Deceitful world (end)

Deceitful world (end)Deceitful world (end)Deceitful world (end)Deceitful world (end)

"Hibiscus couldn't see it. She measured the food with the silver needle given by her husband, and the silver needle turned blue!" Xiao Liang said, "but everyone didn't eat it. What the emperor put was false news.". In addition, some palace maids said that they had just seen ghosts in the western courtyard, and they all said that Xiang Xiang might have been bewitched and wanted to find a Taoist priest to exorcise ghosts. The hearts of the people moved slightly. Does the emperor want to play the game? Bao Yan asked, "but no matter what the reason is, it's really too hateful to calculate with a baby who is still in swaddling clothes!" Everyone nodded. Gongsun took a medicine box, and Zhao Pu rushed to the palace, this matter also alarmed Bao Zheng, he and Pang Taishi also accompanied. Zhanzhao also wanted to go, but was stopped by Bai Yutang. There are too many people in the palace. Let's look for other clues. When Bai Yutang finished, he gently pulled Zhanzhao's wrist and took him out of the back door of Kaifeng Mansion. Pang Yu wanted to see his niece, but was stopped by the grand master. Let him not make trouble and stay in Kaifeng for protection! Pang Yu is quite angry, Bao Yan dragged him, "Oh, go." "Where to go?" Pang Yu curled his lips, "I'm not allowed to go out again!" "Who went out with you? Go to the library!" Bao Yan shook a few strings of jewelry in his hand, "they are all precious things, look for the source, see if there is anything to say!" Pang Yu with a sad face, "read again?"? I'd rather sleep. "Nice try!" Bao Yan squinted,interactive flat panel display, grabbed his collar and dragged him into the library. Zhanzhao followed Bai Yutang out of Kaifeng Mansion, followed him around and around, and when he arrived outside an inn, he saw the three words "Luoyang Tower" on the plaque. After pondering for a while, he raised his eyebrows, "Oh.. Does Scorpion live here for nine days? "Clever." Bai Yutang smiled. It's no use for you to find him. Asking him now will only frighten the snake. Zhanzhao reminded Bai Yutang. Who said to ask questions? Bai Yutang conveniently pulled out the veil from Zhanzhao's arms and covered Zhanzhao's face. Zhanzhao folded his arms and thought about it. "Do you want me to pretend to be Mrs. Luoxin's side and assassinate him and give him a drama of killing and silencing him to see if he will show his flaws?" Bai Yutang reached out and touched his head. "How clever!" 24 Secret History of the Palace Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang went to the inn alone and planned to test the scorpion for nine days. Zhanzhao sneaked in with great interest and wanted to pretend to be an assassin to assassinate the scorpion for nine days, so as to find out his background, but he left happily and returned disappointed. Bai Yutang was waiting on the roof. After a while,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, he saw Zhanzhao running up sullenly and asked him, "Oh, are you really sure that Scorpion Jiutian has entered this inn?" Bai Yutang nodded his head. But the guest rooms are empty! Zhan Zhao was puzzled, "the way no one lives!" Bai Yutang frowned slightly. "So he didn't come to the hotel?" "Why don't you come to the inn instead of staying here?" Zhan Zhao felt puzzled and then raised his eyebrows slightly, "Looking for someone or doing something!" Bai Yutang gave a gentle "tut" and a slight frown between his eyebrows seemed to be somewhat regretful. "If I had known to stare at him for a while, maybe there would be a bigger discovery!" When Zhanzhao saw him blaming himself, he patted him. "Who knows what he's doing here? Anyway, he's gone. What are we going to do next?" Bai Yutang said helplessly, "go back to sleep." Zhanzhao looked up at him-just go back like this? Bai Yutang looked at him for a moment and then asked, "What time is it?" Zhanzhao raised his face and looked at the sky. "It's late!" "Do you guess Luoxin Pavilion is still open?" Bai Yutang smiled faintly. When Zhanzhao heard the three words "Luoxin Pavilion", he was not very happy. "What do you want to do?" Bai Yutang thought, "maybe the scorpion will go there in nine days." "Oh.." Zhanzhao looked away with little interest. Bai Yutang wanted to stand up, but felt his sleeve pulled, looked down, and saw Zhanzhao looking elsewhere, touch screen board classroom ,75 inch smart board, but his hand was pressing his sleeve. Bai Yutang gently pulled, Zhanzhao did not let go, or look away, as if to say-I did not mean to, I do not know! Bai Yutang stared at him for a long time and sat back. "Hello." "Hm?" Zhanzhao continued to look at the scenery, but did not let go. Bai Yutang hesitated for a moment and simply dropped his hand to cover Zhanzhao's hand pressing his sleeve. Zhanzhao was stupefied, looked back at the hands held together, looked up again, and saw Bai Yutang looking at the other side, which meant that I didn't mean it, and I didn't know! Two people sit like this, wait for the other side to open his mouth first to say to go back, anyway Qin Ge is determined not to go. Wait, half an hour has passed. Like two fools, sitting hand in hand in the cold wind, looking at the dark street without even a ghost. But just then, in the mist in the distance of the street, a figure came over, looking at the figure, it was Scorpion Nine Days! Scorpion was walking unsteadily for nine days, holding a wine jar in one hand, his face was red, and his mouth was jabbering nonsense, all of which were dirty jokes. Bai Yutang and Zhanzhao looked at each other and said that there was no one in the inn. They had gone out to drink flower wine, and as expected, the thief's nature was hard to change. After thinking about it, the two men tidied up their minds and hid their short bodies on the roof. Before long, the figure gradually became clear. Sure enough, it was the scorpion who had drunk too much for nine days. As soon as Zhanzhao saw that the opportunity was just right, he put on his veil again, raised his hand and shot an arrow from his sleeve, deliberately slightly off, to give the scorpion nine days to sober up first. Scorpion nine days is walking forward, suddenly see a flash of cold light, then know someone sneak attack plot. Although he was drunk in a daze, he was not drunk enough, and when he was startled, he sobered up and quickly moved away. But before he could react, a masked man had killed him, menacingly, as if to take his life. Scorpion Jiutian frowned slightly and raised his sword to fight. After just a few rounds of fighting, the Scorpion found that his opponent's kung fu was not bad. He jumped out of the circle and reached out to stop him. He asked, "Who are you?"? What enmity do you have with me? Zhanzhao smiled coldly. "It's useless. I'm going to die." Scorpion nine days a frown, Zhanzhao has stepped on a step, close to the killer. He took enough posture, looked a little scary, scorpion nine days only parry, eyes expression change,smart interactive whiteboard, Zhanzhao can see, scorpion nine days very puzzled, also very confused.


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