Love lied a little.

Love lied a little.Love lied a little.Love lied a little.Love lied a little.Love lied a little.

There was still a trace of desolation on her pale face, which made people feel very cold. Ye Xiwu quickly helped her into the bedroom, gently covered her with a quilt, and brought a hair dryer to dry her hair. Early summer, you tell me, is someone bullying you again? Ye Xiwu asked her lightly, but as soon as she heard it, before the haze in her eyes formed water droplets, tears surged down. She held the quilt tightly in her hand, sobbing, and a trace of coldness emanated from her body. Ye Xiwu put down the hair dryer in her hand and became anxious. Every time she saw her like this, her heart would clench and reach out to hold her tightly, because she knew that what she needed most at this time was her shoulder. In early summer, don't be afraid. If someone really bullies you, I must let them pay a hundred times the price for the harm they have done to you. There was a trace of anger in Ye Xiwu's soft tone. She never did anything harmful, but why did she get hurt so often? Xi Wu.. Whoo whoo whoo. From a low sob just now to a howling cry, her heart surged up like the rising tide of the sea, venting all her discontent and grievances. Early summer, calm down, don't you often say, we all have to be strong? There is no obstacle that can not be overcome, only people who can not be overcome, no matter what difficult things we encounter, do not escape, as long as we face them bravely,pietra gray marble, we will be able to survive. "Ye Xiwu's soft voice makes the tide in her heart slowly recede to the distance." Xi Wu, they. Lin in early summer straightened his back and left her arms. He looked at her sadly with uncertain eyes and hesitated to speak: "They poured dirty things on me, ah, whine.." With that, he began to cry in pain. What Ye Xiwu finally guessed what the strange smell on her body was, and she looked at her with pity and amazement, the kind of pity I saw was really sad. Love lied a little. Chapter 43 of the main text is always silent. [Updated] 2012-06-12 12:10:53 [Words] 2643 "Xi Wu, will I still stink? Will I still stink?" Lin early summer seems to be very concerned about this, hurriedly took her hand trembling to ask,white marble slabs, I do not know why, her shock may not disappear, her body has been trembling from the bathroom, that scene, for her, it is more profound than the shadow of being beaten when she was a child. No, no, everything is over, you are very fragrant now, very fragrant. Ye Xiwu quickly took her hand and tried to comfort her. She didn't think that the shame she had suffered was so inhuman. That's good, that's good. "Lin's desolate and excited eyes in early summer finally got a moment of silence." Tell me, who is it? Who is it? Seeing that she was much calmer, Ye Xiwu quickly found a gap and asked her. Yes It's a student of Lingyue High School! This time she didn't hide it any more and answered truthfully. What, a group of students, unexpectedly so abnormal, "Ye Xiwu said incredibly, can only secretly sigh, Pietra Gray Marble ,Silver Travertine Slabs, now what society, students studying in school can be so arrogant." "" Lin wiped his tears in early summer and nodded helplessly. Early summer, tell me, who is it? I will get justice for you. "Ye Xiwu hooked her hair scattered in front of her face to the back of her ears. Her righteous appearance made Lin find a sense of sustenance in her heart. But she didn't understand the horror of those female hooligans. How could she deal with those female devils by her own strength? The matter has come to this point. Why involve one more person?" I don't know! She lowered her head and said slowly. Impossible, early summer, you are lying to me again, you tell me, the last time you were injured is also a few students hit, "Ye Xiwu is not now with suspicious eyes, but with a firm tone of inquiry." I don't remember? Lin was still running away in early summer. In early summer, if you don't say it again, there will be a next time. People like you who won't fight back when others attack you will think you are easier to bully. "Ye Xiwu looked at her worriedly.". "Xi Wu, I don't want you to get hurt because of me, so don't worry about it, okay?" Lin early summer said softly, she was injured alone, if let others hurt for her, then she will blame herself and repent for a lifetime. Early summer, have you forgotten? I learned Taekwondo, I am not afraid of them, this time whether nuclear or not, I must seek justice for you. "Ye Xiwu's irresistible look makes her not know what to do." Yes, you are Taekwondo, but even if you are fierce, but also just a girl, their ferocity I have not seen, Xi dance, you care about me, worry about me, I know, in fact, as long as I am helpless when you can accompany me to comfort me, give me warmth, I have been very happy, very satisfied. The tough tone made people feel even more distressed. In early summer, you are always so understanding that you don't want to retaliate against others, but what about them? Did he appreciate your kindness? To put it nicely, you are too kind. To put it crudely, you are too cowardly. "Ye Xiwu shook off her hand and scolded her angrily. She was everywhere for her sake, but what about her?"? She never thinks about herself. She is always disappointed with her, but she can't bear to leave her and enjoy herself alone. Kindness or cowardice, I just want to live a plain life, when is the time for retribution? It will only make things bigger and bigger. Xiwu, I really don't want to make the situation out of control. Lin thought thoughtfully in early summer, saying that he would endure a moment of calm and take a step back. Well, since you want to be maimed by others, I am up to you, I will no longer care about you, I flatter myself, hum. Ye Xiwu said angrily, then lay down on his bed, opened the quilt and covered his head, no longer paying attention to her. Xi Wu.. Lin early summer gently called her, only to see that she did not have the slightest reaction, she coldly lowered her eyes,White Marble Slabs, knowing that she hurt her good intentions, but for her safety, she can not be so selfish.


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