Undead keeper

Among these people, there are Wu Yun's old classmates, her present colleagues and good friends, but. How did they end up here?

Among these people, there are Wu Yun's old classmates, her present colleagues and good friends, but. How did they end up here? Confused, Wu Yun could not help turning his head to look at Zhao Fang! Looking at Zhao Fang with a proud face, Wu Yun soon understood that these people were all found by Zhao Fang. The reason why they came was to show off that he had finally caught up with him, and to settle their relationship. When everyone knew that they had become a couple, Wu Yun could not go back on his word. To put it bluntly, in fact, Zhao Fang is still afraid of Wu Yun's pigeon, contemptuous horizontal Zhao Fang, so do not believe her, then why chase her, a couple, if not even the most basic trust, but also talk about the future? Thinking, the crowd around gradually quiet down, according to reason, suddenly see an old friend, Wu Yun should be happy, how can be so cold, so. Seeing this scene, Zhao Fang could not help smiling bitterly. He knew that all his tricks had been seen through by this woman. He shook his head helplessly. Zhao Fang shouted: "Don't mind, yesterday.." Wu Yun's mother was hit by a car, so her mood is not very good, if not for my boyfriend pulling him, today's party would not be there at all, let's be more considerate. Ah! Hearing Zhao Fang's words, everyone could not help screaming, and asked Wu Yun whether the injury was serious or not. Under everyone's questioning, Wu Yun simply answered a few words and then kept silent. It was impossible for anyone to be happy in such a situation! In the next room, Wang Ming Meng stood up, things to now,metal stamping parts, everything has a clue, although can not say that the overall understanding, but as long as a little thought, what do not understand? A next three rotten soap plot, unexpectedly really staged, but Wang Ming can not laugh out. Taking a deep breath, Wang Ming knew that he had to figure everything out. Thinking, Wang Ming sat down again, closed his eyes, and the divine consciousness quickly spread out, through the wall, whistling into Zhao Fang's body. Only in an instant,car radiator cap, Wang Ming's divine consciousness thoroughly searched Zhao Fang's consciousness sea! Only a few seconds, Wang Ming completed everything in an instant, when Zhao Fangmeng shivered, Wang Ming's spirit has been recovered, in an instant, Wang Ming has detected everything he wants! Angrily clenched his fist, Wang Ming never thought that his benevolence would almost kill Wu Yun's mother, it seems. He is still too kind, too ***ing kind, if he had known this, he should have directly ordered the Lord to clean up Zhao Fang! Thinking, Wang Ming can not help showing a firm vision, even if how weak, only to their own hostility, can cause harm to him, even if it can not pose a threat to Wang Ming itself, but can threaten the people around Wang Ming, many times, a small bullet, an accidental car accident, can change everything! Hum! Cold hum, Wang Ming slowly stood up, Steel investment casting ,titanium machining parts, since he wants to play, then Wang Ming naturally to accompany, although his grade is too low, completely not enough grade, but Wang Ming has not wanted to because of their carelessness, and harm to their own people! At the moment of stepping out of the door, Wang Ming could not help but secretly rejoice that it was all right. Yesterday was Wu Yun's official holiday, otherwise, he would have to wear a big green hat, this hateful Zhao Fang, absolutely unforgivable ah! Thinking, Wang Ming firmly walked to the next room, Zhao Fang all the ideas and conspiracies, he has insight, now. It's time for the test, for a while. Wu Yun's performance will determine Wang Ming's attitude, in any case, no matter what the situation, Wang Ming absolutely does not allow betrayal! Chapter 413-414 of the main text: Conspiracy Knock, knock! There was a clear knock on the door. For a moment, all the people in the room turned to look at the door doubtfully. At this time, who else would come? Doubtful, Xiao Zhang went to the door, gently opened the door, the next moment. Wang Ming that tall and straight figure, appeared at the door of the room, for a moment, Wu Yun could not help but gasp a breath of cold air, pretty face turned pale! Yo! With a sunny smile on his face, Wang Ming greeted Wu Yun and then said with a smile, "Oh, how can you not call me on your birthday?"? Are you afraid that I eat too much? Ha-ha Hear Wang Ming's words, Wu Yun's face more pale, at the same time, Zhao Fang's face, because of Wang Ming's words, and showed a contemptuous smile, in his eyes, Wang Ming is his mother a country man, earth to home! Under everyone's gaze, Wang Ming walked to Wu Yun's side as if no one was watching. He sat down next to Wu Yun and picked up the bottle of wine Wu Yun had just drunk from the table. He shouted in surprise, "Oh, my God!"! It's my first time to drink such a good wine. Borrow a cup to use! As he spoke, Wang Ming grabbed the cup from Wu Yun's hand, poured a full glass of wine, and poured it down greedily, the next moment. "Good wine," exclaimed Wang Ming. "It's ***ing good wine!" Sniff. See Wang Ming that deliberately play tricks, because we do not understand Wang Ming, do not know that he is pretending to be crazy, so they all laughed, they do not understand, such a clown, how to pull together with Wu Yun? Hey, hey. Yin laughed, Zhao Fang was really happy, I thought, I think the means are not used, but did not expect, this boy actually sent to the door, in this case. In the laughter, Zhao Fang clapped his hands and raised his voice: "Everyone, let me introduce to you, this one is Wu Yun's student, but also her experimental mouse, as you know, Wu Yun always likes small animals, heh heh.." Hear Zhao Fang's words, everyone burst into laughter, only Wu Yun did not laugh, a face of guilt looking at Wang Ming,metal stamping parts, want to say what, but never said. Wang Ming also smiled and poured another glass of wine with a smile. Wang Ming stood up slowly and raised his glass to everyone. Wang Ming said with a smile, "a toast to the white mouse. I hope you will do me a favor!" 。 autoparts-dx.com


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