Deceased System _ 20200215155747.

Deceased System _ 20200215155747.Deceased System _ 20200215155747.Deceased System _ 20200215155747.

At the command, the dense army of zombies began to move up, long-range attack zombies began to move to the front, close attack zombies moved to the back of these long-range attack zombies. Prepare for attack! Lin Junyi's name goes directly to the generals below, and these generals issue their own orders to the zombie soldiers at the bottom. Preparation Attack As soon as Lin Junyi gave the order, the war began in an instant. Attacks all over the sky, not even a little bit of a gap, even before the end of the mosquito can not escape, let alone now a huge mutant creature. Aw, roar. Aw, roar. Roar.. Mutant creatures roared loudly, and the group of guys who served as cannon fodder also began the first round of counterattack. At this time, at the other end, the smoke and dust came all over the sky, but it was Chu Tianming's army that arrived here. Flying in the air, Chu Tianming had a vast field of vision, and far away, he saw Lin Junyi's troops. It's so fast! Chu Tianming was slightly surprised, "this is all experience!"! Waste! Waste! What a waste! Looking at the mutant creatures that died in the hands of the zombie soldiers led by Lin Junyi, Chu Tianming saw only a lot of experience leaving him, and suddenly, he once again accelerated the pace of his troops. In less than two minutes, they rushed into the war zone. Prepare for the first battle! Chu Tianming waved his big hand, and suddenly a large number of zombies took a few steps forward. Prepare for the second battle! Is a large area of zombies step out, and according to a specific position to stand. Prepare for the third battle! A large number of zombies stepped out again, standing on the same level as the previous two waves, looking coldly at a large group of mutant creatures dozens of miles away. Attack With a loud roar, Chu Tianming immediately launched the battle array of tens of millions of zombies that formed the three major battle arrays. [] In an instant, the earth broke. Countless stone pillars rise into the sky. In the sky, white clouds were torn to pieces, a large sword rain fell from the sky, one of the battle array above, suddenly space distortion, a group of white flames began to show their ferocious side. With the control of the battle array, he turned into a 10,000-meter fire dragon and rushed to the mutant creatures ahead. Chu Tianming stood in the sky. Eyes fixed on the attack of the three major battle arrays. The first contact with the enemy is the sword rain falling from the sky, each sword rain has a powerful attack, a sword rain can directly cut open the body of a mutant creature. The rain of swords all over the sky. At least there are hundreds of millions of them, falling directly from the top of their heads, and with the blessing of speed, most of the mutants have been killed and wounded before they even come to the urgent defense. Aw, roar. Roar. Roaring. Screaming, blood stained the earth, countless stone pillars smashed large areas of mutant creatures into pieces, where the huge fire dragon passed, where it would turn into ashes. A short face to face, Chu Tianming directly seized the lives of tens of millions of mutant creatures in front of him, this time, directly tens of millions of experience fell into his hands. 'Boom.. ' Chu Tianming only felt that something in his body suddenly burst open, Granite Slab Supplier ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, followed by a burst of extremely comfortable feeling all over his body. Underground, the zombies of the three major battle arrays are still releasing their own attacks, and the experience value is snowballing, more and more. Chu Tianming himself has been too lazy to see how many levels he has risen to, he only knows that he has been upgrading! The number of mutant creatures is huge, tens of millions died, and hundreds of millions came up, for a while, Chu Tianming had to suppress the idea of wanting to enjoy this comfortable, once again issued a series of orders. The fourth battle array opens, the fifth battle array opens, and the sixth battle array opens. Chu Tianming two legions, six battle array all open, plus the rest of the more than one hundred million zombies free attack, for a while, to how many mutant creatures are just to die! Just as Chu Tianming was on the rise, Lin Junyi on the other side was a little livid. Damn, what on earth is this guy doing to kill so fast? Looking at the distant sky full of blood, Lin Junyi knew that he had lost again. Their troops kill the enemy to win fast enough, plus the angel battle array passed down by themselves, although because they are zombies, the energy in the body will conflict, making the power greatly reduced, but still the strength of the individual several times, and will focus on the attack, the power is quite terrible. But even so, the speed of his troops to kill the enemy is far less than that of Chu Tianming's troops. Blood light all over the sky, I'm afraid it needs the blood of hundreds of millions of living beings to create it! The scene of Shura purgatory on the ground made Lin Junyi, who was used to seeing big scenes, frown slightly. Zombie kill, dragon six elder brother they issued hundreds of orders for the first time, then they can't wait to rush to the battlefield, so a while, they have billions of compatriots sacrificed! "Revenge for our compatriots!" "Revenge ~!" "Revenge.." For a while, revenge two words, became the power source of this group of mutant creatures to kill the enemy, although now the dead are those who have no intelligence mutant creatures, but how they say are their compatriots, watching them hundreds of millions of dead, the hearts of these mutant creatures is simply dripping blood! On the African continent, there are at least tens of billions of mutant creatures without intelligence like this. Now there are more than one billion dead, only one ninth of them, while the number of normal mutant creatures is only more than two billion. At this moment, 99% of them are concentrated here. On the earth, in the sky, there are people in all directions. That's a zombie, that's a mutant! By this time, hundreds of millions of mutant creatures had died in the hands of Chu Tianming's troops, and Chu Tianming himself had gained hundreds of millions of experience points, which far exceeded his previous expectations. What does hundreds of millions of experience points mean? Exhaling his own attribute panel, Chu Tianming looked down in turn, as his eyes moved down,Agate Stone Price, the corners of his mouth became more and more curved, and finally burst out laughing. Chapter four hundred and ninety two fists explode dragon six! At this time, Chu Tianming's attribute panel has already undergone earth-shaking changes.


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