Step By Step Dot Net Learning Plan For Beginners!

Microsoft developed a platform of gathered technologies for developing apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and other operating systems, Dot Net. These technologies include Xamarin/Mono, a Dot Net execution for running apps on all major operating systems, including mobile, and Dot


Microsoft developed a platform of gathered technologies for developing apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and other operating systems, Dot Net. These technologies include Xamarin/Mono, a Dot Net execution for running apps on all major operating systems, including mobile, and Dot Net Core, a cross-platform implementation for running apps and services on operating systems other than Windows. Dot Net Framework is a software development framework for running websites on a Windows operating system.


It would be best to use C#, C++/CLI (a variant of C++), Cobol, F#, or Visual Basic when developing apps with Dot Net. Microsoft's C# A programming language is a fantastic first language to learn. Knowing C# and Dot Net is good if you switch to a tech career. Dot Net is a developer platform that includes tools, programming languages, and libraries for various applications. Learning Dot Net Training in Chennai will be highly advantageous if you want to work as a developer because it is used in many industries.


Features Of Dot Net:


Build Web And Desktop Apps And Games:

A flexible platform is Dot Net. A YouTube downloader, an online pet adoption community, a desktop space adventure game, and an app for managing invoices are just a few of the projects that users who posted on BuiltWithDot.Net have created.


Cloud Services:

You can host your Dot Net apps in the cloud when used in conjunction with Microsoft Azure, a platform for cloud services. Additionally, Dot Net Core enables the rapid development and deployment of Dot Net Core apps on Google Cloud.


Machine Learning:

With Microsoft's ML Dot Net, you can easily include machine learning capabilities into your Dot Net programs. Include speech processing, predictive modelling, and vision technologies in your apps. Sig Parser determines if a human or an automated system sends an email. Williams Mullen, a law company that employs ML Dot Net for document classification, and Scancam, a gadget that detects fuel theft, are among businesses that use ML Dot Net. 


Internet Of Things (IoT)

Dot Net supports numerous sensors, monitors, and input devices. Accelerometers, temperature and humidity sensors and gas sensors are a few of these gadgets. You can create applications that work with the Raspberry Pi using Microsoft's open-source IoT library.


Learning Dot Net:

If you want to create software, learning Dot Net is a good idea. The popular platform is Dot Net. In the area of Other Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools,.NET placed second in the Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey. Additionally. Dot Net, Core placed third.


Over 21,000 American jobs are listed on Glassdoor as of this writing and include some mention of Dot Net. Dot Net developer, mobile application developer, software architect, IT developer, and full stack developer. These positions require this competence.


Over 38,000 jobs on LinkedIn specifically mention Dot Net. Developers who want to use Dot Net in their work have many options. The average base income for Dot Net developers is $68,524, according to Glassdoor.

You must understand C# because it is frequently used with Dot Net. This brief course from Microsoft on creating.NET applications with C# is just one of the many resources available to learn this programming language.


How Long Does It Take To Learn Dot Net?

It will take you two to three months to learn how to utilize this platform professionally if you are already familiar with one of the Dot Net-compatible languages, such as C#, F#, or Visual Basic. You must first learn one of these languages if you still need to know it. Learning C# is highly recommended for web development. Additionally, you should be familiar with Visual Studio, the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you will use to create Dot Net applications.


How To Learn Dot Net Step-By-Step:

Here are some broad steps you can take to understand this technology, assuming you are already familiar with one of the programming languages utilised with Dot Net.


Learn C# Or Another Language Compatible With Dot Net:

To utilize it, you must at least have a basic understanding of one of the programming languages that the Dot Net developers platforms support, such as C#, C++/CLI, Cobol, F#, or Visual Basic.


Decide Which Specific Dot Net Technology You Want To Learn First:

The Dot Net platform has many tools, including Dot Net Core, Dot Net Framework, and Dot Net for mobile, which include Xamarin and Mono. As you make your choice, consider your interests and developmental needs.


Download The Community Version Of Visual Studio Code:

Your IDE for Dot Net projects will be Visual Studio Code.


Download The Version Of Dot Net You Want:

The Dot Net version you desire is available for free download.


Experiment With Dot Net Tutorials:

This Hello World lesson will help you get started with Dot Net, and there are many additional tutorials available for you to attempt as well.



A well-liked developer platform is Dot Net. This technology comprises web development tools, programming languages, and libraries. The Dot Net Framework (for Windows only), Dot Net Core (for all major operating systems), and Xamarin/Mono for mobile development are a few of the technologies in Dot Net.


You may create various software projects with Dot Net, including web applications, machine learning initiatives, cloud services, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Dot Net-skilled developers are in high demand, and jobs requiring this technology typically pay well. Dot Net is a valuable skill to master. Additionally, you are interested in learning Selenium Training in Chennai, which will improve your IT career.


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