Gorilla killings

Even if there is, this person has to use his real name and. "What is the real name of Edicos?" Mason asked. Edikos,Whirlpool bathtub, of course.

What the hell is going on? Don't play with us, Mason. For God's sake, Benjamin Edicos is an important man. He is very strange. He has been doing the gorilla experiment crazily. In short, he is very noticeable. If he had married someone, it would have been in the papers. It's not a big story, but at least they would have played it up. Because of his wealth, his gorilla zoo, everything he does is news. "You forget there's a big gap in his resume," Mason said. "This guy is married." Where did he get married? "Anywhere." "Come on, come on, tell us the truth." "Benjamin Edicus," said Mason, "lived with a woman and treated her as a wife." "Where does he live with her?" "Live in his home part of the time." "You mean that Josephine Camberton." 'Not So fast, 'said Mason.' This wife is Helen Cadmus. I'm going to give you the addresses of a couple of motels that are registered there in the name of husband and wife, and I'm going to tell you that this can be proved by photographs. You can take a picture of Helen Cadmus and try it, if you like. "Oh,endless swimming pool, stop it," said a reporter. "Just because he's messing around with his secretary doesn't mean he's marrying her or nullifying the will." Mason smiled. You guys are good at research. Look into these things. Look into them and you'll find out the fact that the motel register says, B. F. Mr. and Mrs. Barnwell. 。” "Barnwell?" "Yes." "So," said a reporter, "that's your answer. In order to achieve the purpose of cohabitation is to show.. "Who said anything about cohabitation?" Mason asked. You said that, didn't you? I know this doesn't happen in this state. Even if there is, this person has to use his real name and. "What is the real name of Edicos?" Mason asked. Edikos,Whirlpool bathtub, of course. "Is it?" Of course, he.. Say, wait a minute. Where did you get his last name to be Barnwell? Mason just smiled. How to explain cohabitation? A reporter asked. It's legal in some States, "Mason said." It's illegal in others. But as long as a man travels with a woman who is his wife, he must go to a state where cohabitation is legal, which is a proof, a legal basis. The reporters exchanged glances. Mason opened a book and put it on the table. Look, right here, Article 196, paragraph 30 of the Civil Code. "But what about the will?" A reporter asked, "He didn't mention Helen Cadmus.". If they live together as a couple, Chinese spa manufacturer ,endless pool factory, there should be proof of marriage. He made no mention of her in his will, which was therefore expressly opposed to such a statement. "But there was no need for him to mention Helen Caedemus, for she was dead." "Who said that to you?" "You think she's just walking on the water, I think.". Come on, if you want us to run a story, come up with some facts. "Whether you publish or not," said Mason, "but Helen Cadmus did not commit suicide." "You mean she was murdered?" "What on earth do you mean?" "I mean, for both of their sakes, she has to disappear," Mason said. "You can draw your own conclusions." "You mean she took time to have a baby?" Mason shrugged and said, "Anyway, I was just involved in this case a few hours ago, but I'm getting a steady stream of new information, and I'm identifying and categorizing it.". I think your understanding of this should start from scratch.. Then start from scratch. If you insist on this statement, this is the headline news. God, what a sad, sad story! 'All Right. "Mason said," Use your own judgment. Who saw Helen Cadmus on deck that night of the storm? Who saw Helen Cadmus after the yacht left the harbor? "Didn't the sailors see it?" "No!" "There was only one person who really saw her, and that was Benjamin Edicos," Mason said. "And Josephine Camberton." "Mrs. Cam Burton didn't see it." Mason said, "She heard the typewriter in the next cabin, and the typewriter kept ringing.". Anyone can hit a typewriter, say, Edikos. Mrs Cam Burton took a sleeping pill and fell asleep. When she woke up in the morning, there was this story of Helen Cadmus's disappearance. "Do you have any evidence?" A reporter asked. Of course there is. Mason said, "Remember, I have the diary of Helen Caedemus." "What did she say in her diary about having a baby?" "I'll show you one." Mason said. He took out his diary and turned to a page identified by Della Street, in which he had put a bookmark. This is the page, written by Helen Cadmus. Today I told the news to B. At first, he was very upset. When he began to think seriously, I understood that everything would be all right. He will be proud of him. The reporters studied the diary carefully. "I say," said a reporter, "let's look at these diaries. We can look at them in your study. Maybe we'll find.." Mason shook his head. This, my friends, is the beginning of your story. "It's not a story, it's just the material on which a claim is based, and we can't publish it." "If you don't publish it,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, don't publish it!" Mason said, "How much evidence do you have on which to base the accusation that Josephine Camberton murdered Helen Cadmus?" "We're not saying she murdered Helen Caedemus, we're saying the authorities are questioning her." 。 monalisa.com


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