I won't take your medicine.

I won't take your medicine.I won't take your medicine.I won't take your medicine.

Xing Dong came home in the evening. When Aunt Jiao opened the door for him, she told him that Tao Meng was lying on the rocking chair on the balcony with Ye Ye in his arms. Both mother and son had fallen asleep. Xing Dong put down his briefcase and walked quietly to the balcony. The rocking chair on the balcony was big enough for three adults. Tao Meng closed his eyes, covered himself with a thin blanket, and carefully encircled his son with both arms. But Ye Ye lies down in her bosom to sleep very soundly, his small face sleeps red, from time to time also rubs the head, moves the arm to move the leg, is not honest. Xing Dong carefully walked to the rocking chair, then slowly crouched down, leaning on his chin and looking at the mother and son sleeping in harmony, he couldn't help laughing out loud. Tao Meng was really frightened by Xing Dong's silly laughter, she opened her eyes, and then cast a speechless look at him, "." Tao Meng was sleeping very lightly, because Ye Ye was in her arms, so she did not dare to sleep soundly, for fear that she could not hold her son. Xing Dong patted her mouth, then gave her a mouth-to-mouth shape-are you awake? Tao Meng patted his son, who was sleeping soundly, and then glanced at him. There was a 250 giggling beside me. Can I still fall asleep? Xing Dongxiao-no way, you two are my treasure, can not see enough. Xing Dong is more and more able to say sweet words recently, but also some tired people do not pay for their lives, straight people tingle all over. Tao Meng glared at him, then lifted the thin blanket on his body,outdoor ficus tree, took his son down from the rocking chair and walked to the living room. Xing Dong hurriedly followed behind her, and then insisted on putting his head close to the past kiss. Tao Meng, "." When he went to bed at night, Tao Meng casually told him that he was going to practice. Xing Dong listened, to her analysis, "Meng Meng, in fact, you do not have to be so entangled with the problem of not matching, like many internship positions now,Faux cherry blossom tree, are not required to match.". There are a lot of general positions, regardless of professional, such as our company's administrative director, professional Japanese and human resources, that work is also the same. Internship, in addition to those hard positions, the other is not so strict requirements for counterparts. Professional knowledge is ultimately accumulated through work, and you are learning English, oral English is good, ability is not bad, even if not appropriate, work slowly accumulate experience, it is also possible. Tao Meng listened to what he said clearly and logically, and was a little stunned. This guy is obviously about the same age as himself, and he is still a senior in terms of grade, but now he is so old? Actually, Xing Dong listens to Tao Meng to want to run out to look for the thing that the enterprise practices, fake ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, in the heart understands is how to return a responsibility. Now he also laments that he is so powerful that he can guess Tao Meng's awkward little psychology accurately. She did not ask for help from herself and others in a position of concern, but only from him, and the rest was all her own efforts. At the very least, it shows that she has completely devoted herself to another career, which is also a good thing. Xing Dong thought of this, suddenly turned to look at Tao Meng, she was still immersed in the pile of words she had just said, slowly chewing and absorbing. Xing ran found that in the past, even when Tao Meng showed his lovely side, he would feel ridiculous. But now, he feels that no matter what kind of action and reaction Tao Meng makes, it is very lovely in his eyes. Xing Dong is very affectedly thought, this is really falls in love with a person's feeling, however, he actually has not known Tao Meng is what kind of idea. Although she accepted him, accepted Ye Ye, but also more than once showed concern for their own, also said that like him, but also gradually let her take advantage. However, there is always a membrane between two people. He felt that this film was not called estrangement, but window paper. So thinking, Xing Dong slowly rubbed past her. Tonight, he had to scratch the window paper. Tao Meng was leaning against the head of the bed thinking about what Xing Dong had just said. As a result, he suddenly called her beside him. His voice was a little dumb. "Meng Meng." As soon as Tao Meng turned his head, Xing Dong put his face together. She closed her eyes subconsciously, which he often did during this period, usually kissing for a few minutes or once, and then went straight to bed with the lights off. But this time the situation has obviously changed, because although Xing Dong made the action of kissing her, he did not stick his mouth on it. He looked at Tao Meng, who had closed his eyes subconsciously, and smiled. He put his hands on her shoulders and put her down on the bed. When Tao Meng realized that the situation was not right, she opened her eyes and found that she had been pressed under the body by this man. There was something wrong with the way he looked at her, and this gesture was even more wrong. Tao Meng coughed, then reached out and pushed him, sounding calm and natural, "I want to go to the toilet.." Xing Dong nodded, then covered her mouth with his hand. He looked at Tao Meng's two eyes turning around and gave a low laugh. He leaned over her ear and said, "Wait until I finish." Tao Meng's eyes glanced uncomfortably from side to side. She coughed and said, "Then you go first." She didn't think Xing Dong was right. There is no other meaning, but Xing Dong listened to her words, but his eyes darkened a little, "I mean, I want to *** you." Tao Meng's eyes suddenly did not turn around, but stared, eyes full of disbelief, "what did you say?" "I want to *** you." He repeated the words clearly again, in the same tone as the bride and groom's vows at the wedding, especially serious and solemn. Xing Dong never said this to Tao Meng. This kind of direct and rude words, he has always thought that for girls, this kind of words should not be said, disrespectful and impolite. However, he looked at Tao Meng and could not resist the impulse to say this. Chapter 41. Tao Meng listened to his words, the face is green, in the other side without psychological preparation to say this kind of smelly shameless words,faux grass wall, but also valiant, do not know what is straight again. The impact of this sentence on Tao Meng was even more stimulating than the two sentences that Xing Dong said he was responsible for her and liked her at that time. Tao Meng immediately grasped the collar of his pajamas and glanced around a little uncomfortably, "No." 。 hacartificialtree.com


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