I have liked you for a long time.

I have liked you for a long time.I have liked you for a long time.I have liked you for a long time.

Zheng Hao shrugged, "who knows!"! He was so stuffy and coquettish that he was familiar with him after two years of high school and playing football. He seemed to have no other hobbies except study and sports. Chu only nodded, and after a while, she asked again, "How do you write his name?"? Is that Qingyang of Qingyang Shampoo? Zheng Hao laughed out regardless of the image, and when he saw the only person behind him, he looked restrained, "and this brand of shampoo?" "Yes, what does the advertising slogan say-" she paused, "I trust Qingyang, Qingyang, do what you say." Zheng Hao tried to endure, "Chu only you have a good memory." Then he changed the subject, "Song Qingyang, tell me how to write the name quickly." Song Qingyang pursed his lips and smiled. Her figure was reflected in his black pupils. His expression was unusually serious. "Song of the Song Dynasty, light and light, flying, not Qingyang shampoo." Chu only coughed, his face burning, wishing there was a hole in the ground for him to get into. She was a little nervous. "Are you hungry?"? The food in D is much better than it was when we were there. Song Qingyang sat next to her quietly. "Do you have any recommendations?" Chu was only very embarrassed about what had just happened, and seriously recommended a few things. After lunch that day,Marble Granite Price, Zheng Hao was called away by his girlfriend. Chu only also ready to leave, Song Qingyang suddenly opened his mouth, "Chu only, would you like to go to the high third floor for a walk?" Chu was only surprised but uncontrollably replied, "Good." Song Qingyang raised a small arc at the corners of his mouth, "Let's go." Because of the school anniversary, the school has a holiday, but today many students still come to school,Stone Honeycomb Panel, the campus is crowded with people, although the three years of high school are hard, it is also the most substantial stage. With the passage of time, the teaching building is getting old in the wind and rain. According to the arrangement of the school, the science class has always been at the bottom. At that time, people in the liberal arts class also protested that the school valued science over liberal arts and gave priority to all good things in the science class. In fact, Chu only preferred upstairs, looking at the boundless sky. She seemed to see the classroom of Class 18. "Is that your former classroom?" Song Qingyang looked over, "no, the classroom next door." The afternoon sun hit his face with the warmth of youth. Chu only asked again, "haven't you been back for a long time?" Song Qingyang was silent for a moment, "In July of the year when I graduated from high school, the admission of colleges and universities was over. I came here, and the school bulletin board posted everyone's admission school." He saw her name, saw her grade, Slate Wall Panel ,Artificial Marble Slabs, saw her school. She was absent for a moment. She never came. Then her cell phone rang, and she saw that it was President Li. Only, where have you been? "I met my former classmate and took a walk on the third floor of the high school." "Well, you can go directly to Dongyue Hotel at five o'clock in the evening. Don't be late. Just give your name at the front desk." Chu only had a headache. "Uncle, can I not go?" She probably guessed what it was. Must go. Hung up the phone, Chu only sighed. Is it the right decision to go back to D city? She looked at Song Qingyang, "I have something to do.". Let's go first. Song Qingyang nodded, "Chu is the only one." Chu only looked at him sideways, waiting for his next words. Is the shampoo you said good to use? Chu was only caught off guard. "I haven't used it either, but the name of the shampoo is very nice." She waved and hurried away. Song Qingyang stood there, his deep eyes rippling. Chu only hurried to the hotel, his hair slightly disheveled. At the age of 26, she hasn't been in love yet, and she went straight into a blind date. She didn't like it, but she couldn't refuse. You can not like this arrangement, but you must respect each other, at least not late. Principal Li, her grandmother's godson, has no blood relationship with her at all. But to her is really like to her daughter. Chu only thanked him from the bottom of his heart. Chu's only parents broke up when she was in junior high school, and the loving family broke up. Chu's father and mother lived together for two years until the end of Chu's senior high school entrance examination, and the family broke up. Chu only remembered reading an article in a magazine before, in which the protagonist's parents were about to divorce. Before the divorce, the protagonist asked his parents to hold him every day. Miraculously, in this way, the protagonist's parents did not divorce in the end. Chu only also tried, but still failed. Her blind date this time is a classmate of President Li's son, a professional lawyer. He is tall, clean and polite. Hello, Yu Chen. "Hello, Chu only." "Li Maung often tells me about you." Chu only smiled. "He must not have said anything good about me." "He said you were liked from an early age, with good grades and good manners." Yu Chen said. They talked a lot, from elementary school to university, and some embarrassing things. Chu only rubbed the rim of the cup, pointing to the greasy touch of the pulp, and she smiled politely. After the dinner, Yu Chen sent her back. Thank you Chu only got out of the car. When do you have time? There is a northeast restaurant in the east of the city. "I'm going to S City in a few days, and I won't be back for about a month." Chu only took a deep breath and refused him euphemistically. Yu Chen looked into her eyes, and Chu's only heart was perturbed, and he finally said gentlemanly. All right, I'll treat you when you come back. Chu only returned home, washed, and began to pack. When she packed, she found the business card she received today. She looked at it quickly. Alumni of D Middle School are all over the world. There is a piece of paper in the business card, with elegant handwriting, which reads Song Qingyang and 11 digits. When did she take this. According to Zheng Hao, Song Qingyang works in a media company. Before going to bed, Chu only received a phone call. Chu Weiyi, what did you do? Are you not satisfied with this man? The lawyer has a high income,Marble Projects, good looks and a clean family background. What are you not satisfied with? The people on the other end of the phone are angry. Chu only hurriedly kept his cell phone away from his ears. Do you really want to marry me! I tell you, you can be a brother, but you should give up this idea as soon as possible when you are my daughter-in-law! 。 forustone.com


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