RPGStash FUT Guide - Complete the end of Era Lacazette SBC

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The End of an Era card is a tribute to players who are leaving their current club or retiring. This card will be given to players as a reward for completing themed Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Alexandre Lacazette from Arsenal scored 95 points in the "End of an Era" version today in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

No matter which platform you play FUT 22 on, you will inevitably spend hundreds of thousands of FUT 22 Coins to build a team, so be well prepared before you start, smart players seem to be prepared come.

EA has upgraded Lacazette's stamina (+21), speed (+19), passing (+14), shooting (+14), dribbling (+13) and defense (+13), if you add this The card is compared to his original 82-rated gold card. All of his skill ratings are above 88, except for his 57-rated defense.

If you use this card in your team, you can further improve his skills by applying the engine chemistry style and improve his passing (+6), speed (+3) and dribbling (+3). This will maximize some of his stats, such as his haste, agility, and balance.

If you have a lot of French players, Player Moments Lacazette can create strong bonds with any version of the incredible legendary French players like Zinedine Zidane, N'Golo Kanté, Allan Saint-Maximin, Hugo Lloris and Gabriel Martinelli.

Alexandre Lacazette SBC

Turn in these three teams to complete this SBC: Arsenal, France, Premier League and Top League. Building all four squads will cost players around 335,250 FUT Coins on PlayStation, 323,950 on Xbox, and 354,450 FUT Coins on PC and Stadia. This SBC will be available for a full month until July 16th, which is enough to make cards and cost less FUT coins.

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