Something in the palm of one's hand

All these days, no matter how he coaxed her, heavy duty metal racks ,push back racking system, she had been so unhappy and angry, neither dead nor alive.

She did not answer, but lay quietly, and after a moment, he said, "Don't go on like this, okay?"? You think you owe me in your last life, so you have to pay me back in this life, and I will pay you back in the next life for the bastard things I did to you in this life. Unable to get her reaction, he raised his head, looked at her beautiful face carefully, brushed the tiny hair on her forehead with his fingers, and called her name softly, "Ayan?" "Things in this life should be settled in this life, but don't put it off until the next life." She said suddenly. He stared at her for a while and then replied, "Well, in this life, I'll pay you back for the rest of my life for what I did to you before.". Yan, you give me a chance, give me a chance to return you. She was silent for a long time, and finally she closed her eyes wearily. Fu Shenxing laughed at himself, released his hand, moved back in pain, and closed his eyes to sleep. The shooting went straight to Fu Shenxing with the intention of killing him. Obviously, he would not give up easily. Unexpectedly,cantilever racking system, he checked for a few days. The car with the black gun belonged to an ordinary owner in the community. Somehow, it was stolen. It brazenly drove into the basement and stopped there waiting for Fu Shenxing to come back and attack. When the killer let go of the gun and ran out, he found a place without surveillance to abandon the car and disappeared without a trace, except that he only knew that there were at least two killers, and the rest did not know anything. Jiang steeled himself to report the situation to Fu Shenxing. When Fu Shenxing heard this, he couldn't help sneering and said, "It's amazing. If there's no mole here, ghosts won't believe it." A Jiang said,wire mesh decking, "But then there was no change in the young master. According to people around him, he was infatuated with a little star a few days ago. These days, he is busy chasing girls. He doesn't even go to the company." Fu Shenxing also thought that it was unlikely that Fu Shenxing would do this. First, he did not have the courage. Second, Fu Shenxing had forced his cousin to swear earlier that he would never do anything harmful to "Fu Shenxing". Although the man was unsophisticated, reckless and impulsive, he loved his cousin sincerely and would keep his word. Since it is not Fu Shenxing, it should be someone else, considering that it happened before Fu Shenxing went to Southeast Asia, the killer is likely to come from there, the purpose is to prevent Fu Shenxing in the past. Jiang also took this into consideration and asked Fu Shenxing: "How to arrange the schedule for next week?" Fu Shenxing hesitated a little, his lips slightly hooked, and answered lightly: "No change." Returning to the apartment in the evening, he threw a big file bag to He Yan and said with a smile, "Open it and have a look." He Yan was watching a TV program on the sofa. She glanced at it and calmly opened the file bag. When she saw all kinds of documents and materials that could prove that she was "He Yan", she did not say a word. She just put everything back and put it aside. All these days, no matter how he coaxed her, heavy duty metal racks ,push back racking system, she had been so unhappy and angry, neither dead nor alive. Fu Shenxing's patience was exhausted, and his anger rose again. He went over and forced her face to look at it. He asked her, "He Yan, is this thing over or not? How long are you going to say goodbye to me?" He Yan's face was still calm, and she answered him calmly: "Fu Shenxing, I don't want to say goodbye to you. I just don't have the spirit or the strength. I don't want to retaliate against you or please you." "You want to be the living dead, don't you?" He sneered, unconsciously pinching her chin with his fingers and staring at her face, which he loved and hated. Her face was indifferent, and her dark eyes were calm, reflecting only his anger. This situation made him resentful and powerless, and as soon as his brain was hot, he gave birth to the heart of destroying her, and regardless of it, he bowed his head and kissed her. She did not resist, or even refuse, and let him go mad. He pushed her down on the sofa, tore off her clothes several times, and when he tried to force his way in, he could not bear it, so he stopped breathing heavily and kissed her fiercely, not letting go of any sensitive place on her body. But no matter what he did, teasing or ravaging, she remained indifferent and lay there in silence. I do not know how long, he finally gave up, looked up at her angrily for a moment, a heavy punch on the sofa beside her head, got up and slammed the door out. It was not until one day at noon that he suddenly came back and asked He Yan to pack up and go out with him. I'm going south. Take some thin clothes. He reclined in the doorway, his face already restored to indifference and calmness, without the rage and helplessness of that night. He Yan had nothing to pack up, just a small suitcase, and followed Fu Shenxing downstairs. Jiang and Xiaowu were waiting in the living room downstairs. When they came downstairs, Jiang hurried over to carry the suitcase for He Yan. Xiaowu greeted her with a smile and shouted, "Sister He." He Yan did not answer, only lightly glanced at him, conveniently handed the suitcase to a Jiang, then wrapped his coat tightly, followed Fu Shenxing out behind him, and went to the airport by car. I don't know what means Fu Shenxing used, but all her documents were real and valid, and she boarded the plane unimpeded all the way. The plane was still a special plane, flying directly to a city in Southeast Asia. After landing, they transferred to a helicopter and turned back to the north. It took them more than two hours to land outside a town. There were already several cars waiting there, all military off-road vehicles, and armed men with guns were standing beside each car, all with a murderous look, and at a glance they knew that they were not good people. He Yan knew that Fu's foundation was not clean, but she never thought that they would collude with these separatist forces in Southeast Asia. She was so shocked that she dared not come forward. Fu Shenxing took two steps. Seeing that He Yan had not followed him, he stopped and looked back at her. Seeing that she could not hide her fear in her eyes, he couldn't help laughing. He turned around and took her hand. "Don't be afraid," he whispered. So he led her forward,asrs warehouse, and a man who looked like an officer came up to greet Fu Shenxing and said with a smile, "The general wanted to pick you up in person, but something happened in the city and he was delayed." 。


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