Tianyuan _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

Tianyuan _ Blood Red _ txt Novel ParadiseTianyuan _ Blood Red _ txt Novel ParadiseTianyuan _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

Looking coldly at Xianmiao Zhenren, Jiang Yu said with a sneer, "He is the founder of our Mochizuki Sect. Don't you know that?"? Who dares to stop me to kill Qingyang childe, who dares to shield Qingyang childe, don't blame me Jiangyu impolite! Go and ask all the monks in the world who dare to let me shoot an arrow with the bow of the founder of Mochizuki Sect. That person is qualified to shield him. The face of Xianmiao Zhenren could not be described in words. He stared blankly at the wooden bow that released infinite power. He looked up to the sky and sighed: "God, how can this kind of thing be handed down?"? The world, who in the world can be a blow to it? His face changed miserably, he just shook his head, his bloody hands were too lazy to spend their strength to treat it, took a bunch of fellow students, turned around and left. He also understood that it was meaningless to entangle other minor issues now, and that the biggest problem now was that Qingyang Childe had killed Jiang Yu's apprentice, the future suzerain of Mochizuki. And Qingyang childe, also can't die! Not to mention that his parents were both earth immortals, they were both elders of the Yiqi Immortal Sect. Today, the head of the Yiqi Immortal Sect is the close nephew of Qingyang Childe's father. They both belong to the same line of the Five Elements Formation within the gate of Yiqi Fairy Sect. If Jiang Yu killed Qingyang Childe, Mochizuki Sect and Yiqi Fairy Sect would become mortal enemies. Who knows how much power the Mochizuki Sect, which has not appeared in the monastic world for thousands of years, has today? Not to mention anything else,liquid bottle filling machine, as long as there are a hundred empty archers of Mochizuki Sect, it is enough to threaten 90% of the monks of Taoism-their bodies, simply can not resist the arrow gas that comes and goes without a trace. Thinking of the terrible consequences, the heart of Xianmiao Zhenren is twitching, Mochizuki Zong, how can it be Mochizuki Zong? This is enough to change the balance of the door, the magic door, enough to change the strength of the two sides! He took a bunch of fellow students,Edible oil filling machine, but also did not care to shock the world, set up auspicious clouds close to the ground and went straight to Zhongnan Mountain. A clear immortal is sitting in Zhongnan Mountain, if there is anyone who can resist the river fish, it is him. With a loud noise, the door of Chai Feng's house was shattered by a strong wind, and more than a dozen guards howled at the thugs of the Wind Camp, knocking them down and trampling them under their feet. The mournful voice of the river fish Yin spread all over the huge Chai Mansion: "Qingyang Taoist friend, please come out and see me.". "I'm coming to apologize, too!" The hall of Chaifu, together with the side halls and flower halls on both sides, collapsed at the same time, and bricks even flew out of the courtyard wall. pp a{color:#f00; text-decoration:underline;}www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 106 Seal (12876) 7.11 Chapter 91 seal Qingyang Childe's ability to escape is really fierce, Jiang Yu took people into Chai Fu only to find that he had escaped smoothly with Chai Yu. Welcome! Furious river fish The river fish, juice filling machine ,PET blow moulding machine, whose disguise has been completely torn and whose face has been torn, is undoubtedly extremely terrible. The businesses of the Chai family in Guanzhong were plundered naked and undisguised, hundreds of shops were looted, dozens of mines were maliciously destroyed, dozens of important members of the Chai family were broken limbs, and even more, they were blasted into the internal organs with internal force and disabled for life. The river fish, who vented all his grievances against Qingyang Childe on the head of the Chai family, almost paralyzed the Chai family in just two days, scaring the most important core members of the Chai family to hide in the Xingqing Palace for refuge. Once there were three monks of the Yi Qi Xian Zong who broke the void period and set up a big array to stop the cruel behavior of the river fish without mercy. However, after the river fish smashed their bodies with one bow and three arrows, those Taoists in the Taoist alliance who did not like some of the behavior of the river fish collectively lost their voices, and no one appeared in public for Qingyang Childe. Had it not been for Gongsun's words to intercede for them, their primordial spirits would have been refined by the river fish with the true fire of the sun. When the true fire of the red sun, which seemed to burn heaven and earth to ashes, rose from the river fish, dozens of gods who were still watching the following on the battlefield slipped away collectively, and no one wanted to have anything to do with such a monster as the river fish. A thousand years later, the Mochizuki Sect once again appeared in the monastic world in a grand manner, which completely shocked all the monks-no matter whether they were evil or what they were practicing, all of them were shocked by the terrible lethality of the river fish. Without the containment of the Taoist alliance, and can not find the Qingyang Childe mountain gate where the river fish is moving the mind to thoroughly bulldoze the wood home, Li Heng has taken the people of the East Palace ready to go to Xingqing Palace to find wood wind accounts, Li Longji finally can not bear to see. After all, the Chai family and his Tang Li family have relatives, the river fish destroyed the business of others, if you want to exterminate, Li Longji also really can not let such a thing happen. Therefore, Li Longji, who was perturbed in his heart, issued three imperial edicts in succession, and let the river fish hang up the title of general, and quickly sent him to the northern frontier to fight with the Turks. Jiang Yu, whose anger still did not dissipate, was still very respectful to receive the imperial edict, and obediently led more than ten thousand thugs of the Wind Catching Camp to northern Xinjiang. His respectful and submissive behavior made Li Longji'happy ', and even began to think about the'balance' activities of the three pillars of Mochizuki, Taoism and Buddhism, just like respecting Taoism. These things have nothing to do with the river fish, Li Longji in order to keep the wood home even under the three imperial edicts urged the river fish as soon as possible to the north, making the Ministry of war up and down the size of the yamen are enough to wind up with the river fish, wind camp carrying the most elite ordnance of the Tang Dynasty, according to the scale of thirty thousand people received a should be ordnance, hay,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, military pay and so on things, belly support slip round wind camp size people left Changan, Jiang Yu has begun to plan when to kill Zhongnan Mountain to torture Qingyang Childe Dongfu. gzxilinear.com


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