Liangsheng, can we not be sad 1 + 2

Liangsheng, can we not be sad 1 + 2Liangsheng, can we not be sad 1 + 2Liangsheng, can we not be sad 1 + 2

I really wanted to kill the old man at that time. The tooth that was sacrificed was Jiang Sheng's, not He Manhou's. Who are you to feel pity for him? But as soon as I thought that I was about to lose two beautiful front teeth and Beixiaowu's expression of schadenfreude, I opened my mouth and burst into tears-He Manhou's screams came over Weijiaping at midnight, and my teeth were separated from his buttocks. I gargle crazily in the clinic, and the old man in the clinic is annoyed. Of course, with his level, he will never understand that this will be the dirtiest memory of my life. When I left, He Manhou's buttocks were covered with bandages, and I trotted home in the moonlight of midnight. Quiet in the yard, only Liangsheng and his shadow, relatively lonely. He sat on the stone mill, with his back to me, with two legs, shaking, and the melancholy of the moonlight like water blossomed on him, and his back kept shaking. I gently turned to his eyes, spread out his hands, Liangsheng looked up, and a drop of tears fell on my palm, which was painful. I lowered my head, looked at the tears in my palm, and called his brother in a low voice, like a child who had done something wrong. Liangsheng was surprised. He said, Jiang Sheng,Inflatable meltdown, won't I pick you up tomorrow morning? Why did you come back alone in the middle of the night? Are you crazy? In silence, I raised my hand and wiped the tears from his face with my sleeve. Liangsheng suddenly remembered something and said, Jiang Sheng, are your teeth all right? I smiled, showing my little white teeth. Liangsheng said, Jiang Sheng, haven't you eaten yet? Then he jumped down and got into the house. I stand quietly under the moon. Liangsheng brought me a bowl of hot noodles later. He seemed to feel guilty and said, Jiang Sheng,Inflatable water park on lake, there are no eggs at home. You can only eat noodles. I ate the noodles made by Liangsheng without saying a word. Liangsheng looked at me and frowned gradually. I smiled at him and said, "Brother, the noodles you cooked are really delicious!"! Liangsheng's throat tightened and he cried out. Just like when he was six years old, when he first came to Weijiaping, he was scared to cry by my grimace. He covered his face with his arm and cried loudly. He said, Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng, brother.. My brother will make you eat poached eggs every day in the future. I pulled open his arm, gently flattened his eyebrows with the index finger of my right hand, and carefully rubbed his beautiful eyebrows. I said, Brother, promise Jiang Sheng not to be sad in the future, okay? Liangsheng looked at me, his eyes were melancholy and strong. I carried a big bowl of noodle soup, stood on tiptoe, and leaned against him. Under the moon, Liangsheng and I began to learn how to grow up and how to be strong. In the early hours of the morning, Inflatable mechanical bull ,inflatable floating water park, I leaned against my mother, and the temperature from her thin back warmed my lower abdomen. I listened carefully to her even breathing and sighs that seemed to float out of her dreams. She turned around slightly, and I pretended not to wake up. Mother felt that I was beside her, so she got up and covered the quilt for me. Look at me for a long time. Eyes like water, flooded my whole dream. In my dream, I took her away from Weijiaping and raised a lot of hens and eggs for her. She no longer needed to be afraid of thieves like He Manhou. More importantly, she no longer needed to be bullied. Zizyphus jujuba var.spinosa in Weijiaping (1) When we went to school the next day, Bei Xiaowu called us. As soon as he entered the door, he smiled at me. "Damn it, Jiang Sheng, aren't your front teeth buried in the thief's buttocks?"? I gave him a beautiful smile and showed his white and healthy teeth. Bei Xiaowu couldn't help exclaiming, "Liangsheng, you see your Jiang Sheng really has good teeth.". Damn it, how can you grow such straight teeth from your thick ass? What a surprise! Bei Xiaowu's words almost made me return all the food I ate this morning to Mother Earth. Liangsheng said, Bei Xiaowu, don't always aim at Jiang Sheng. North Xiaowu cold hum, your Jiang Sheng is a fierce master, I heard that he Manhou's buttocks could not touch the bed last night. I don't dare to mess with her. My ass doesn't offend me. I don't want to make my ass suffer! In those days, Bei Xiaowu kept mentioning the close relationship between my teeth and He Manhou's buttocks in front of me, which made me very annoyed. He said, "Jiang Sheng, don't be angry. I'll ask you a more elegant question.". The last one. He said in all sincerity and seriousness. I was biting the pencil and listening to his chatter. I said, Bei Xiaowu, since it is elegant, you can say it. Bei Xiaowu scratched his head and said, Jiang Sheng, I've always wanted to know, He Manhou's buttocks and your head have been together for so long, didn't he fart? I said, you're so concerned about this problem, why don't you try to connect your head with his ass? As a result, in the afternoon, Bei Xiaowu's face was connected with the buttocks of a boy in our class. The reason was to fight for a few wild jujube trees on a small convex ground in Weijiaping. The wild jujube on the wild jujube tree is one of the few delicious snacks for the children in Weijiaping. Perhaps many people will laugh at this, but the material in our place at that time was really poor. There are few jujubes, but there are many children in Weijiaping. This situation of more monks and less porridge, to be exact, the situation of more monks and nuns (they are monks, I am a nun) and less porridge often leads to fierce battles. Girls may have a special liking for snacks, so I said to Bei Xiaowu, I want those wild jujube trees, you occupied them for me! Bei Xiaowu has always been a character who sacrifices his life for his friends, so when he occupied the jujube tree for me and was resisted by "pagans", he was duty-bound to start the war. When he bit the boy's buttocks, he regretted it. Because he forgot to know about the boy's diet. After that, he didn't eat for three days. Liangsheng has been comforting his almost collapsed mind. I also comforted him, I said, Bei Xiaowu, the choice of buttocks is also a knowledge. This time, you can donate your mouth to the country! In fact, I don't know why Bei Xiaowu was so unlucky. The boy he bit was having a stomachache that day. He was bitten by Bei Xiaowu's mouth. Under the stimulation of pain, his body could not help himself immediately. After three days of silence, Beixiaowu suddenly ran to my yard and shouted,Inflatable 5k obstacle, "Damn it, Jiang Sheng, I finally came up with it now. It turns out that the boy ate Huaihua steamed buns!".


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