Death Zone _ Stephen King

Death Zone _ Stephen KingDeath Zone _ Stephen KingDeath Zone _ Stephen KingDeath Zone _ Stephen King

"No buts," said Blues Carlick. "Do you know what I think? You want the truth? I think you're crazy. Why did you pick me to cheat? I don't know, and I don't want to know. But if you have time, baby, I'm gonna tell you something. The senior students paid me 650 yuan for the party. They hired a great rock band from Maine. The food is already in the fridge, all ready to go in the microwave. The salad is on ice. There are a lot of drinks, most of these children are over eighteen years old, they can drink whatever they want. They will drink it tonight, and no one will blame them. High school graduation is only once. Tonight at the bar.. I can make two thousand yuan without any difficulty. I temporarily hired two more bartenders. I have six waitresses and a head waiter. If I cancel this party now. I lost one night, and I have to return the 650 yuan I have received for the meal. I don't even have my usual customers because the sign has been there all week. Do you understand? "Is there a lightning rod in this place?" Asked Johnny. Kalik raised his hands. I'm telling this guy some basic facts, and he wants to talk about lightning rods! Yes, I have a lightning rod! A guy came here about five years ago, before I had a lightning rod. He gave me a sweet talk about improving my insurance rate. So I bought the goddamn lightning rod! Are you satisfied? Oh my God He looked at Rogor and Chuck. "What are you two doing?"? Why do you let this dog run around? Get out! Why don't you get out? I want to do business. "John." Chuck said. Never mind, "said Rogor." Let's go. Thank you for your time, Mr. Carlick, and for listening to us. "Nothing to thank you for,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines," said Carlick. "A bunch of lunatics!" He strode to the bar. The three of them walked out. Chuck looked suspiciously at the clear sky. Johnny walked to the car and looked down at his feet, feeling foolish and discouraged. He had a headache and his temples were pounding. Rogor stood with his hands in his hip pockets and looked up at the long, low roof. What are you looking at, Dad? Chuck asked. "There's no lightning rod up there," Rogor mused. "There's no lightning rod." They were sitting in the living room of the big house. Chuck was next to the phone. He looked at his father suspiciously. At this late hour, most of them must be reluctant to change their plans. He said "They were ready to go out,ultrasonic handheld welder," Rogor said. "They could have easily come here." Chuck shrugged and started dialing. In the end, half of the people who had planned to go to Casey that night came here, and Johnny didn't know why they came. Some people may come here because the party sounds more interesting because the drinks are free. But word got around quickly, and many of the children's parents attended the lawn party that afternoon — and Johnny ended up feeling like a glass case exhibit that night. Sitting on a stool in the corner, drinking a vodka martini, Rogor tried to keep a straight face. At about eight fifteen, he walked over to Johnny, bent down, and shouted over the deafening sound of Elton John, "Do you want to go upstairs and play cards?" Johnny nodded gratefully. Shelley is writing a letter in the kitchen. She smiled as they entered. "I thought you two masochists were going to stay down there all night.". There's no need for that. "I'm sorry about all this," Johnny said. "I know it must seem weird." It is incredible, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "said Shelley," and there is no need to hide it. But it's good to let them play here. I don't mind. Thunder rumbled outside. Johnny looked around. Shelley smiled when he saw it. Rogor left to look for the cards in the dining room cabinet. "You know, it just finished," she said. "A few thunders, a few drops of rain." "Yes." Johnny said. She signed the letter, folded it, put it in an envelope, addressed it, and stamped it. You've really been through something, haven't you, Johnny? "Yes.". ” "A brief fainting spell," she said, "probably caused by malnutrition. You're too thin, Johnny. That could be an illusion, right? "No, I don't think so." Outside, the thunder sounded again, but it was still far away. I'm glad he stayed at home. I don't believe in astrology, palm reading or psychic powers, but.. I'm still glad he stayed home. He is our only child.. I guess you'd think he'd be a big kid by now, but I can still see him in his shorts riding the merry-go-round in the town park. Too clear. To be able to spend his boyhood with him.. One last ritual. This is very pleasing. "It's very nice of you to think so." Johnny said. Suddenly, to his horror, he found himself on the verge of tears. In the past six or eight months, his emotional control seems to be very poor. You were good to Chuck. And I don't just mean that you taught him to read. In many ways. I like Chuck. 'Yes, 'she said quietly,' I know. ' Rogor came back with cards and a transistor radio playing classical music. To Elton John, Arnold Smith. "An antidote to Fogart," he said. "How about a dollar a round, Johnny?" "Very good." Rogor sat down rubbing his hands. Oh, you'll lose your shirt. He said. They played cards and the time passed slowly. After each round, one of them would go downstairs and make sure no one was dancing on the pool table or sneaking outside for a tryst. I'll never get anyone pregnant at this party. Rogor said. Shelley went to the living room to read. Every hour, the music on the radio would stop for the news, and Johnny's attention would be distracted for a while. But there was no news of Casey of Somersworth-eight, nine, ten, nothing. After the ten o'clock news,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Rogor said, "Ready to give up your prophecy, Johnny?" 。


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