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Jiang Meng was also a little angry, but because the other party was an elder, it was not easy to say anything, so he only patted Jiang Xing's leg under the table to show his silent support. But the little uncle couldn't bear to listen. "Don't mention the past," he said. "We are so beautiful. What are we afraid of?" "Yes, Jiang Jiang is very good. Don't introduce him casually. You have to pick and choose people. You have to find a young man with good character." Grandma suddenly opened her mouth and said so, and my aunt stopped talking. Seeing this, my aunt quickly eased the atmosphere and said, "Mom is right. This is Jiang Jiang's life event. Let's all have a snack. I know a doctor. He's in good condition. He looks decent. He's still single. I think he's a good match for Jiang Jiang. Why not.." "Don't bother," Jiang Xing interrupted her, "I already have a boyfriend, sorry, let everyone worry." The voice fell, and the people on the table had different expressions. Jiang mother and Jiang Meng surprised at the same time, do not know the inside story of Jiang's father and everyone, is a stupefied. Little aunt some do not believe: "Ah, when thing?"? Why didn't you hear about it? Turn a head to ask Jiang Mu, "elder sister, how don't you also say, originally Jiang Jiang has an object, harm makes us blindly anxious." Mother Jiang was in a complicated state of mind, and a mouthful of turbid breath was held in her heart, neither up nor down. She didn't dare to look at Jiang Fu's reaction. She smiled reluctantly at the crowd and said,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, "I just know that this girl usually talks one after another. I don't believe it. I'm not sure if she's trying to prevaricate us again." Others have not opened their mouths, the little cousin first gossip: "Jiang Jiang sister, what kind of boyfriend, handsome?"? Do you have a picture? Jiang Xing is stupefied, shake one's head: "Without the photograph." When I was young, I liked to take pictures, but now I don't have this idea except when I go out to work. Only then did Jiang Xing realize that she didn't even have a picture of Chen Shu on hand. Little cousin a little disappointed: "Ah, how not even photos?"? You didn't really make it up to lie to us. When she said this, other people also felt that what Jiang Xing said was not true. Jiang's mother breathed a sigh of relief, but the next second she breathed again, because Jiang Xing said, "It's true. His name is Chen Shu. My mother and my sister have seen him." Her tone is very serious, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic cutting machine, Jiang Meng listened to the heart perturbed, but when Jiang Xing's eyes looked over, she nodded: "Jiang Jiang did not lie, we met in Nan'an last time, is a very good person." Mother Jiang did not expect her eldest daughter to follow suit, and was immediately hit. Jiang's father frowned and said nothing. Because it was the old lady's birthday and there were so many people, both of them endured it, and neither of them had an attack on the spot. On the way back, the air pressure in the car was terribly low. Jiang Meng and his wife noticed it and sent them home. In the evening, Jiang Meng stayed at home. Mother Jiang was so angry that she confessed everything she had hidden. The relationship that has just been relaxed is broken again. Jiang's father was so angry that he flew into a rage. He never thought that the whole family would hide it from him. He never thought that after so many years and so many losses, Jiang Xing had made no progress at all. A graduate in his mid-twenties? Are you kidding me?! Not to mention that the man had a debt dispute and Jiang Xing was kidnapped! Jiang's father was so angry that he could not speak and asked her to break up directly. Jiang Xing refused and tried to explain, but Jiang's father turned blue and threw a cup of tea that Jiang Meng had brought in the past, throwing out cruel words: "What did I raise you for?"! Will you try to hold a banquet again this time? "Dad!" Jiang Meng urgently advised, "can you listen to Jiang Jiang?" "What's there to say? I didn't raise my daughter to be stupid and suffer." Jiang's father pointed to Jiang Xing and his eyes were red. "I put my words here today. If you don't break up, you have to follow the old path. I can't stop you. If you go, I'll just take it as if I didn't raise you. You'll be bullied and abandoned again in the future. Don't run home. Don't come in again if you leave this door." Mother Jiang wiped her tears, "Old Jiang, don't do this." Jiang Fu ignored her, went into the room, took the household register from the bedside table, came out and threw it in front of Jiang Xing: "Move your household register!" "Old Jiang, what are you doing?" Mother Jiang cried even more. Jiang Meng was also shocked: "Dad-" Jiang Xing's face was pale and he stared at the dark red book on the ground. She squatted down slowly and picked up the household registration book, but did not stand up for half a day. As soon as I closed my eyes, tears rolled out. Chapter 48 Chapter 48 As the night wore on, the car ran smoothly on the road. There was not much traffic outside the window, and the people who came back late were in a hurry, crossing the road quickly. Neither of them spoke in the car. Jiang Meng held the steering wheel and drove quietly, occasionally looking back from the inside mirror. Sitting in the back seat, Jiang Xing looked out of the window in silence, with her hands on her legs and her right hand holding the household registration book all the time. It was so quiet in the car that Jiang dreamed of saying something, but opened his mouth and closed it again. All the way to Suiyuan District, Jiang Meng drove the car into the garage, intending not to leave tonight. Suiyuan Community is a new community developed four years ago. It relies on Century Park. The surrounding environment is very good. It was Jiang's father who ordered a three-bedroom apartment. The decoration was finished at the beginning of last year, and all the furniture and electrical appliances were purchased. Although Jiang's father did not say anything, the family knew that the house was actually bought for Jiang Xing. When quarreling in the evening, Jiang's father's attitude was too hard. He called Jiang Xing to go directly. After scolding, he went into the bedroom angrily. Jiang's mother could not persuade him. She secretly took the key to Jiang Meng and asked her to take Jiang Xing to Suiyuan for one night. Jiang Meng helped Jiang Xing pack up some things and brought her out. Suiyuan is a high-rise building. The one Jiang bought is on the 19th floor. The French window is facing the Moon Lake in Century Park. The view is very good. Jiang Meng opened the windows as soon as he went in. Although he had not lived there formally, Jiang's mother brought her housekeeper to clean the house once a month, and the house was quite clean. Jiang Meng prepared to go to the kitchen to boil some water first,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, turned his head and saw Jiang Xing standing in the doorway without moving. Jiang Jiang, come in. Jiang Meng shouted. Jiang Xing was stupefied for a moment, went into the room and changed his shoes at the entrance. fycgsonic.com


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