Love and marriage "belly black boss bully pet escape wife, kiss me" txt complete works

Love and marriage "belly black boss bully pet escape wife, kiss me" txt complete worksLove and marriage "belly black boss bully pet escape wife, kiss me" txt complete works

In the black car, Nan Yuling drank the bottle of sweet and greasy peach juice drink, and the taste that made him sick in his mouth finally subsided a lot. He knocked down the window and threw the empty bottle in his hand into the trash can on the roadside. Chapter 705 of the main text is very warm. Cold eyes of the eyes, inadvertently glanced at, that standing on the roadside, the figure of the lost soul. If he used to, when he saw such Gu Zhiyan, he would be very disgusted, and his tone would be cold to scold him for being worthless. But now it's different. Because, this kind of taste, he has also tasted. When Su Xingyue ignored him and wanted to leave him, he was no better than Gu Zhiyan now. Even the whole person is almost crazy. Thinking, he raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips. Beg me to help you get rid of Shen in a week. He looked at Gu Zhiyan with an expressionless face and said kindly. If he makes a move, in less than a week, he will be able to completely dispose of the star entertainment of the Shen family! Nan Yuling's voice stunned Gu Zhiyan. Then he turned his head and looked at Nan Yuling. Looking at Nan Yuling at this time, Gu Zhiyan's face could not help showing a happy smile. I didn't think I could see the human touch in you. Did not expect, always ruthless south boss, really will have this side full of human feelings. Over the past year, he has really changed a lot. All these subtle changes, think carefully,artificial banyan trees, seem to have begun after the appearance of Su Xingyue. Gu Zhiyan's words made the expression on Zhang Jun's face of Nan Yuling a little more unnatural. The next second, he snorted coldly, then said coldly with an expressionless face. I'm just feeling sorry for you. Hearing what he said, Gu Zhiyan laughed. It seems that I should be honored to be sympathized by you, the boss of Nantah! After all, his sympathy is not overflowing at any time! At least he has worked with him for so many years, and he has only seen this once. But I believe in my personal charm when it comes to chasing women! Gu Zhiyan said jokingly. He does not believe,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, Xia You to him, really a little bit of residual affection is not left. He also does not believe, in her heart, he unexpectedly is not as good as that Shen Yu. Even so, he will try to make her fall in love with him again. Casual South Yu Ling pursed her lips, disdained to say a word, did not say anything more. In the evening, Su Xingyue finished shooting, just out of the studio, he saw the black car of Nan Yuling, parked there quietly. The lights were on in the car, and the man was sitting in the back seat, looking at his cell phone carefully. The warm yellow light in the car shone on him. At this time of Nan Yuling, the body is a little less cold, outdoor palm trees ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, more than a trace of warmth. She was a little surprised that he had been waiting for her outside all the time. A slight warmth in my heart. I don't know why, I just feel that after finishing some tiring work, I can see the person I love waiting for her to come home. This feeling is very warm. Just like when I was young, I came out of school and saw my mother standing at the school gate, almost exactly the same. Su Xingyue stood where she was, and for a moment, she forgot to go forward. Ma'am When the driver saw her, he got off and opened the door for her. The driver's voice stunned Su Xingyue and hurried over to get on the bus. In the back seat, Nan Yuling, who was concentrating on her work, also recovered from her work, turned off the screen of her mobile phone, and her eyes suddenly fell on her. Uh? Ten minutes early? He raised his wrist, glanced at the time, and asked her with a raised eyebrow. Chapter 706 of the main text, you seem very happy? "Well, I want to go back to see the baby early." Su Xingyue nodded. In order to finish work and go home early, she played smoothly, so the scene passed once. Listening to her words, Nan Yuling frowned. So, the reason why she finished her work early was that she wanted to go home and see two smelly boys who could only eat, drink and sleep all day? "Su Xingyue, I've been waiting for you for almost an hour." His face was calm, and he solemnly reminded her with a look of displeasure. He waited for her here for almost an hour, but in her heart, there were two smelly boys who knew how to nurse and sleep at home all day! Hearing what he said, Su Xingyue remembered something and complained to him discontentedly. What else do you say. It's all your fault that you have nothing to do to hang around in the crew. Now some people have begun to say that I am the most beautiful mistress! When she came out just now, she was surrounded by several young actresses and asked if she had any secrets. She now seems to have become a benchmark in the hearts of many female stars who want to rely on men to take shortcuts. In this regard, she expressed her deep helplessness. Looking at her dissatisfied and complaining appearance, Nan Yuling could not help but hook her thin lips, handsome face, showing a happy expression. Then what He raised his eyebrows and waited for her to continue complaining. Su Xingyue was about to go on, but when she looked up and saw the expression on his face, she suddenly stopped. Looking at the happy expression on his face, he seemed to enjoy watching her complain. Nan Yuling, do you seem very happy? She curled her lips and asked him discontentedly. He seemed to be very happy to see that she had wanted to frame him, but was framed by him with a headache? "Mmm." Nan Yuling did not deny it, but pursed his thin lips and admitted it generously. See him admit, Su Xingyue's heart is full of contempt for him, and unhappy. Bad man, is he so happy to see her angry? Just as she was about to say something, the man's voice suddenly rang again. I have.. I haven't seen that look on your face in more than half a year. Eye color of the eyes, at this time is closely staring at her. Handsome face, a little more moving color. Today,faux ficus tree, she let him see the long-lost'Su Xingyue '. …… His words stunned Su Xingyue. At this time, Nan Yuling suddenly raised his hand and held her cheek. Long fingers, rubbing the skin under her eyes.


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