those flowers, they will never be sad, they always have a sweet smile. Looking out of the window, you can see the bright moon again. Flowers are planted in every family's garden, and the trees in the forest are covered with the moon. People search for the origin of flowers. They forget that it is the flower of everyone's youth. No sadness. Two kinds of youth meet unintentionally, but they bring gentle and beautiful light to the dark life. 101 Downstairs in Pinghe Hall, I still waited for her. Our smiles are very forced. I took Daisy's hand. Once upon a time, there was a young monk who was sent to the foot of the mountain to beg for alms for the first time. When he entered the mortal world, he suddenly felt that the world was bustling and lively, unlike the temple, which was desolate and desolate, so he decided to stay and live his life. The master of the temple originally thought highly of the young monk, but the old master was so angry that he had a serious illness, and it took him a long time to recover. The young monk managed his own life at the foot of the mountain, earned a lot of money, married a wife and had children. Suddenly one night, he seemed to hear a bell ringing from the mountain, but in fact he could not hear it at all. He suddenly missed Shifu very much and missed his previous life, so he rushed back to the temple overnight and saw Shifu kneeling down in front of him, hoping that Shifu could accept him again. When the host saw him, he brushed his sleeves and walked away, saying that it was useless to kneel down unless the wooden table in the ancestral temple blossomed. Hearing this, the young monk lost all hope and went down the mountain alone. The next day, the monk guarding the temple woke up the host, because the wooden table of the ancestral temple had flowers of various colors. The old host rushed to the ancestral temple to see for a long time,Inflatable indoor park, and finally knew that this was the meaning of the Buddha, and hurriedly sent someone down the mountain to find the young monk. When he found the little monk, he had no idea of last night and refused to go back.


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