Delicate lifeDelicate life

Delicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate lifeDelicate life

So she grew up riding old horses that had retired from the battlefield walking steadily and not running fast How could she not be afraid of riding such a strong horse for the first time She gripped the reins tightly and heard a violent whistling sound in her ear She was clever enough to keep her balance by keeping her body very low After a while she seemed to hear someone behind her catching up with her Looking back it was the annoying Fu Qian again Fu Qian was much better at riding than she was and soon caught up with her Fu Qian looked a little anxious "Princess slowly tighten the reins!" Yang Zhen glanced at him bitterly and ran faster with a clip of horse belly Her second brother was really willing to give her the best Dawan horse in the Tongguan barracks There is no one in the whole camp who can run faster than this horse She is light and the horse runs more wild After a while he left Fu Qian behind But the horse galloped all the way past and rushed into the barracks without thinking! It was too late to dodge and when it was about to hit the fence outside the barracks it jumped in the air and crossed it briskly But Yang Zhen lost his balance at this time his body leaned back and he was about to fall off his horse Fu Qian caught up with her at this time and without even thinking about it he flew over to protect her Only heard a muffled sound Yang Zhen the whole person is lying on a person Frightened she clasped her hands around the man's waist Tut so thin The author has something to say Q What is the biggest difference between Environment the newly reborn Yang Zhen and later A Maybe she's been crying every episode lately (Dog's head saves his life) Chapter 9 fiddling Fu Qian snorted as if the injury was more serious Yang Zhen was frightened hurriedly loosened his waist knelt down and sat aside mumbling "Fu Qian" You're still ” "Not so good" “” Only then did the crowd arrive late The ranks helped Fu Qian into the camp and asked the military doctor to treat him After Yang Xi sent Fu Qian in a man came out to look for Yang Zhen She was alone with the black horse and she didn't know what to say Yang Xi deliberately went over with a cold face and his voice was somewhat stern "Xiao Qi!"! How could you do that! Yang Zhen was frightened to shiver in the hand the head grasps the reins did not know how many times has been rubbed by her Since childhood her favorite is Yang Xi and what she fears most is Yang Xi As soon as Yang Xi's face was cold it was even more terrible than the evil spirits of heaven and earth The little girl hesitated for a moment then went over and asked in a low voice "Second brother Fu Qian" How's it going ?” "What else can I do"! Can you keep your arm under such pressure The little girl was so anxious that she almost cried and immediately went to the camp to see Fu Qian Yang Xi hurriedly stopped her and asked "If Fu Qian has a broken arm and he doesn't want to marry you China Factory how about the second brother going back to the marriage for you" Yang Zhen Leng Leng looked at him for a long time what did not attend to then rushed into the camp The military doctor had just given Fu Qian medicine his right arm and shoulder were outside and his honey-colored complexion and slender and strong muscles were extremely well-proportioned and good-looking See Yang Zhen suddenly rushed in everyone was startled Fu Qian put on his clothes at random and most of his chest was still exposed Seeing that something was wrong they all hurried out Fu Qian's face was hot and he felt that it was not good for him to lie down so he could only sit upright with clenched teeth Without waiting for him to sit down Yang Zhen rushed over and put his arms around his neck She has the fragrance of flowers on her body and she smells very good Fu Qian's breath suddenly hurried up and his skin became as hot as a soldering iron Fu Qian is your arm badly hurt The little girl seemed to cry when she talked to him Fu Qian was slightly stupefied and his arm was raised subconsciously as if he wanted to embrace her But before he could move he felt that the little girl had changed her posture Originally is Yang Zhen hugs for a long time the forearm has some numbness then changed a posture one hugged his waist However Fu Qian was stiff all the way and did not dare to respond The princess hugged him because she was lucky If he hugs the princess perhaps the other arm will be wasted by Yang Xi Although he beat Transportation Yang Xi but in the end is still in the wrong I am afraid it is difficult to win He himself tried his best to endure it but he still didn't want to flirt with his little princess before marriage Naturally he was not an old-fashioned man but he was afraid that the gossip outside would hurt his little princess It's just Yang Zhen's hand It's really not very honest 。 First it slipped from his neck to his waist and now two soft little hands began to pinch his waist restlessly But since there were only two of them here he might as well indulge her a little So Fu Qian's deep voice broke the silence "Princess" Yang Zhen's voice was muffled "Hm" What do you call me “ Your Highness ” "Say it again" “” Fu Qian was silent No matter how Yang Zhen pinches his waist he is silent Yang Zhen sighed want to let him according to the previous life so call her a Zhen Zhen can be really difficult Today is also a day without the emperor's son-in-law Fu Qian straightened his clothes and the heat on his face gradually dissipated a lot He breathed a sigh of relief and then asked "Who told your Highness that the last general's arm was going to be useless" Yang Zhen one Leng secretly glanced at him glutinous glutinous way "Yang Xi" Fu Qian raised his eyebrows He had wanted to explain that his injury was not serious But he looked at Yang Zhen one eye the lip angle shallowly raised a trace of imperceptible smile His shoulder injury was not good and he pulled his forearm just now but he couldn't move at all So he didn't have to pretend he just had to move for a moment and there was a pain Just listen to Fu Qian "hissing" Yang Zhen was startled Not daring to touch Fu Qian she stepped back two or three inches and carefully poked his arm with her little finger You Does it hurt ?” 。


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