Evil Doctor Poison Princess

Evil Doctor Poison PrincessEvil Doctor Poison PrincessEvil Doctor Poison PrincessEvil Doctor Poison Princess

In those days, Ye Qing had just returned to the outer mainland from the ancient seal of the land of the seal. The scenes of being bullied by the night dye still echoed in his mind. So I don't know what kind of wind he had at that time. He ran to the top of his own hill and shouted to the sky: "I, Ye Qing, will be on your night dye in my life!"! Just wait! Then, Xuan Jiuyue, according to a friend of the Ye Yin tribe, said that Ye Qing ate and talked about night dyeing, slept and talked about night dyeing, and the whole Ye family knew that their young master seemed to like a woman. Not long after the night dye came to the mainland, Ye Qing came in person and refused to leave. Can the little princess of the Southern Yao Empire, who has been pursuing Ye Qing since childhood, not want to kill this rival in love? Night dye a few people listen to Xuan Jiuyue's mutter, forehead black line to climb up. Night dye evil charm a smile, touch Ye Qing's shoulder: "Oh, boy, have a crush on me for a long time?" Ye Qing gnashed his teeth, eager to find a crack in the ground, and eager to strangle the woman in front of him, of course, if he could beat her. In fact,x52 line pipe, Ye Ran and Ye Qing all know that Ye Qing is talking about night dyeing, just because he has never been kicked in the buttocks since he was a child, and he has been dyed by night once or twice. If he doesn't swear to come back for revenge, it's not Ye Qing. How could he know that he could bring rumors to others that he had a crush on a woman! Ye Qing's definition of the woman he likes is very simple, really, as long as he is gentle. But is the night dyeing gentle? It's definitely not gentle! And the feeling of blushing and heartbeat has never appeared, so Ye Qing knows very well that he only wants to beat her severely for night dyeing. I'm so poor! A mutter from the mouth of Qu Chengze, who had just collected all the space rings of the men in black,a333 grade 6 pipe, said, "Really, more than a hundred people didn't find anything." Ye Qing rolled his eyes: "They are not bodyguards, so naturally they will not have anything of value." "If they were the dead soldiers of the Nanyao Empire, no wonder they were so tough just now." Xuan Jiuyue looked at the body on the ground and sighed silently. What's wrong Ye Ran frowned at the thought of the picture of the man in black disappearing as soon as he said it. Nanyao Empire has a special method of training dead soldiers, which will not take away people's minds, but just like just now, once betrayed, their souls will be annihilated immediately, so they betray their masters or betray almost never. As far as I know, this is probably the first time that the Southern Yao Empire has been betrayed by the dead. Ye Qing looked at the wreckage on the ground and said not very calmly. No disaster of delusion, no disaster of delusion. Ye Ran looked up at the sky and opened his eyes wide. "Ah!"! There is only an hour left before the Xuanwuzong banquet! And they are at least an hour and a half away from Xuanwuzong! Night dye this said, Xuan Jiuyue several people also just react to come over, a look at the sky, x56 line pipe ,uns c70600, anxious! At the banquet where all the forces gathered, the invincible team did not have the idea of being late directly! "It's too late to pack up. Get in the car!" Night dye will Xuanbing summoned down, look also did not look at the body of that place, and the people into the carriage, ordered Xuanbing, "Xuanbing, with the fastest speed to Xuanwuzong!" "No problem, I promise I won't be late!" As soon as Xuanbing's voice came out, the dragon treasure car turned into a virtual shadow and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Not long after several people left at night, three figures wrapped in white robes and dressed in strange clothes appeared in the bloody place. The three men observed the tragic deaths of the black-clad people on the ground and frowned tightly one by one. What a cruel trick. Invincible God team, as the data said, there is no simple. The three men looked at each other, made a gesture, and disappeared in place, as if they had never appeared, and no one took care of the bodies on the ground. On the dragon treasure car, night dye a line of eight people in the sky pagoda changed clothes, tidied up themselves, eight handsome men and beautiful women combination can absolutely blind many people's eyes. The speed of Xuanbing at the moment is simply fast to the extreme, anywhere is a flash, many people saw the shadow across the air. In the carriage, the six members of the invincible team ate fruit and took the time to catch up on sleep, without any emotions, such as nervousness or anxiety. Xuan Jiuyue grabbed the grapes from Ye Ran's hand and filled them into his mouth. He looked at Ye Ran and said, "This is the first time that the Invincible God Team has appeared in the third-rate forces. Why don't you see you nervous?" Ye Ran threw a bunch of grapes to Xuan Jiuyue. He picked up a banana and peeled it. He shook his head with a smile. "There's nothing to be nervous about, is there?"? Didn't you deal with them in the land of the seal? "The first and second-rate forces may also come today. In short, be careful." Xuan Jiuyue frowned, always feeling that the banquet would not be very peaceful. Yeah, we know. Night dye nodded, after this banquet, the invincible God team is also officially appeared in the mainland, is a mule or horse should also be pulled out for a walk! "What are you going to do with the little princess?" Ye Qing thought for a long time, but still could not resist asking a question. Ye Ran raised her eyebrows and looked at Ye Qing with a playful smile. "Are you still in love with that little princess?"? If so, this girl will be generous not to bother her, just compensate for a hundred and eighty thousand crystal card. "Vulgar!"! It's so vulgar! Ye Qing contemptuously raised his middle finger to the night dye! Before Ye Ran could speak, Qu Chengze, who was buried in eating snacks, stared at Ye Qing with black and round eyes: "Then Ye Qing, you can give us all the crystal cards in the space ring. We don't mind being a little more vulgar." Xi Mie Yue, Ye Ran and Luo Li all nodded, and they really didn't mind being a little more vulgar. The corners of Ye Qing's mouth twitched, just about to look at the last two men. As a result, Si Moxiao and Liu Feixiao's eyes were all on their lover's body. It was obvious that what she said was what she said. She was a hen-pecked husband, and Ye Qing was in her heart. I'm not interested in that unruly woman. Ye Qing had a headache when he thought of the little princess, and he couldn't do anything about her. "That woman is my grandfather's granddaughter,321 stainless steel sheet, and the old man likes her very much, so.." Ye Qing did not say the words behind, but the meaning to be expressed was understood by everyone. Night dye waved his hand: "Forget it this time." 。 lksteelpipe.com


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