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Are they telling themselves as a joke? How can she have the face to go out and meet people in the future? At ordinary times, Jiang Keshu did not like Jiang Yiran very much, but between Jiang Yiran and Tang Zhong, his Libra naturally tilted to Jiang Yilan's side. Seeing that she was crying pitifully and her face and head were covered with gauze, she felt a little more sympathy in her heart. She said angrily, "Why did that Tang Zhong beat people?"? What does he think of himself? Does a bastard from outside dare to beat our Jiang family? You tell us what happened, and I'll go back with Rulong Ruhu and tell the old men about it. They will make decisions for you. I don't believe it. There are so many people in our Jiang family that we can't clean up a wild monkey. "I promised Tang Zhong that I would arrange a celebration for him in the evening to celebrate his return.". In the old house, he also promised-I called him in the evening, he said he was too busy to come. Jiang Yiran narrated. Jiang Keshu cursed and said, "Are you dizzy, too?"? Can't you see the attitude of the old man and the old woman towards him? He's a piece of shit that no one wants to touch,Carrara Marble Slab, but you take the initiative to get on it. "I didn't think so much at that time." Jiang Yiran said with red eyes, "That's what I promised a long time ago.". At that time, his identity had not been exposed, and he was still pretending to be Tang Xin. He took the initiative to mention this meeting, and I can't pretend to forget it. Doesn't that make people think that our Jiang family doesn't keep their word? Don't have anything to do with him again. Everyone thinks he's a transparent man. Jiang Keshu said. It was said to Jiang Yiran,Agate Slabs Countertops, and also to the two Jiang Rulong and Jiang Ruhu brothers standing next to him. The two brothers nodded together, but each had a dispute in their hearts. Yes. I see Jiang Yiran nodded pitifully. I will never talk to him again. He's a scumbag. He's an animal. "Go on." Jiang Keshu said. I was angry when he stood me up, but since I had already made an appointment with my friends, I still wanted to go out and get together with them. We went to the hall meeting, and while we were drinking and chatting, Jiang Keqing came with Tang Zhong. "Bully people too much." Jiang Ruhu said. Namely. Bully people too much. Jiang Keshu said ferociously. Mingming said he was busy at night, but he stood you up and ran out to indulge in debauchery-they didn't care about our Jiang family at all. "Tell the old man about it, too." Jiang Rulong echoed lightly. He always acts like a master. No matter what kind of things he encounters, Grey Marble Slab ,Calacatta Nano Glass, he is not in a hurry. Everyone has long been accustomed to his style of doing things. I'm sure to say. Jiang Keshu nodded. They beat you up because of this? "No.". We went late, and there was no place on the first floor of the hall. Chen Xingxing said that there was a place on the first platform, but it was reserved for people. I asked who it was reserved for, and he said it was for the Demon Concubine-even if she didn't come for a year, this seat could not be given to anyone. I begged Chen Xingxing to take this seat down-when I saw Jiang Keqing and Tang Chong coming, I warmly invited them to sit with us. Unexpectedly, Jiang Keqing did not appreciate it and said something like, 'I'm here, you can go.'. Of course I was not convinced, so I quarreled with her. Then she jumped on the table and poured beer on my head with a bottle, and Tang Zhong hit me in the face with an ashtray. Before he had finished speaking, Jiang Yiran broke down in tears again. I already know what happened. Jiang Keshu was so angry that he turned around in the ward. I'll report back. You'd better let the old man listen to it. If the old man still protects him, I'll-I'll always be able to punish him. With that, he was ready to turn around and leave. Jiang Ruhu looked at Jiang Yiran lying on the hospital bed and said, "Take care." He also left behind Jiang Keshu. Jiang Rulong stood still and said aloud, "I'm here to accompany Yiran." "That's all right." Jiang Keshu said. Yiran always needs someone to take care of her. It's good for you to stay. When they left, Jiang Rulong pulled up a chair and sat at the head of Jiang Yiran's bed. Jiang Yiran got up from the bed and shrank his body into Jiang Rulong's arms. The fourth brother. Jiang Yiran shouted in a weak voice. Uh Jiang Rulong's eyes gazed at the pot of daffodils on the windowsill and answered. "Tang Chong bullied me, and you have to avenge me." "Mmm." "Are you angry?" "Mmm." "I just want to throw him out." Jiang Yiran whispered. Jiang Rulong finally withdrew his line of sight, lowered his head and looked at the girl's cautious eyes. He sighed gently and said, "You can't get out." "Why?" Jiang Yiran asked. Because the old man needs his knife. "The old man needs it?" Jiang Yiran was puzzled. Jiang Rulong patted her on the shoulder and said, "Girl, it's better to have a simple mind." "Mmm." Jiang Yiran did not refute the meaning, a sweet face said: "Then I will be your little woman." Jiang Rulong smiled without a word. What I said is true. Jiang Yiran said angrily. Growing up, I had only one thought. "Close your eyes and sleep for a while." Jiang Rulong said. When I woke up, it was a new day. "All right." Jiang Yiran held Jiang Rulong's arm tightly. Like an insecure child. Jiang Rulong's line of sight shifted to the pot of daffodils, looking at the white stamens in full bloom, but his heart had extreme destruction. He wanted to stretch out his hand and crush the white flower with a curved neck. Tang Chong. Our war has begun. Jiang Rulong whispered. What Jiang Yiran opened his eyes and asked. I said-that potted flower is very beautiful. Jiang Rulong said. Oh Jiang Yiran nodded and fell asleep again. Jiang Keren's villa,Agate Stone Price, however, is a different scene. Tang Chong glanced at the uncles and aunts sitting in the living room. He turned and asked Jiang Keqing, "Are you hungry?" You don't feel it if you don't say it. I really feel a little hungry when you say it. Jiang Keqing touched his flat abdomen and said. Can I give you something to eat? 。


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