The years are far away

The years are far away -He turned his head and asked her, "What are you thinking?" "

She calmly lectured, called the roll, and answered the students' questions. When it was almost time to finish school, it suddenly began to rain outside the window, crackling and falling heavily. The students hurriedly packed up their things and left the classroom. He Xixi slowly turned off the computer, cleaned the blackboard, packed up her things, and then went to the last person left in the classroom. She said, "Hello." The girl said, "You used to be Chen Shuo's girlfriend, right?" He Xixi thought for a moment: "Sort of." Why did you break up? Do you still love him? He Xixi calmly looked at the girl opposite her. Through her beautiful young face, she seemed to see Chen Shuo all these years-the way he played basketball, the way he smoked, the way he laughed, and the way he played the guitar carelessly. It was raining outside. Chen Shuo once drove her from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a rare downpour on Highway 1. They parked their car in the observation area and sat in the car, watching the whole world collapse. He turned his head and asked her, "What are you thinking?" "I didn't think about anything," she answered lightly. In fact, she lied, and her mind was full of his figure, even though he was sitting next to him,Wheel tape measure, even though he looked so close. The rain was getting heavier and heavier. He Xixi finally came to his senses. He wanted to speak and stopped several times. Finally, he slowly opened his mouth: "I met my soul mate, but he didn't". " To love or not to love is no longer important. He Xixi never saw Chen Shuo's girlfriend again after that day. As the days went by, many teachers in the school began to worry about her personal problems and took her to all kinds of meals. Although there were not many single and high-quality young men, they could still meet many more when they went out several times. But he Xixi declined one by one on the pretext that he had been hurt in the United States and had no courage to start a new relationship for the time being. The older professor said to her in all earnestness, "How can you not know if you don't try?" He Xixi smiled bitterly in the bottom of his heart. It's not that she hasn't tried, and it's not that she and John haven't tried. This is the most desperate thing, she clearly understood that her life, only the most lonely that way. The last chapter Still later, Jiang He called He Xixi. She cried like a little girl on the phone. She stammered and choked and said, "Xixi, Pi tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, he's back." Xixi, he came back for me. Not without envy Jiang He, so many years, he always has a Gu Xinlie, so she actually never tasted the taste of nothing. He Xixi, holding the phone, could not help but be moved to cry. She tried to smile and said, "Congratulations. We agreed that at least one of us would be happy." Jiang He holding the phone refused to let go, and finally he said helplessly: "Well, wait for this summer vacation, I will go to the United States to see you." At that moment, she had a complex feeling of marrying her daughter. After hanging up the phone, He Xixi thought about it and sent a text message to Chen Shuo. She asked: Chen Shuo, did you sleep? Passed a little while, he returns a phone call, the voice is confused, probably did not wake up, he asks: "How?" "Nothing," she said. "Just a little sad." "Because of me?" He asked. Probably, "she said with a smile." Chen Shuo, can you imagine what we will look like in twenty years? Or when we're fifty? Or you have nothing, you're no longer dashing, you're no longer young and handsome. He laughs in a low voice: "At that time, you do not like me again." "Well," she laughed, too. "I think so, too." Until the day your hair grows grey and your steps falter. I love you, and I know I can't love you anymore. The last time he Xixi saw Chen Shuo was on the last day of August several years later. It happened to be the tenth year she had met him, not a day more, not a day less. Chen Shuo came to her school to look for her. He didn't drive. On a hot summer night, the two of them walked casually along the river. Neither a long road nor a short one, no one spoke. A child rode on his father's shoulders and shouted, "Drive!" On the other side of the river, the bright light cast a reflection on the water, and the wind blew through it,cattle weight tape, so that it broke open with a gentle movement. The scene of debauchery is a scene that can never be seen in the United States. Chen Shuo stopped and said, "Xixi, I'm going to get married." Every day in the past ten years has been too long for her. She even felt that she had never been truly happy for a moment.


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