Cang Lan Jue (Full Text + Side Story) Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Cang Lan Jue (Full Text + Side Story) Jiu Lu Fei XiangCang Lan Jue (Full Text + Side Story) Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

The man weighed the money bag he had stolen, stopped to take a look at the man in the coir raincoat lying on the ground, and sneered, "How dare you come to Haicheng with your broken body?". If you want to die, I'll give you a long memory today. Go back to where you came from. When he said this, he saw the coir raincoat man on the ground holding out his hand to him. The man frowned and did not know why. Pull. Give a pull.. Thank you Is there something wrong with a man who reaches out for help to a thief who has stolen himself? The man stepped forward and kicked the man in the coir raincoat: "I want to die!" His foot was so strong that he kicked the man in the coir raincoat to one side, and the bamboo hat covering his face slipped away. So the man saw the face of the coir raincoat man, a woman's face, but the head with this face was leaning on the ground at an incredible angle. The neck was completely broken, leaving only a layer of skin attached to the neck. Can be such, that person still is bulging the eye to stare at him, angry drum: "You do not pull to calculate, kick me to do what!"! I have two more crooked vertebrae! It's hard for me! Bastard The man was so frightened that his eyes bulged and his lips trembled for a long time, but he didn't say a word. The little orchid raised her hand with difficulty and pushed her head to her neck. She touched it and looked frightened: "Ah!"! It's all broken! What should I do now? She stared at the man next to her who was already looking silly and scolded, "Pull me up quickly, or I won't be finished with you!" "Demon.." The monster.. The man rolled his eyes and fainted completely. Small orchid sees, be urgent again: "You pull me first however, my vertebra is crooked, oneself do not rise!" She was too anxious to do anything about it, but then she heard a low laugh coming from the side. The little orchid rolled her eyes, but was confined to a range, unable to see the appearance of the man who made a sound: "Is there anyone else?"? Help me, and I will thank you very much. Accompanied by the little orchid's plea, the steady footsteps slowly stepped on her side and stood beside her head. Then the man crouched down and looked at her with his head tilted: "Little girl, how did you become like this?" The man was dressed in white, and his collar was surrounded by fluffy white fox hair. Perhaps because of the weather, the little orchid felt that his face was too pale, but the bearing between his eyebrows was different from that of ordinary people. Seeing that she could still smile calmly and not run away, touch screen kiosk , she thought she was either a demon or a demon. She must not be a guy to be provoked. But the little orchid had no choice but to ask him for help pitifully: "It's a long story. Can you help me up first? I can't put my head on until I sit up." The man in white took a look at the posture of the little orchid. "Let me help you set your bones." With these words, he did not mind that the little orchid was muddy and dirty in his white sleeve. He turned over the little orchid's body, then pulled off her coir raincoat and stroked it down from her cervical vertebra with his thumb and forefinger. At the point of deviation, his hand stopped. Small Orchid's head at this time has been completely separated from the body, the head in the side watching the white man's skillful movements exclaimed: "You look much more professional than I do." The man chuckles, he straightened a little while, shake one's head: "Your body is rotted too badly, straight bone also does not have effect, turn round to touch a bit, get crooked again.". And The man smiled and picked up the face of the little orchid. "Your head is like this. What's the use of this body?" Small orchid is very depressed: "But do not have this body what …" How can I live without this body? I have to go to Qianyin Mountain to find someone. The man blinked his eyes. "Who are you looking for in Qianyin Mountain?" Small orchid shows indignant expression: "Look for ungrateful person!"! Fickle lover! Little orchid in this period of time on the road is to understand the East Qingcang. From the beginning, Dongfang Qingcang had no intention of finding a new body for her. He just wanted to kill the naked woman for his childish revenge, and then find a body for her by the way. But! The woman of the red earth is the God of war of heaven and earth in ancient times. She is reincarnated as a mortal in the lower world. Although there is no record of this in heaven, it can be guessed that the woman of the red earth is either to experience plunder or to be punished by heaven. After she was reincarnated as a human being, her fate was not written by Si Ming Xing Jun, but decided by the destiny of heaven. Every time she dies, her body in the world is naturally determined by destiny, so this body, no matter what kind of soul lives in it, will rot at the normal rate and then disappear. How could Dongfang Qingcang not know this truth! No wonder he was willing to let her go at that time. No wonder he said that he would spare her for the last time. It turned out that no matter whether he let her go or not, whether he spared her or not, she would only live for more than ten days! This body will fall apart sooner or later, when there is no body in the human world, she will die sooner or later! He's just too lazy to do it! Think of these little orchids hard to avoid emotional excitement: "I want to find him after biting him down a piece of meat!" " The man saw the appearance of small orchid, be amused happy laugh: "Then I take you to go." "Lang Jun!" Another deep voice came from the side, and the little orchid turned her eyes, only to see a dark shadow projected on the wall next to her. Is there anyone else around here. "This little fairy is in my favor and has a simple temper. There's nothing wrong with taking it back.". And The man smiled mysteriously and then said to the man next to him, "Bring the soul pot." The man next to him seemed a little reluctant and dragged his feet for a long time before handing a black pot to the man. The little orchid looked at the man's gentle smiling face in a daze: "Can you see my identity?" "Naturally, you can see the orchid fairy." The man handed the black pot to the little orchid. "Your body can't be used. I'll put you into my pot first as your temporary residence. When I get back to Qianyin Mountain, I'll give you another body." "Oh.." Oh, no, what are you. The man squinted and said with a smile, "Qianyin Mountain, Qianyin Pavilion, Qianyin Lang Jun.". You want to go to Qianyin Mountain to find someone. Haven't you even asked who the master there is? 。


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