Assassin's wrath

After singing and writing well, she went back. After entering the dungeon, Han Xin sent a plate of snacks. Crane jittery directly ignored.

Come and ravage me! Conquer me! Don't squint, don't frown, don't hesitate, don't hesitate! After the crane was released by Han Xin, he sat with his head down and his face lost, glancing at him from time to time, revising the script dialogue with his every expression in his heart, and then constantly reminding himself of his position and role setting. "Somebody, take her down!" Han Xin suddenly ordered, he is still cold face, "watch!" "Yes!" Two guards came in and set up the crane. Crane a face of disbelief suddenly looked up, she looked at Han Xin, eyes full of tears, and realized that something was wrong, hurriedly lowered his head to wipe his face, twist the beginning, do not want to see him again. Han Xin smiled, could not hear what it meant, and turned away. Once again, he was thrown into the dungeon, which was expected by the crane. Joking, how to say Han Xin is also one of the four great soldier saint, praised as "the country scholar matchless" (Ji Siqi shout) man, if she can be taken down with a wink, then the first thing she has to do is to stab him to death. Since it was expected, there was nothing to be sad about. When someone was there, she looked sad, and when no one was there, she hypnotized herself over and over again, and silently read the script that had been improvised before. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that my setting was perfect. Han Xin was in his early thirties this year, but he had already made great achievements. To tell the truth, it was impossible for him not to be conceited. A conceited man could not help being narcissistic and arrogant. Even if he was not close to women, he would not deliberately refuse a woman who seemed to love him. And if it's the enemy camp, it's even better! Not willing to kill ah,massage bathtub manufacturers, simply want to offer up good fun! So in Han Xin's chance of survival directly to 100%! She is very confident in her judgment. Mind science is the assassin must learn, some aspects of this and observation of the difference is not big, but the assassin used to be mostly for political services, and those courtiers, sometimes courtiers of the emperor's mind repair than the emperor is also refined, after all, once the emperor sat down only need to control, and courtiers in the hands of the emperor need to do things in order to save their lives and always Survive successfully and let the emperor take their advice, which is what the assassin is doing. At the beginning of the related courses, the light experience class was catching up with the basic training. This kind of skill is used to figure out a man whose life route is clear and does not need to be hidden, which is like killing a chicken with an ox knife. Tut-tut, man. She hummed: "Ten men, seven are stupid, eight are dull, nine are bad, and one is loved by everyone. Sisters come to watch. Let's work together to catch him and strip him naked. Let's take a closer look at him." For the next five days, Han Xin seemed to be bored and carried her three times. The first time he was reading in the yard, probably tired of reading and thinking of such a fun, 4 person jacuzzi ,whirlpool hot tub, he pulled out and slipped away twice, asking some questions with evil intentions, basically trying to find out the true intention of the crane. This round of questions did not surprise her at all. After singing and writing well, she went back. After entering the dungeon, Han Xin sent a plate of snacks. Crane jittery directly ignored. This year's dim sum, she only recognized the little prince Liu Ying's maltose! The next day, the guards took the snacks back intact, and gave some coarse tea and rotten rice. They ate happily and felt full of energy. They waited for Han Xin to pull her out again on the third day. Sure enough, on the third day Han Xin summoned her again, and this time he was eating. Crane jittery this day has not eaten, in the side of the quiet watching, Han Xin big fish big meat to eat, eat on the way also pretended to be concerned about asking her hungry, during the gun with a stick asked her in the past and Lu pheasants there, obviously also want to get some information from her body, crane jittery pick brain small script performance finished, is looking at him with tears. Han Xin is very good down the steps, a face of pity to let the servant add a pair of tableware, the crane hesitated, turned toward the direction of the dungeon, no reason. Although want to meet also refuse this move is very old, but she can not be too quick to take the bait, with this man to play emotional drama, it is easy to directly enter the stage of hand-to-hand combat. That's not what she wants. Another day later, when he was taken out again, Han Xin was practicing martial arts with bare arms. She almost laughed when she saw him playing happily with several guards. Although it was unconscious, the male peacock really began to be in heat, and he knew his advantages very well. Compared with the generally malnourished figure in ancient times, his figure was really good at the professional level. He was even comparable to Ji Siqi, who could keep fit, and of course, he had more bloody taste than Ji Siqi. If she is really jittery, she wants a melon seed to sit down and watch. Unfortunately, she was now a young girl in love, and as soon as she ran into her, she turned her head and looked ashamed and indignant. The man leaned over with a sweaty body. "Can you get used to living in a dungeon?" "Your Majesty, please respect yourself." The jittery crane has an upright face. Oh, well, respect yourself. Han Xin seemed to smile from the side of a hand, the servant immediately handed over the thin shirt, he took it, like brother Ma put on a wave, who knows the silk thin shirt was sweat on the body, more sexy blood. Hey, old driver. I'm sorry that I accidentally saw your armpit hair. You say you've never made a promise before? He came straight to the point. Of course she couldn't recognize it. She bowed her head and didn't speak. Lu pheasants now have their own difficult to protect, you can go back? "Please let me go back." You can be released, but do you know that I will catch you again soon? When the time comes, there is no Lu pheasants can keep you. Oh, this is to rebel to kill my little pheasant, ah, the crane nodded silently in his heart, but on his face he made a look of shock: "You!"! You "Do you understand?" Han Xin smiled, "do you think you can still walk?" Crane jittery face, three views collapse, but want to cry blankly, if lost,whirlpool bathtub, there is no love. "Follow me, or be a prisoner, think for yourself." Han Xinlang laughed and turned away. ……” Crane jittery a mom sells batch to wait to be suffocated to dungeon just scold come out.


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