Dream King

Disappear, everything is restored as before, this day plunder came really played a part of the effect of training, in addition, did not cause any casualties and trouble to the army.

Disappear, everything is restored as before, this day plunder came really played a part of the effect of training, in addition, did not cause any casualties and trouble to the army. "Hey, hey.." There is strength in numbers. It really makes sense. Xiao Wenbing expressed his views on how to survive the disaster safely in the protection of the people, and gave the highest evaluation to the feat of tens of thousands of people rising at the same time. Of course, as the initiator, for his foresight, many new immortals in the second world are admired by the five bodies. Back to Xiao Wenbing's side, Queenie and others looked grateful, and even Elder Yan and others were happy. These people hold Queenie and other immortals in high esteem. To be able to help them through the disaster is absolutely willing to. "Thank you, master, and all the immortals." Queenie and the four oldest immortals put down their airs and thanked them from the bottom of their hearts. It was not until they got through the disaster that they really put down their worries. After the hustle and bustle, Xiao Wenbing clapped his hands and said in a loud voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just come to the fairy world. We are not sure about the situation around us. Let's keep a low profile for the time being." With that, with a wave of his hand,Chinese spa manufacturer, he took a phoenix hairpin from the field of the phoenix's white clothes and spread it against the wind, turning it into a butterfly fairy. When ten thousand people ascended to the fairy world, Xiao Wenbing was most worried about the butterfly fairy, so he turned her into a phoenix hairpin and let the phoenix white clothes take care of her. At this point, make sure everything is safe, and then let her out. According to Xiao Wenbing's command, the butterfly fairy took out the Star Magic Realm. This magic weapon,jacuzzi manufacturers, which originally had the level of fairy ware, has evolved again after absorbing a lot of fairy spirit, and its power is even more unfathomable. A wave of air swept through the void, and the next moment, tens of thousands of people were all hidden. At this moment, they did not realize that in the tens of thousands of meters high, a bird like a giant eagle was suddenly stunned. A cold sweat broke out on the edge of the field, and the immortal bird in the realm of Fen Shen could not see through the illusion laid by the stars, and watched helplessly as Xiao Wenbing and others disappeared into his line of sight. Chapter 14 putting on airs. "I don't know. Every fairy world is different. Xiaoxian used to be in Linglong fairy world. She knows nothing about this fairy world." "Yeah, but these guys are not good birds when you look at them." Nihility in the space suddenly came a few words of dialogue, if ordinary people see, I am afraid the soul is also scared away. Star fantasy world is indeed a treasure, after flying to the fairy world, american hot tub ,hot tub wholesale, the formation is no longer an illusory scene so simple. Under the command of the Butterfly Fairy , a small, movable mustard subspace formed in the Star Magic Realm, enveloping everyone in it. Flying in midair, this magic weapon seems to have a wonderful blend with the space of this plane. Faintly, it gives people a magical feeling that it is not in this fairy world. It is precisely because the star fantasy world has such a magic effect, in order to avoid the eyes and ears of the giant eagle, but also let the distant birds for this group of people's strength evaluation to a higher level, dare not stir up trouble without authorization. It feels like riding in a slow aircraft, watching the scenery around you, and following the wind at the same time. It has to be said that the scenery of the fairy world is indeed much better than that of the lower world. All kinds of strange creatures emerge in an endless stream, among which the profound cultivation can be found everywhere. Some of them in droves Is the strength of extraordinary, although the scale is far from tens of thousands of immortals compared to the army. But along the way. It's enough to make people jumpy. Fairy world, as expected is not the general square. Stealth all the way to the east, unconsciously has flown over a large valley, came to a great plain. Seen from a distance, black smoke rose faintly in several places. "Listen..". What's that noise? ?” Xiao Wenbing asked in surprise. "There was a fight." "Yes, a bit of brute force." Feng Baiyi coldly gave the truest evaluation. Approaching the plain, from the outside came bursts of gold and iron, but also mixed with some of the sound of drinking and scolding. These people are all masters. As soon as I heard it, I knew that someone was fighting, and the person who was fighting, as Feng Baiyi said, had a lot of strength. But it is only a handful of strength, and it is estimated that it is roughly similar to the level of the disciples of the outer sects in the lower world. "Go and see." The eyes of Elder Yan and others are shining. He immediately put forward the suggestion of seeing it. . Without any objection, the proposal was immediately approved by everyone, and tens of thousands of eyes fell on Xiao Wenbing at the same time. Xiao Wenbing glanced at them, really with one heart and one mind! Can not help the extreme contempt. Along the way to see too many masters, for these people's self-confidence can not help but have a certain degree of blow. It is not easy to see something that is not as good as my own. Immediately, they were like cats smelling fishy, eager to find confidence in those poor people. But Xiao Wenbing is also very curious in the heart, even if they do not ask, he is also trying to see the ground. These people are the first human beings to meet in this fairy world. . The butterfly fairy commanded the star magic world and soon came to the place where the sound came from. There.. Five tough men are besieging a handsome young man. . Look at the faces of those big men. One by one, they gnashed their teeth and were angry, as if they had some deep hatred for each other, and their moves were all means of perishing together. On the contrary.. The handsome young man's kungfu is so high. , obviously above these men, and has comprehended Qi, formally stepped into the threshold of cultivation. But this person cherishes oneself very much, in order to face a few big fellow to scoundrel to send appears to be helpless. Tried to pull away several times. But none of them succeeded. The two sides are so deadlocked here. "Ping-ping-pong" to play a lively. Everybody saw a few eyes, one by one complexion is strange. They are all trained step by step from ordinary people. . When you get started I really learned a little about these swords,whirlpool hot tub, fists and feet, but since I became a golden elixir. It's long since been put aside. . Seeing someone still dueling in this old-fashioned way at the moment, I can't help feeling sad. Some people are even pointing fingers. . Comment on the merits and demerits of each move of both hands. Apparently addicted to the theater. monalisa.com


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