Little Lucky Star of the 1970s Koi Fish [Entry]

Chen Meng asked people to inquire about the original registration group in the selection of people should also take into account

Chen Meng asked people to inquire about the original registration group in the selection of people should also take into account the height, appearance and so on, if the height is too high or too short to destroy harmony, or the appearance is really sorry, it will be brushed down, this is the first round of selection. There is no doubt that Gu Xiaoqi brushed off Chen Meng in the first round of selection. The reason is that Chen Meng is two years younger than the average classmate, and she is certainly not very tall. This reason is very good, because the height gap of primary school students is very obvious. The height of children who have not yet reached the age is certainly different from that of children of the right age. Chen Meng is five years old in the first grade, while today's children are usually seven or even seven and a half years old in the first grade. Chen Meng is the youngest in the class. Gu Xiaoqi must be the lead singer of our school this time. She used to be the lead singer every year. The speaker looked at Gu Xiaoqi with envious eyes. Who doesn't envy her? She has a rich and loving father and mother who come to school dressed up every day. She likes the limelight so much, this kind of thing must be rushed to the front, this you can not say to Gu Xiaoqi, ah, she is so overbearing.. Since the last time teacher Xue asked Gu Xiaoqi to apologize to Zhang Qiang in public in class, her prestige has been reduced a lot. Later,car radiator cap, teacher Xue called her to the office and asked her not to skimp on her classmates' meals. Now Gu Xiaoqi is afraid to take advantage of it, but she must have a share in this kind of publicity. On this point, Gu Xiaoqi and her mother have a fight, both mother and daughter in this kind of thing are like the limelight. Gu Xiaoqi is a member of the literary and art committee in the class, and she is sure to take part in such a good thing as the singing contest of the literary and art performance. As for Chen Meng,socket screw plug, why give her a chance to stand out, it must not work! So after Gu Xiaoqi told the school teacher that Chen Meng was too young to participate in the competition, she was still a little proud. In the end, she still has a relationship in the school, not to mention that she has the ability to kick Chen Meng out. Of course, the teacher who organizes the activities does not have time to go to a class to check the height and appearance of the students, so he will let the music teacher or the literary and art committee of the class check. Chen Meng knew that she had been kicked out of the chorus team directly, and she was angry when school was over. The little girl has never suffered such a big setback! Although she knew that Gu Xiaoqi was the one who played tricks, but there was no way to take them. Even if Gu Xiaoqi ate to death, the teachers would not select the members of the chorus one by one. Basically, deep draw stamping ,non standard fasteners, the class was selected and reported to the top collectively. As for the music teacher, probably also not familiar with Chen Meng, simply do not know that Chen Meng signed up to be brushed down. No one will run around for a small role, which is the sadness of the little people. When she got home, she shut herself up in her room and cried loudly. Unexpectedly, before she went out to compete, she was strangled in the cradle. After crying, she found that her mother was already sitting in the living room, making something delicious. The author has something to say: I changed some settings. Originally, Zhang Qiang's mother and father had a certificate, but now it has become a de facto marriage. Chapter 163. Smell the smell of incense, Chen Meng is feeling hungry, the original has been in the room for an hour. Xiao Min also heard Zhang Qiang about Chen Meng's experience in school. He came back earlier today and bought cold noodles from outside. Today, he specifically told Deng Guifeng not to cook and eat cold noodles. This staple food from the north is very popular in Xin'an recently. Fire to a small stall, do not go to the queue simply can not buy the point. Mom "Oh, how can my daughter cry into a big cat? Let her mother see if she looks good." Chen Meng, who has never been so wronged, really feels sad. She fantasizes that she has learned to sing for so long and always sings better than those people. Even if she is pulled out to compete, she will not lose to anyone. Who knows that she has no chance to compete unfairly. She is not even qualified to enter the selection directly. For no other reason, it is because "suspected" is very short. If it is because of other reasons to be brushed down, to be excusable, because of this reason to be brushed down, it is really very uncomfortable. That's why I'm so wronged. Xiao Min poured out the cold noodles packed in plastic bags and rubbed in some more cucumber shreds. The fragrance of red oil and hot pepper and the fragrance of cucumber shreds flew angrily to the tip of his nose. What is this thing? Chen's sparkling eyes stared at the cold noodles, and the children who loved to eat, like a little milk dog who had not been weaned, rushed excitedly to their mother. It's so hot, Chen Meng. You're all sweaty. Stay away from me. Xiao Min pretended not to be happy and gave her a horizontal look: "Wash your hands and come to eat quickly. What's wrong with crying under the quilt today? You are the only one who will cry under the quilt in such a hot day. Are you too hot?" Not to mention that her mother knew her best, she really guessed. Chen Meng told Xiao Min about those things at school in a few words. It was really strange to say that she was not in a beautiful mood, but when she ate something delicious, she felt much more comfortable. You just feel wronged. You have not tried to lose to others like this. You are unwilling, right? What is this? You go to the teacher and tell the teacher that although I am younger than you, I am not a dwarf. It was the worst thing to let the children complain to the teacher. Chen Meng shook her head like a rattle: "I don't want to go, I don't want to go,Investment casting parts, I won't go." This little girl's temper really makes people feel uncomfortable: "You want to participate, but you don't want to go to the teacher by yourself. I tell you that this matter must be solved by yourself. Mom and Dad can't help you. Do you know?" "But Mom, what am I going to tell the teacher?" "Didn't you say you didn't know the reason? Then you went to the teacher to find out the reason and said you wanted to participate. What's the difficulty? I think you are very fierce when you fight with children. How can you be so weak in actual combat? This is not the good daughter I know." Xiao Min joked.


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