Fish trapped in the secret room

Fish trapped in the secret roomFish trapped in the secret roomFish trapped in the secret room

"Very silly, take a plane to accompany," she also felt so silly ah, "but it is my first time to take a plane, Han Shangyan took me, checked my luggage, helped me choose a seat, took me security check, how bad his temper, really scolded me all the way from the airport to the plane, even wearing a seat belt to scold me.." Of course, gun won't tell him that. So every word, he refused to let go, listened very carefully and carefully, and by the way, constructed the distant past in his mind, how she was blankly following the bad-tempered gun in her youth, scolded, educated, and grinning and sticking out her tongue, it doesn't matter. Did you just have a fight with your family? He should still have red and swollen eyes and be smiling. Her smile will always appear on the field. Whether it was ten years ago, as a player, or now, as a leader, the moment is the same. He turned off the reading lights above their heads to keep the light out of her eyes. She noticed and stopped. Why don't you say it? He asked. She looked at him in silence. 43. Up to now, in twenty-five years of life, she has met too many people, like,liquid bottle filling machine, dislike, good, bad, kind and simple, sophisticated. Many encounters are unforgettable. In the Internet bar in the afternoon, she heard the voice of solo, against the light, and saw his smile like the summer sunshine; At the train station, she saw him with his hands in his pants pockets, looking at himself with a cold look, but looking and exploring in his eyes; In the stadium, I saw the slide jump down from the rostrum, stretched out my hand excitedly, and introduced myself nervously and excitedly; In a late-night Internet cafe, all the bald men came in and looked curiously at themselves, CSD filling line ,PET blowing machine, the youngest female sniper in history; In the club, in the training ground, even in the small restaurant, meet millet and those alternate player. Later, it was these people of SP. It seems that in the memory, what is alive is always the time period related to e-sports. And now, She was recalling every brief encounter and separation with him and the man in front of her. When we met.. Are you only fifteen? She asked softly. This is definitely the most taboo topic for Dt, but he nodded honestly and admitted it. What a coincidence! I also won the championship at the age of fifteen. She said. ……” He didn't realize that he could make such a comparison. The conversation started strangely and ended without warning. She was probably really hungry. With her head down, she picked the chocolate pie from her lap and slowly tore open the package. He judged that she would choke if she ate like this and wanted to call the stewardess for those drinks. Unexpectedly, her wrist was poked with her finger: "Here." What? He was slow and looked at her doubtfully. The chocolate pie was handed over. Not to hand, but -- There was a blush on her cheeks. Some actions are obviously the same, but for different people, there are different psychological shocks. In SP, sometimes when the big boys played games until they forgot to eat and sleep, she would stuff the biscuits one by one like feeding pets, and there was no blushing at all. They were all from her own team. Too close, afraid that the brim of his hat would poke her arm, he took it off with his backhand and put it on his thigh. Then, very quietly, he came over and took a bite. The breath from her nose, like a kitten's not sharp claws, was gently scratching her heart. She was afraid of this uncontrollable feeling and suddenly wanted to shrink back, but he grabbed her wrist and refused to let her go. As he watched, she blushed and ate the chocolate pie in a few bites without saying a word. He let go, got up, strode to the stewardess, and made a gesture. Soon, the stewardess handed over ice water. He turned his back to her and poured down quickly, still unable to hide a few coughs. Damn it Coming out of the bathroom, grunt looked at Dt in puzzlement. "As for being in such a hurry, look at your choking.." Ai Qingxin was still jumping, and when he heard grunt's joke, he couldn't help laughing. She dared not look at him again. Turn to look at the sky outside the glass. The sunshine is just right. -End of Volume II- The author has something to say: What does the author say? In fact, solo and Ai Qing fell in love at first sight in the Internet bar. It is said in the previous volume, so maybe the beginning of the honey article is a psychological compensation for me. The existence of honey is reflected in the Chamber of Secrets. This may be the fun I enjoyed when I wrote the article. Honey is approaching the second half, and the Chamber of Secrets still has a long way to go. See you in the next volume. Let me think about how to write the third volume and come back as soon as possible:) Volume III: 1/2 1. There is a heavy rain outside the window. Everyone who came in had to wet the floor so that the waiter had to clean it again and again. Ai Qing held her chin and fiddled with the jewelry box in front of her. The box contained a very expensive ring, the style and size of which she used to see only in the gossip news when a certain star was proposed. She studied jewelry appraisal. Although I forgot most of what I learned in college, I couldn't help commenting on it for a long time last night. Last night, shortly after the plane landed, grunt suddenly announced on Weibo that he would bid farewell to the StarCraft project and devote himself to Chamber of Secrets. A stone stirred up a thousand waves. As the most outstanding professional player in the Starcraft project after solo, he said goodbye without warning, which was beyond everyone's expectation. Including solo, I didn't expect grunt to make such a decision. She poked the jewelry box lightly with her index finger, and a pair of long legs came in front of her, approached and stood still. The water was all over her sports pants and sneakers, and it seemed that the rain was heavier. Ai Qing pushed the jewelry box. "Give it back to grunt for my sister. She doesn't want it." The person who was concerned by the whole e-sports world picked up the box,water filling machine, did not ask any more questions, and stuffed the jewelry box directly into his pants pocket: "OK." "Why don't you ask more questions?" Ai Qing smiled, holding his face in his hands and watching him sit down. "Aren't you grunt's good brother?"? I don't care about his emotional problems. At least I have to find out the actual situation and collect information. 。


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