Peak of reincarnation

Straight as the frightened Liu Jingtao, even if a body strength is not weak, did not fight first timid, but also died to support the counterattack

Straight as the frightened Liu Jingtao, even if a body strength is not weak, did not fight first timid, but also died to support the counterattack, pure by the goods of seckill. A wisp of light turned into a handful of fine awn, and before the sword came out, the evil beggar turned into a street beggar. Kicked the dying man in front of Chu Ming. Although the little girl could not bear it in her eyes, she still knew her priorities and cut them down with a sword. The forty-third chapter congeals the soul The forty-third chapter congeals the soul North Mangshan Mountain, Jishi Peak, Temple of Demons. Tang Shuyan looked worriedly at the secret room sealed by the stone wall, and his eyes, as if through the thick bluestone, poured into the painful and twisted body. In my mind, I recalled that a few days ago, I told my husband the news that I had excitedly brought the "night demon" out of the political arena and fought against Liu Fuyun on the West Lake. I wanted to give him a surprise, but I didn't want him to be surprised. It seems that the relationship between the elder brother of the shadow and him is not simple. A stone door separates two worlds, and outside, in the winter light, the warmth is thick. And inside, gusts of wind from the flat ground roll up, intermittent laughter and tears, a good large closed room, become like purgatory. Chu Ying Pan sat in the center of the stone room, under the body, is no longer a solid ground, but a bottomless dark black hole, the other end of the black hole, called hell. Translucent shadows emerged from the black hole, circling and tearing around the man in purple robe with a painful face, as if to eat him alive. If someone is here, he will be shocked by the dead soul,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, not only the endless twisted ghosts, but also because the handsome face of the young man in purple robe has already become blurred. Sometimes, they turn into old people, sometimes they turn into beautiful women, and in the blink of an eye, they look like newborn babies. However, all kinds of faces on that ever-changing face have a common feature-ferocious, twisted, and contain boundless resentment! A virtual shadow that circled and tore at random suddenly broke through the defense of the young man's whole body and penetrated into the fresh flesh and blood. However, the original excitement of the ghosts, in contact with the long-desired warm body,ball valve manufacturer, but the silent scream of panic. Devour! The evil ghost, which had at least condensed a hundred years of resentment, was devoured by a living person. The face, which had been full of pain, finally showed a smile. The ever-changing, illusory face, and more than one, add up, is exactly ten! Nine is the extreme number, ten originally does not exist, the reason why people can create all kinds of miracles, precisely because they are born with three souls and seven souls, more than the vast number of living beings! And that extra one can not only make people have greater potential, but also mean a chance of survival! The main road is fifty, the sky is forty-nine, and the one that escapes is a chance of survival! All living beings in the world, in the sea of suffering, are seeking a chance of survival, and people are born with incomparable advantages. This is also the reason why the holy queen has to add the word "person". It's just that the world is full of mysteries. People, of course, have unlimited potential, tube fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, enough to control thousands of planes. The grass and trees, the fish and insects, the ants born with three souls and seven incomplete souls, just want to be immersed in the boundless sea of suffering forever? Nope! Every living creature always has blood and uprightness, so in ancient times, there were countless alien powers. They, just with that unyielding arrogance, fight with heaven, fight with earth, and fight with people! They call themselves demons. The Great Demon turns over his hands and moves mountains. The Great Demon turns over his hands and moves into the sea. They have infinite power, but they are selfish after all. They left behind the skills they practiced, but they only passed them on to their own people. The ants are pitiful, but the grass and trees are pitiful. However, they are spiritual after all. If there is spirit, there is the possibility of stepping on the road. There are all kinds of things, but there is one who is born with the spirit of the earth, whose roots are red, but who is spurned by all living beings-the corpse man! Death is like a lamp going out, and this "lamp" refers to the three souls. If the remnant soul does not disperse, the corpse that has already returned to the earth will come back to life, suck blood and eat people, and do all kinds of evil. However, this kind of thing called "zombie" is not a real corpse man! Only the empty shell that has destroyed the three souls and dispersed the seven souls, after thousands of years of warming and nurturing, produces a new life of ignorance, is the corpse man! These lucky people, who should have been blessed by the earth and blessed by God, have become the most miserable people. Born ageless and immortal, but without any magic. They are always at peace with the world, but they are often affected by "close relatives", and there are no disasters. And how do those "close relatives" treat each other? With the inheritance of the ancient drought, not only did they not help them, but they drove these orthodox corpses into a dead end, swallowing their flesh and blood, and devouring their bone marrow. Heaven is unfair, the world is unfair, then, with my body, and this heaven and earth, fight on a fight! Orthodox corpse people United, using all kinds of means, all kinds of tricks, get the infinite Xiuzhen secret, but why, none of them can be used? Because of cultivation, they all follow the path of the primordial spirit. Even the great witches, who claim not to refine the primordial spirit, follow the path of strengthening their bodies. However, if you want to form a primordial spirit and strengthen your body, how can you do it without a soul? Even if it is a fine plant, there is often a soul, can always start, and as long as it can start, naturally there are various means to fill the soul, and then move towards the road. Where's the corpse? Why is it that the corpse who is deeply favored by the earth has no soul?! When a race is on the brink of disaster, those great pioneers will always emerge! Jiuyou Lao Zu is such a man. Although born without soul, but born with feelings! The corpse beside him either needs a hundred years of life, or needs a thousand years of enlightenment. He was born with amazing talent. The clansmen were desperate, and the clansmen begged for the compassion of the great powers, but he had to create a set of skills! Who can't practice without soul? Gods and Buddhas? Then I will go against the Buddha! No soul, no soul, no primordial spirit? Simple! Then I will slaughter all the people, plunder all the hell, and gather thousands of souls for my use! Even if the punishment of heaven and earth, even if all souls reviled, I hammer my soul! Immortals and Buddhas, they are afraid and say that I am going against heaven. The demons are afraid,pipe fittings manufacturer, and their words are contrary to their actions. So, what? Finally, success and failure.


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