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Mom," he said, "what did my cousin do to offend you? I know my cousin's character, cordierite c520 ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and he- "speaking of this,

It's the wrong person. It turns out that Geng Gong has changed another girl for you. I only said it was Jade Coral. Miss Qin, don't take it amiss. It turns out that Sang Qing Hong deliberately satirized Geng Zhao and vented her jealousy. Qin Nongyu already knew about Lianzhao and Coral. She wanted to help them, but she listened to Sang Qinghong. The tone of this speech, no one can hear, between her and the job must also be a bit entangled, Qin Nongyu suffered for no reason. Humiliated, sad and angry, she was so weak after her illness that she could not help shaking her hands like candles in the wind. She was supposed to hold Geng Zhao, but now Lianzhao is supposed to hold her. Old Mrs. Meng's face changed color and she said in an astringent voice, "Nephew, do you know this Mr. Geng?"? He's from your Sang family. What people? I just saw that he would make your Sang family's Dayan Eight Styles, and I asked him, but Geng Childe said that he had nothing to do with your Qin family. Relationship "It doesn't matter," said Sang Qinghong with a sneer? I passed on his eight styles of Dayan to him! Auntie, don't stare at me. Eyes, I and his things, your nephew is very clear, I know he has a jade coral, has long been with him. It's a clean break. Your nephew knew these things and asked me to marry him. Otherwise, how could I be your nephew's daughter-in-law? Woman? You should know that Sang Qinghong is the daughter of the big devil. After her father died, she didn't have to be in charge. She has always been spoiled. Is it really Ren? Love indulgence, happy to do what to do, like what to say, how to say, what you care about the old and the young? Besides, she's married to Meng Zhao, just for the sake of temporary frustration and boredom,Kamado bbq grill, really did not take this husband to heart. She was angry that boss Meng had just mistaken her for Miss Yu. Now, in order to breathe a sigh of relief to Geng Zhao, he simply shook things out. Come on, I'm also angry with Mrs. Meng. She doesn't care about her husband, and of course she doesn't care about his aunt. This talk The words shocked everyone, and the scene was extremely awkward. Old Mrs. Meng was so angry that she said to herself, "What if you're looking for a nephew to marry?" Miss Yu, the Meng family won't lose face and suffer like this. Hum, it's all the fault of the boy surnamed Xin. He robbed the coral and also harmed me My nephew. Sang Yuhong was the daughter-in-law of her nephew who had just entered the school, and she was also the daughter of the great demon,ceramic bobbin element, Sang Jiantian. Although Mrs. Meng was so angry with her, she died. Live, but dare not, also not convenient to attack her. The old man moved all his anger to Lianzhao. With a "hum", he said to himself, "You've taken my nephew away. Good daughter-in-law, now she wants to rob my daughter-in-law. With a straight face, he said coldly to Lianzhao, "Mr. Geng, your cousin is my adopted daughter, but you and I are." If you are not a relative, don't go to the Meng family again! Geng Zhao was in a daze and said angrily, "OK, I'll go, I'll go!"! Cousin, you- "Qin Nongyu is very sad, trembling voice." "Mom," he said, "what did my cousin do to offend you? I know my cousin's character, cordierite c520 ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and he- "speaking of this," The wording is very difficult, although she believes the cousin, but first she does not know the truth between Sang Qinghong and Lianzhao, and second She is bitter for Geng Zhao to defend, that is not to say that Sang Qinghong self-sentimental? Old Mrs. Meng was even more furious. "Aunt Qin," she said in a low voice. Mother, you like your cousin, to go with him, I dare not keep you! But I'm asking you to think again and again for your own good. Ok Sang Qinghong said with a sneer, "She likes to follow this vagrant. Auntie, why do you bother to persuade her?" Qin Nongyu spat out a mouthful of blood. Geng Zhao said angrily, "Why did you force her like this?"? Cousin, thank you Guo Gan Ma, let's go together. Qin Nongyu tenderness, thought if stay in the Meng family, and this pungent Sang Qinghong day and night, how can stand? Not to mention Meng Ting's entanglement? But in such an embarrassing situation, she still felt embarrassed to go out with Geng Zhao. When Mrs. Meng saw Tai Nongyu spitting blood at the mouth, she also had a sense of the sea in her heart, but she was still cold to maintain her dignity. Ken said a word of comfort. Sa Laodaodao said, "Sister-in-law Meng, why are you doing this?"? Keep a line, and we'll meet in the future! Yi Lao "Boss Sa," said the dog, "I thank you for thinking of your late husband. "But I, the Mencius, do not like to be disturbed by outsiders." When Boss Sa saw that Mrs. Meng was unreasonable, he was anxious to return to the inn. "In that case, sister-in-law," he said, "I'll take my leave too." "" Chu Zhao dried the blood around his mouth for King Nong of Qin and said in a low voice, "Cousin, how can you stay here any longer?" Case Nongyu Having made up his mind, he shook off Geng Zhao's hand and said, "Mother Yu, thank you for your kindness in the past half month.". Your great kindness, I It's hard to repay. Kneel down to give the old woman a sound head. Old Mrs. Meng was angry and enchanted, and twisted her face. Don't accept her big gift. "What are you going to do with this green arrow, Sister-in-law Meng?" Asked Boss Sa. In such an awkward atmosphere, the eldest brother suddenly asked such a sentence that had nothing to do with the current matter, Mrs. Meng. Just as he was getting angry, he pulled up the arrow and said, "Why do you ask this?" You must break the arrow into two pieces. Boss Sa suddenly said, "Don't take it, Sister Meng. Give it to me." Old Mrs. Meng was stunned for a moment and said, "Do you want this green forest?" Arrows? Boss Sa said with a smile, "If you don't pick it up, I'll pick it up for you, and I'll be quite good at it. Isn't that the best of both worlds?" Old Mrs. Meng owes Sa. The eldest brother was worried that he could not repay his kindness. When he heard that he wanted this green arrow, he gave it to him. I don't ask him what he means. Sarao Avenue: "Many teams, thank you.". Sister-in-law Meng, your adopted daughter has been with you for a long time. It turned out that Qin Nongyu had not been paid attention to by her Qianniang. Wu was kneeling on the ground, not daring to get up. Old Mrs. Meng didn't go too far either. Her heart softened. She turned around and took a breath. She lifted Qin Nongyu up and said, "Aunt Qin!" Mother, you like this choice, you want to go, my wife can not force you. You are not well yet, but you must take good care of yourself. Heavy. "" Qin Nongyu's eyes were ruddy and she said,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "Godmother, do you also protect me?" Boss Sa said with a smile, "All good things must come to an end.


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