Fast-through Exile Ace (Book of Ben Wang

Xiao Chongmu nodded. He looked down at the chessboard where he was now defeated. The radian of his lips was bigger. He smiled

Xiao Chongmu nodded. He looked down at the chessboard where he was now defeated. The radian of his lips was bigger. He smiled and praised: "Miss Erzhen's chess skills are really amazing. Yu Zhan has lost three times." He looked up at her, and there was no shame of losing to a woman in his eyes, but it was a real compliment. Erzhen, "Erzhen reminded him with an expressionless face, and stretched out his hand to point to a certain place on the chessboard, ignoring his deeper eyes, and said bluntly:" Look ahead and back, Yuzhan, you think too much. "At this point, she suddenly paused, pinched the chess pieces on the chessboard and suddenly smiled, as beautiful as the dawn of spring flowers:" If you don't want to put so much here. I wouldn't have won so easily. After all, she will still win. He understood the meaning of her words, shook his head and smiled helplessly, but he did not speak, but looked at her gently. She was a little uncomfortable with such a look. She lowered her eyes and twisted the chess pieces one by one with red ears. He reached out to help her, but unexpectedly touched her fingertips. The tentacles were cold and greasy. He quietly withdrew his hand and found that her ears were red and bleeding. The speed of collecting the chess pieces was getting faster and faster, and when it was completely finished, the red color of her ears gradually receded. When she talked to him with the chess box in her arms, he suddenly realized that he had been looking at her motionless for so long, and there was no sign of impatience. She said: "Today is the Longevity Festival. I heard that lanterns can be put in the west of the city at night.." Can you go with me? When Erzhen said this sentence, it was completely expressed in a very cold tone according to the original owner's character. She thought she would never be a little coy. But to Xiao Chongmu's ears,mobile garbage bin, her tone was full of anxiety and fear of being rejected. Her heart was not soft. She smiled and said, "But it's disrespectful." Erzhen very small very small to exhale a breath, this little action is naturally Xiao Chongmu panoramic view, his eyes quickly flashed a trace of inscrutable smile, but more gentle and courteous on the face, Erzhen heard his reply, in the heart high shouted 'yes!'. But he stood up like a man and said to Xiao Chongmu, "Thank you very much." Then he left with the chess box in his arms. Xiao Chongmu looked at her figure gradually away, eyes dim down,collapsible pallet box, the mouth of the smile is gradually deepened, the original scenery Jiyue face at the moment is somewhat unpredictable. Longevity Festival is also the birthday of Emperor Fu Junyan. At this time in previous years, Fu Junyan would escape from the imperial concubines in the middle of the night, and then take Erzhen to Fuling Palace to live with Ning Daizhen and the three of them. This year's Longevity Festival Fu Junyan proposed to go out of the palace to the hospital or the three of them, for which Erzhen was very moved, and then firmly refused him. Fu Junyan, who guessed the reason, was so angry that he jumped up and down, and said that he would not forgive her in the last year. Erzhen ignored his arrogance and resolutely chose Xiao Chongmu. When they went out to walk to the west of the city, every street in the west of the city had already been hung with exquisite lanterns, and young men and women had already gathered by the moat, but most of the men would watch, while most of the women squatted by the river and put the lanterns in their hands into the river, and then made a wish with their eyes closed. They bought a lantern without exception, but nothing was written on the note in the lantern. When they were approaching the river, plastic wheelie bins ,plastic trash bins, Xiao Chongmu couldn't help asking her, "Why don't you write?" Erzhen looked at the lantern in her hand in silence and did not speak. She went to the river and put down the lantern in her hand. She did not even make a wish. She turned to him and said, "It won't work even if I write it. I would rather fulfill my wish than ask God for help." She said very seriously, Xiao Chongmu looked at her eyes, deeply felt that her eyes were more shining than the stars in the sky. By such a look at him, some shake God, until the eyes Pure Brightness, she has turned to look at the dozens of lanterns floating on the river, he slowly approached her, standing behind her, looking down at her thin figure, she is lowering her head, the hair behind her slipped to the side, because the hair is very long, the end of the hair fell on the grass, white greasy neck exposed to the air, His eyes darkened. After a while, he stood on her hairless side as if nothing had happened. Like her, he looked at the river and asked, "What is Na Erzhen's wish?" Erzhen was silent longer this time, so long that he thought she would not answer like last time, but suddenly heard her gentle and firm answer: "You will know." She paused, as if she thought it was not enough, looked up at him, and repeated again: "You will know." I don't know if it was his illusion, but at the moment he actually felt that she looked at him very gently, and her words may also mean something. He was waiting to ask again when she suddenly stood up, probably squatting for too long. As soon as she stood up, she fell unsteadily to the other side. His heart tightened when he looked at her, and he quickly reached out to grab her. Fortunately, she herself quickly stabilized herself. There was no classic picture of a woman falling into a man's arms. It was a pity that Erzhen secretly said in her heart. However, she broke away from his holding her hand with red ears and lowered her head to thank him. Xiao Chongmu looked at his empty hand and felt an indescribable loss in his heart. But he quickly restrained himself. In order not to embarrass her too much, he said with a smile, "Go ahead and have a look." Erzhen nodded and pretended to be relaxed and walked forward, while Xiao Chongmu followed her, laughing from time to time to resolve her embarrassment. Even a woman like Erzhen, who had attacked many types of male gods, had to admit that she had to be convinced by his charm. If placed in modern times, treat people with kindness and courtesy, always take care of women's emotions, appearance and ability are all excellent, is absolutely a top male god-like figure. Two people stopped in a painting and calligraphy shop, Xiao Chongmu asked her with his eyes, full of grace, Erzhen 18 kinds of martial arts are very proficient, painting and calligraphy naturally know one or two, so nodded, two people went in. The shopkeeper was very enthusiastic, and seeing that they behaved well, he led them inside. Xiao Chongmu lifted his robe and walked forward,stackable plastic pallets, followed by Erzhen. This is As soon as Erzhen looked at the paintings on the wall and then looked at the signature, she heard Xiao Chongmu's slightly excited voice before she opened her mouth: "It's a painting of a girl in the cold winter!" Erzhen closed her eyes in the place where Xiao Chongmu could not see, and a trace of gloom flashed through her eyes.


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