Fairy Road Smoke and Dust _ Guan Pingchao _ txt Novel Paradise

Fairy Road Smoke and Dust _ Guan Pingchao _ txt Novel ParadiseFairy Road Smoke and Dust _ Guan Pingchao _ txt Novel Paradise

By this time, the human world is different from the Taoist gate of Shangqing, and the demon clan in the mountains is different from the mysterious spirit of Lingnan. At this time, the attitude has finally changed. All of these are not mentioned here for the time being. In all of the war situations that seem to be boiling up, the young man of Shangqing, who is in the center of the storm at this moment, is naturally getting ready for battle in the stormy waves of the South China Sea. He is just waiting for a command from Yunzhongjun, and he will fight bravely to the South China Sea Dragon Land with those aquatic demons assigned to his command! Of course, even in such a tense and dignified atmosphere, Xingyan could still take a break from his busy schedule occasionally, so he stroked the Yao Guangfeng sword that he got by chance in those years, and wondered where the spirit mother sleeping in Yunzhongjun's mouth was now and whether she would wake up. If the spirit mother could wake up and come here personally, I'm afraid this magnificent and wide-ranging war would end early. When I think of the story of the confused Demons who claimed to be the king of all gods thousands of years ago, I suddenly remember that at the Jiayuan meeting in Luofu Mountain three years ago, I faintly heard the nine babies who made trouble muttering in their mouths, saying that they were going to devour the divine power and fly through the air to return to the command of Lord God? I don't know the God king in the mouth of the strange God. Is it the evil spirit of confusion that the old dragon king said? In any case,Jumping castle with slide, in the face of this unprecedented war, which seems to be related to the life and death of the world, the Raozhou youth of that year, like his present partner, is boiling with blood. To tell the truth, there is not much motivation in his heart about whether he can save the world and save the universe. Up to now,Inflatable indoor park, what he wants to do most is to hope that he can defeat the wanton slaughter of the bastard Shuihou as soon as possible, recapture the remains of Xueyi captured by him, and return to the Millennium Cliff of Luofu Mountain to do a ritual, so that the lost soul of ice and snow can rest in peace as soon as possible. Then, he will be able to live a quiet and tranquil life again with Lingyi, Qiong and even Juying, the bright moon among the flowers and the breeze under the pine trees. Isn't it good? Note: This chapter explains part of the background of gods and demons and the overall world view that the whole novel must explain, so although it is boring, please forgive me. In addition, the word "universe", like "spirit", has been used in my Chinese language since ancient times. It is not a foreign word, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable air dancer, not a modern language. Please take care of some book friends who may be uncomfortable reading it. Maybe it will be better to get used to it later. :)ww w.xIaoshuotxt.。 com Volume 19 "Who will draw the eyebrows on the neck of the Mandarin duck?" Chapter 10 The green is cold and smoky, and I am still afraid that the fragrance will change in the dark. On the second day after Yunzhongjun told the people the secret of the ghost in the deep, he followed the people all day and was very busy. It was not until the evening when he finished his work that he took a break from his busy schedule and went to Lingyi's tent with Qiong to ask for tea to quench his thirst. Maybe it's too thirsty. When she arrived at Lingyi's light tent, she took the Biluoxiang tea she had handed her, and Xingyan did not care to taste it carefully, so she blew away a few wisps of hot air and drank up the green tea in the whole white jade porcelain cup with a few "gurgles". Seeing him so thirsty.. After Lingyi handed the fragrant tea she had just brewed to Qiong, she went to the tea cabinet next to her and took a bigger teacup to refill the tea for Xingyan. When the second cup of tea was handed to Xingyan, seeing that he was drinking slowly this time, Lingyi and he casually pulled up their daily routine. After a few words of gossip, Ling Yi'er suddenly remembered an experience of the day. He smiled and said, "Xingyan, I have nothing to do today. I thought about it, but I found an interesting thing." "Oh?"? What's the matter? Listen to what Ling Yi said. Wake up and stop the cup in your hand. Listen to her. "It's like this." Wake up.. I thought about it today.. Grandpa said yesterday that confusion and the spirit of the mother, is really the enemy of life and death. "Oh?"? They were supposed to be. Listen to Ling Yi say so. Xingyan has some doubts. Just listen to Ling Yi continue to say. "Yeah.." Xingyan, look.. Confused spirit mother, in the first word of their name. One with water.. One has a fire. Sure enough, fire and water are incompatible! 、 "Ha.." That's true! Listen to what Ling Yi said. Xingyan thought about it. I think it's really a coincidence. After telling this interesting thing.. Lingyi paused, then got up and went to the dressing table and gently took out a piece of fine sandalwood from the green incense box. Prepare to light a fire to drive away the smell of water and seafood, which is full of cyanide and chlorine. Draw out the sandalwood. She carefully inserted it into a small hole in a glittering and clean white porcelain incense dish, gently twisted it on the head of the incense with her fingertips, and then lit it by hand, and immediately a faint fragrance spread all over the whole place. Boudoir. Speaking of.. The sandalwood incense lit by Lingyi is the special incense of Sidu Dragon Palace: although it is sandalwood incense. "According to the different spices, there are four kinds, named" incense for sleeping "." The Fragrance of Summer Dreams. The Fragrance of Autumn Brocade. "The fragrance of winter plum" just corresponds to the four seasons of red summer and autumn. Now in the South China Sea, the weather is hot and dry, just twirling nature is a summer dream fragrance. It is mixed with essence extracted from Fengzhu green leaves, which is fragrant when lit. Clear fragrance overflows. With all that smoke swirling around.. It makes people seem to be in the bamboo forest. The bamboo shadows are scattered, and the bamboo wind blows from time to time. It's a wisp of incense. Penetrate into the texture. Because this summer dream sandalwood is best lit on a midsummer night. The smoke is fresh. The best way to help people sleep. So it also has an alias. It is called "cool dream and cool water". However For the little girl who was lying in front of the incense in a trance, it was too late for her to see so many mysterious and subtle things, but what she was paying attention to now was a few patterns sketched on the incense dish, which was as white as jade and as smooth as a mirror. I don't know who painted it. "Her eyes did not catch sight of the few green bamboo leaves painted on the porcelain plate." The leaves in the shape of "a" have distinct textures. To the bright light of the bear in the tent. It seemed that there were really a few bamboo leaves falling on the fragrant porcelain dish, as if there were some floating shadows. It's really lifelike. Just like the real thing! The bamboo painting is so vivid and vivid. To tease Joan to stretch several times. Hand demoulding.. Always wanted to make sure they weren't theirs, just painted on. Not to mention that little Qiong was full of doubts about the porcelain dish and the bamboo painting, and then said that Xingyan. After drinking tea for a while, I thought about what Lingyi had just said. Inspired, she smiled and said to the Dragon Lady, who was sitting on the coral drum stool beside her,inflatable floating water park, "Ling Yi, I heard what you said just now." I remember.. Your own name is also a combination of fire and water, very contradictory! ,。 joyshineinflatables.com


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