Variations on the little girl

Variations on the little girlVariations on the little girlVariations on the little girlVariations on the little girl

"All right." He laughed again. ^ ^ I thought about it and said, "Well, you send me to Babaoshan (a famous cemetery in Beijing)." Finally, I saw him stunned. ⊙⊙ I shrugged my shoulders, not going to talk to him again, and walked out of the hospital alone. But this fellow is not average person, after be in a daze, take off white coat, really followed to come out, say: "I send you." Half an hour later, I took his car to Babaoshan. I got out and smiled at him through the window. "Thank you, kind doctor." "Hey, are you really going in?" He seemed to think I was playing him. Yeah, you go back. ^_~ After looking at me deeply for a long time and making sure that I was conscious and normal, he nodded slowly, but did not forget to take out a business card: "Here you are." I took a look, Tong Huan, is really a suitable name. Give me a call. Dr. Tong, who had returned to normal, lowered his voice and locked me with peach blossom eyes of tens of thousands of volts, "I'll wait for you." I smiled and asked him instead,Granite Slab Supplier, "Dr. Tong, do you know how old I am?" ^_~ "More than twenty." He hesitated. I'm nineteen and I'm in my first year of college. I admired his face that changed color. "What about you?" "Twenty-seven." But after a while, his face changed again, and his evil smile shone in his eyes. "Age is not a problem." You uncle! You don't eat like an old cow eating tender grass! However, perhaps it is this that makes him feel fresh and more willing to try. I met his eyes frankly and smiled: "Well, goodbye." "I'll wait for you." He repeated again, and then the silver-gray car went away. It turns out that there is a playboy in the doctor, and he is so perverted and powerful. I thought,white marble mosaic, about to throw the card away. The next moment, he gave up the idea and put it in his wallet for a rainy day. Tomb of Zhang Keren and Ye Yunian. Grandma, grandpa. I brushed away the dead leaves on the tombstone with my hand and wiped the dust on the photo. I smiled. "I haven't come to see you for a long time. This time I'm in a hurry. I didn't buy anything.". But you can't blame Xiao Ni, can you? My grandfather, Ye Yunian. He joined the revolution in his early years and became a commander of an army after liberation. At the age of 50, he suffered from lung cancer and died before I was born. My grandmother, Zhang Keren. She is a kind and beautiful woman, her eyes are always so gentle as water, her voice is always so warm and beautiful. She single-handedly brought me up until she died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 62. I was seven years old. Before I was seven years old, my grandmother was my only relative. Even now, in my heart, the only relative is still grandma. She is a person who really loves me and is really good to me. She always hugged me and called me little princess, like the most precious treasure in the world. She made me laugh and coaxed me to sleep with beautiful words like poems and beautiful songs like the sounds of nature. She said that my mother didn't want me, she was just busy, and she would come back one day. My mother, grey marble slab ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, who had me when she was twenty-two, flew to Vienna to get her music degree. After that, she joined the Philharmonic Orchestra and became the world-famous Ye Yu. In the middle, I didn't come back once. Including the death of grandma. She came back the day after her grandmother died. Holding her violin, wearing a gorgeous black dress, her face was full of noble beauty. When she saw me, she smiled, but she was so condescending: "Are you my daughter, Guo Xiaoni?" I nodded timidly. I heard that grandma taught you to play the piano? So, at her request, I endured the grief of losing my grandmother, almost blankly playing the piano music whose name I had forgotten, and tears flowed all over my face unconsciously. After a while, she came over and held me gently in her arms. The elegant but cold smell surrounded me. She said, "You are really my daughter.". Only my daughter can play such a piano. It was then that I realized that this woman was my mother. There is no joy and sorrow, I just realize that. Later, I thought more than once that if Grandma had not left that year, I would not be who I am today. I may be like Xiao Wan, like Su Wei, always keep the appearance before the age of fifteen, even without parents, but still surrounded by warmth and light, always pure and lovely, carefree. But fantasy can only be fantasy forever, and reality is always reality. Just now, I met Su Wei's mother. She recognized me so quickly. Funny, sometimes, I don't even know if I'm me or not? In the past, I was so distant and strange that even if I thought of it, I didn't have the courage to admit that it was me. I smiled softly. "When I saw her, I immediately thought of you, so I came." Grandma, is Xiao Ni very bad? I haven't come to see you for so long. So long, in order to forget, they simply forget all the past. Although in the past, there are also beautiful, laughing, loving people, and caring people. The third part of Little Nell Variations She saved him o _ o (4) Haitian Primary School. Guo Xiaoni! Two dirty boys stopped a girl walking slowly on the playground. The girl was wearing a princess dress made of white gauze. A long black and shiny hair was tied into two high braids hanging on the shoulders, curly bangs, black and bright eyes like cold jade, delicate face like a porcelain doll, light and dusty temperament, just like a little angel who fell into the earth by mistake. My brother said he liked you and wanted to be friends with you! A boy wanted to go up and pull her clothes, but looked at his black hand and shrank back sheepishly, "He's over there, Guo Fan of the fourth grade!" The girl frowned in confusion. "I don't know him." "You just don't know each other!" Another boy chimed in,Agate Slabs For Sale, "Let's go!" The girl shook her head in embarrassment: "I have to go home for piano lessons later." "Ah!"! Guo Xiaoni, can you play the piano? o "Awesome!"! I've never seen a piano before. Shall we go to your house sometime? "Yes, your home is so close anyway." 。


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