Nine-Year-Old Demon Queen

Xiao Bao, where have you been? Mother is worried to death. As soon as the woman came up, she suddenly held the little boy

Xiao Bao, where have you been? Mother is worried to death. As soon as the woman came up, she suddenly held the little boy in her arms. With red eyes, he said anxiously and angrily. Mother, "the little boy hugged the woman and sobbed in a low voice." Sister-in-law, your child was almost hit by a carriage just now. Thanks to this kind girl. A woman next to him said. What a careless mother! Fortunately, the child is all right. Hit by a carriage? When the child's mother heard this, she lost her voice in fright. Quickly let go of the child's whole body and looked at it all over. When he found that the boy was not injured, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He turned his head and looked at the woman in red and bowed sincerely to thank her. Thank you, girl, for saving the baby. Thank you very much. "Don't mention it, sister-in-law." The woman in red smiled at the man and woman and shook her head. "As long as the child is all right." The mother thanked him again and finally left with the little boy in her arms. When they saw that the excitement had dispersed, they all left separately. The woman in red also raised her step to go, but was called again by the disabled. Who are you Why do you have the same face as her? Why do you even have the same voice? Why? He was eager to know the identity of the woman, but did not find the dim expression of Hei Yan behind him. For the first time to see the master for a woman so eager, what is going on? Which master likes this woman? Is it possible? Chapter 47 Reconciliation The woman in red finally did not leave her name,Flush Retrofit Kit, her clothes were flying, and she left leisurely. Canyi returned to Yanyue Tower with an inexplicable sense of loss and dismissed Hei Yan. He stood by the window with the sea as far as the eye could see. The waves beat against the shore, making a pleasant sound of the waves, which is the sea singing alone. With the sea breeze, the hair kept flying, scraping the cheeks and itching the face. Vaguely, the memory of that figure emerged in my mind,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, obviously so gentle, but will abandon him. The long fingers pinched hard, and the bones gurgled. Brown eye pupil eye light gradually deep, from miss to hate. Turn around and walk to the bed. Take out the square pillow, open the dark pavilion beside the pillow, and a scroll is exposed. He took out the scroll, raised his hand, unfolded the scroll, and a beautiful and charming woman appeared on the painting. The clear pupil is full of eyes, and the shallow smile is blooming on the edge of the cherry blossom. So gentle, as if it were still that year. Why did you betray your father? Why did you abandon me? Brown pupil looked at the person in the painting and asked in a low voice and a deep pain. However, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,stainless steel toilet, the person on the scroll is still just smiling. This smile suddenly became harsh, what gentle, all are false. Boom The big hand pounded heavily on the bed wood, and the white bed curtain was lifted by the palm wind. Her left hand stroked her masked cheek, if she hadn't betrayed her father and abandoned herself. How could Dad drink to drown his sorrows every day, let alone burn his face out of control? Everything is her fault. It's the woman's fault. The face of the woman I happened to meet in the street flashed through my mind, and a thunderbolt flashed through my eyes. No matter who she is, the mistake is that she shouldn't have the same face as that woman. If you meet her again next time, don't blame her for being rude. If a woman makes a mistake, let her take the blame. Thin lips slightly hook, a touch of cold, brutal smile blooming. The sunshine is light, but it can't warm the atmosphere in the room. Leng Wanwan nestled against Xuanyuan night, and her long skirt fell to the ground. With a cold expression on her beautiful face, Wan Yingzhao nibbled her lips and stared straight at the ground without saying a word. Next to the night charm, the night soul looked at each other, but did not know how to interrupt this difficult silence. The two men stood quietly with their arms folded. Do you want revenge? Leng Wanwan opened his lips slightly and asked Wan Yingzhao. Although her hatred is so strong, Dongfang Zhe has come to see her in recent days. At first she ignored Dongfang Zhe, but gradually her words were stubborn, but her expression had no hatred. I'm afraid this girl has fallen in love with Dongfang Zhe unconsciously. So now, can she still hurt the relatives of the people she likes? When Wan Yingzhao heard Leng Wanwan's question, his head hung lower, and his bright eyes were filled with complex light. Does she still want revenge? That's for sure. She survived to avenge her loved ones. But after revenge, how to face Dongfang Zhe? In the face of this man who is married to his belly? There is no denying that from the beginning, in fact, she had a good impression on Dongfang Zhe, so she wanted her master to help him revenge. But now, after knowing that his uncle was the murderer of his family, her feelings for him became complicated. Both hold hate in him, but also still have so hidden like? Xuanyuan Night Sword Eyebrows lightly pulled, big hands stroked the cold curved and supple hair. This Xiao Zhao is afraid that now he can not understand his own feelings, want revenge, or do not revenge? Choose one or the other, and you may lose one thing in the end. Master, the young Lord of Dongfang Castle is visiting again. Feng Che, one of the four teenagers, came in, glanced at Wan Yingzhao with indifferent eyes,Flush valve price, and then hung his head again. Is he here again? When Wan Yingzhao heard Feng Che's words, his heart suddenly jumped and he was at a loss. Let him come in. Xuanyuan said to Feng Che at night. Yes Feng Che retreated and soon led Dongfang Zhe in. Master Leng, madam. 。


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