German Peasant's Blind Date [Farming]

After eating, Yan Sen filled the sink with water, then picked up the detergent and poured at least half of it into it, and then threw the dishes into the sink.

Looking at the doctor of physics in front of him with a proud face, exulting and gossiping about his brother, with a cluster of bread crumbs sticking to the corners of his mouth, Qin Li sighed deeply in his heart. As the saying goes, people can't be judged by appearances, and the sea can't be measured. No wonder he always seems to be indifferent. It's not out of his own will. Thomas waved his hand. "You don't mind. My brother is like this. He belongs to the type of cold outside and hot inside." Cold outside and hot inside, commonly known as stuffy and coquettish. Qin Li couldn't help but think of the bath towel around his waist that could not fall off, the word "stuffy and coquettish" was absolutely well-deserved! After a while, there was a sound of footsteps on the stairs. Qin Li looked up and saw that it was Yan Sen. Thankfully, he had something on, a bathrobe. Yan Sen went downstairs and joined them for dinner. The bathrobe is kimono-style, half-open, revealing the unambiguous chest muscles inside, and the clear curve of the collarbone. Yan Sen glanced at the empty plate she had hardly used and the half-eaten brown bread she had thrown aside, and asked lightly, "Why don't you eat it?" Qin Li can't say that the bread is too bad to eat, right? She smiled awkwardly and said against her will, "I'm not hungry." Yan Sen said, "Oh," and began to chat with Thomas. Only then did Qin Li discover that when they talked to themselves, they had already taken care of her, a foreigner, and tried to speak standard German. Now the two brothers are chatting in a Bavarian accent that she can hardly understand. Thomas, "What do you think of her?" Yan Sen, "just so so." Thomas, "stay and see?" Yan Sen, "whatever." Thomas, "Why don't you look interested?" Yan Sen, "I'm not looking for a wife." Thomas, "It's different this time. It's an Asian girl." Yan Sen, "so what?" Thomas,Walking tape measure, "different culture, more fun." Yan Sen, ".." Thomas, "but there are a few more coming tomorrow.". More people, more choices, there is always one for you. Yan Sen, ".." Thomas stuffed a piece of ham into his mouth and exclaimed, "Wow, this meat is delicious. Where did you get it?" Yan Sen, "I pickled it myself." "The level has improved." Thomas chewed a few bites and asked, "What meat?" Yan Sen, "wild boar meat." When Thomas heard this, his face suddenly changed, and he ran to the kitchen to retch and spit out all the meat. Qin Li asked, "what's wrong with him?" Yan Sen, "it's all right!" "You know I can't eat wild boar meat!" The voice of resentment came from the kitchen. Yan Sen is calm. "I don't know." "Did you go hunting in the mountains again?" Yan Sen, Diameter tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, "I haven't practiced for a long time, so I can only hit the wild boar." "You're a farmer, not a hunter. Why are you hunting?" Thomas pulled open the refrigerator, took out a bottle of milk, unscrewed the lid and poured it into his mouth, gulping away most of the bottle. Yan Sen glanced at it. "I just milked this milk today, and it hasn't been sterilized yet." Thomas patted his stomach. "I've been drinking since I was a kid. I'm not afraid of diarrhea." After eating, Yan Sen filled the sink with water, then picked up the detergent and poured at least half of it into it, and then threw the dishes into the sink. Qin Li thought that he should at least brush it, who knew that the master was so informal that even this step was saved, and directly carried the plate out and picked up a cloth to dry it. Qin Li couldn't help asking, "are you ready to wash?" Yan Sen nodded. Don't you brush it? Yan Sen answered as a matter of course, "There is no oil." Qin Li, "at least wash the foam off." Yan Sen, "why?" Qin Li thought he was joking at first, but when he looked up at him, he found that his face was very serious. Because it's soap! "No poison." Qin Li, "then why did you dry it?" "It is easy to breed bacteria when it is wet." Qin Li, "." There were all kinds of suspicious-looking water stains on this dishcloth, and Qin Li would not believe that there were no bacteria on it. Qin Li took a deep breath and said to himself, calm down! Yan Sen washed the dishes, then went to the hall and asked Thomas, "What new games do you have?" “warcraft2。” Yan Sen sat down beside him, picked up the control lever and played a few times, as if he suddenly remembered something, turned his head and looked at Qin Li, said you help yourself, and fell into the game. The two brothers sat in front of the TV and played games. There was no signal or network in this place, but the game equipment was not left behind. Qin Li looked around for a while and felt bored, so he simply went upstairs to sleep. Changed an unfamiliar strange place, Qin Li could not sleep well at night, had several strange dreams in a row, and finally it was dawn. When she opened the curtain, she looked confused. Is this where she came from yesterday? It's so beautiful here. The window is facing the Alps. The snow-capped mountains on the top of the mountain have not yet melted, and the mountainside is lush and green. The farmhouse is located on the mountainside. At a glance, the sky is grey and the wild is boundless. Looking up is the sky, looking down is the cattle and sheep. Not far away, there is a lake, which is formed by the snow water flowing down from the top of the mountain, shining green. The top of the snow mountain reflects the blue sky and white clouds, day by day, and the strong color contrast is enchanting. It's so beautiful that it's a paradise described by Tao yuanming. Qin Li did not know how she came to this fairyland by mistake, but she really stood here. She couldn't wait to pick up her cell phone, all kinds of directions came to a few, can not help but sigh, this place is really 360 degrees without dead angle. She fiddled with her cell phone for a while, and her stomach began to sing the empty city plan. Because I didn't eat anything last night, and now I'm hungry. Quickly cleaned up, Qin Li changed his clothes and went downstairs. It was only half past six in the morning, and she thought she had got up early enough,Wheel tape measure, but Yan Sen had already started working in the big yard. He was standing on the grass feeding chickens in traditional Bavarian leather trousers, a plaid shirt and stockings on his legs. He scattered a handful of chicken food, which immediately attracted a group of hens to cluck after him with flapping wings. The picture is too beautiful to look at.


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