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The cartoon narrowly escaped death, saved his life, and hid in the crowd on his side in panic. Seeing this, the others immediately surrounded Chu Chen and Chen Yingjun.

Chu Chen's body jumped, to the surprise of the rice special rare and others, Chu Chen did not attack toward them, but toward the back, toward the side of Liuhuo and cartoons. Master Manga, be careful! Rice special rare heart a tight, forcibly give up the weaving of the net of despair, toward the cartoon so-called position, a Chen Yingjun has been able to play the cartoon without the power to fight back, if coupled with a Chu Chen, it is almost no suspense. The two summoning units of Ghost Crying Angel and Black-faced Raksha have been generated, but without the cooperation of the net of despair, they can not combine a set of the strongest skills to attack together, and can only be driven by the thunder demon and the full moon, drifting in the direction of Chu Chen. Sure enough, as soon as I attacked that guy, you started to mess up! Chu Chen laughed in his heart. The cartoon stared at the flying Chu Chen, as if he still clearly remembered the scene when Chu Chen tore open his Yashengguang guardian and exploded his secret magic silver gun, burning the flame of hatred in his eyes: "Today I must let you die here!" "That depends on how much skill you have. Don't let me explode any more treasures. Ha ha ha." Chu Chen's heavenly sin and Chen Yingjun's evil dragon lance went up and down and hit the cartoon. Whoa! One side of the shield of the guardian was broken. Cartoon crazy retreat, in the face of the two masters of the attack, he did not have much weight to defend, when Chen Yingjun's evil dragon gun was about to stab him,Fiberglass tape measure, flustered to pull out a scroll from the space ring, a sky-blue water wall immediately blocked between the evil dragon gun and the cartoon, the water boundary made Chen Yingjun's offensive temporarily hindered. Continue But it was Chu Chen's sin of heaven that shook in the air, writhing like a poisonous snake, and quickly cut away toward the boundary of the water, and little by little the beads of water kept jumping and splashing out with the stroke of the sin of heaven. Dark Thrust! Chen Yingjun closed his gun and suddenly burst out again! Whoa! The boundary of the water was broken cleanly, then torn apart in an instant, and the two men quickly squeezed through it,Horse weight lbs, approaching the cartoon. Damn Once again, the cartoon panicked, even a little desperate, he did not think that the boundary of water had only lasted for a few seconds. And the rice is very thin, and the full moon, they are still behind more than ten meters away, there is no time to save him. Just then, suddenly, Chu Chen, as if aware of something dangerous, quickly kicked Chen Yingjun away. cao!” Chen Yingjun was stunned and kicked to the ground. He didn't expect that at this juncture, he was kicked by Chu Chen. He just wanted to scold his mother, but suddenly found a bright black sword arc flying over him at an incredible speed. Its power was no less than that of the swordsman, and with that height, if it wasn't Chu Chen's foot in the air just now, Walking measuring wheel ,Fish measuring board, He's probably going to be cut in half! Thinking of this, Chen Yingjun suddenly felt a chill in his heart. Moon Demon Nu Chop? The meal is very rare and happy. At the critical moment, the sword of killing the moon finally arrived. The cartoon narrowly escaped death, saved his life, and hid in the crowd on his side in panic. Seeing this, the others immediately surrounded Chu Chen and Chen Yingjun. It's over. Chu Chen dark call is not good, although this group of people did not just rice special thin, full moon, thunder demon they are brave and good at fighting, but the number is a huge advantage, oneself and Chen Yingjun add up to only four hands, how can be an opponent? 1033 clearance Chapter 1033 rescue (3rd watch). Chen Yingjun quickly got up and stood back to back with Chu Chen, defending the enemy in all directions. Bring out Qinglong, at least you can bring the guards here! "Sweat.." It's too late. Have you used the skills attached to your Mad Soul Armor? "Not yet, not until the last minute." "Then use it now, pick the road on the left and rush out at one go." But just as Chen Yingjun was preparing to summon his invincible points, suddenly, a loud shout came from the crowd on the other side of the fire. "Here comes the guard!" Uh? Chu Chen Yiqi, logically speaking, this kind of residential area should rarely have guards patrolling through, even if there are guards approaching, cartoon they are not stupid, they will arrange people to lure away those guards nearby, how can they let the guards come this way? The people on this side of the cartoon all looked flustered, and one of them asked aloud, "How many?" What he meant was obvious. If only a guard happened to pass by, he could still be killed. After all, there were more people on their side. Seven! "Seven?"? How is that possible? The cartoon asked incredulously. The rice is especially rare to jump to the roof of the eaves quickly, the vision looks toward the distance, one face astonished expression: "Is not 7, is 8!" "God help us!" Chu Chen and Chen Yingjun are happy in their hearts. As soon as the guards come, the rice is very thin, the thunder demon, and the full moon are sure to escape. Their red names are the preferred targets of the guards, and the rest of them, even if there are more people, dare not mess up in the face of eight guards. Let's go first! Fan Texi said to the cartoon. Cartoon face a burst of gloomy, looking at Chu Chen and Chen Yingjun, who had been surrounded by themselves like turtles in a jar, their faces were full of unwilling expressions, and finally, they had to let them leave. It is said that there is a fight here. The guard arrived quickly, his eyes scanning the destroyed walls around him, the ground that had been cracked in many places, and the signs of the struggle were the most favorable irrefutable evidence. This The cartoon just wanted to open its mouth to explain, but it was preempted by Chu Chen. Brother guard, you're here at last. These people are openly besieging our two heroes. You, the messengers of justice and love, should support justice for us. Chu Chen almost rushed to the guards with a handful of snot and tears,tape measure clip, looking at the people around him suddenly stunned, the weak image in front of him could not be linked with the tough one just now, which made them wonder if it was the same person.


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