The number of people is five to four

The number of people is five to four, and there seems to be a big gap in the performance of weapons.

This place is not like a treasure room, even the base has been dug into a bare stone slab, even a grain of gold can not be found! If this can trigger self-destruction like in the movie plot, it will be really damned. After all this is done, it is time to go back and solve the next problem. Unfortunately, neither the statue of the sun God nor the altar of death marked the internal map and mechanism layout of Hamnata, and they had to follow the original path full of traps step by step. But the speed of going back was much faster than that of coming back, and the trap was almost destroyed on the way back, and they quickly returned to the surface all the way unimpeded. It was still dark, and at noon I was ready to go underground. After four or five hours of tossing and turning, the sun almost went down. But now is not the time to rest. Or you may miss something when you take a break. As a porter for a long time and climbed hundreds of meters of stairs, the new people didn't even get a chance to catch their breath, and they were almost tired and had to follow Xiao Lan and Zheng Zha to walk back underground from the main entrance excavated by the American expedition. They can choose not to keep up, but they show their weakness in today's Devil Team. That's like asking for your own death. Under the jungle law of survival of the fittest, if you can't keep up with the pace of "evolution", you will be eliminated by the environment! Just like the newlyweds are thinking right now. Zheng Zha and Xiao Lan simply take Chu Xuan, an "ordinary person" who has not been strengthened,304 Stainless Steel Wire, as a contrast, as long as this ordinary person can still support, then those who can not reach this level are losers. The Demons, who aim to be the strongest, don't need losers. With this in mind, the two men quickly followed the footprints to the buried legs of the statue of Anubis. There were a lot of people here at the moment, and the workers hired by the American expedition had just cleaned up the accumulated soil,mirror stainless steel sheet, revealing that the gap was clearly discernible and there were absolutely precious carved stone slabs behind it. Seeing this, the cowboy Henderson couldn't wait to pry open the door of the secret compartment himself. "Better stop if you don't want to die, cowboy." From behind them, an unexpected voice suddenly came. But this is not a sign of peace, after the sound of a burst of guns, the three American adventurers who dropped their tools and Benny pointed their guns at Xiao Lan's group of people who came out of the darkness silently. Then they suddenly realized that something was wrong. Walking in the front of the scar face Zheng Zha is full of cold, compared to a face of calm Xiao LAN or leaning on the strange cane, followed by Chu Xuan is silent, but Richard Amia these new people can all instinctively react to pull out all kinds of long guns and short guns aimed at the enemy to be identified with a gun pointing at them. The number of people is five to four, and there seems to be a big gap in the performance of weapons. Although the biggest man was missing from the opposing team, Benny, who had seen the marksmanship of others, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, knew very well that they were the only ones who would suffer if they really fought. In a flash, the hearts of the three Americans and Benny sank completely. It's over. What should I do? (To be continued..) Shufanlou is the fastest update, please collect Shufanlou (). Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 165 The Situation Under Control [Subscribe] T The two teams suddenly confronted each other, but the strength comparison was completely overwhelming, and it seemed that a bloody battle would break out here. (Read the novel to Ye Ye · You ~ You) In fact, this is absolutely impossible. As a newcomer, Amia, they dare not shoot without authorization at this time, and it is for the sake of "saving people" and Xiao Lan, they are more unlikely to make an attack. After all, if they really want to do it, these few ordinary gunmen will not even know how they died. However, the three Americans and Benny did not know anything about it. In this oppressive atmosphere, they all began to tremble nervously. If they were not careful, they would use their trembling fingers. 7ks. Pull the trigger!! Fortunately, there is still a slightly rational person in the room. Relax, relax, relax..! As soon as he realized the sudden situation, the Egyptian scholar swallowed it. The saliva stood out and played a round. "Gentlemen.." Can you not make it so dangerous? The scholar, who did have some water in his stomach, took the initiative to press the gun raised by his side, and Amia, who saw it, slowly lowered the dark muzzle of the gun, which finally made him breathe a sigh of relief. I don't know what you did before, but here we found it first and we're going to dig out the results, so can you -- From what he said, he seemed to want a peaceful solution, but before he could finish, the cowboy, who had a bad temper and was a little angry at the moment, interrupted him directly. What the hell do you mean? This is our place! Suddenly, there was a burst of gunfire from the brush. The stalemate that had just come into contact was restored. But this time on behalf of the devil team Xiao LAN Ken no longer interested in watching the fun, step forward gently pushed aside the muzzle of the gun pointing at himself, the priest dressed man slowly said an unexpected sentence. You're too nervous, cowboy.. Remember what I just said? If you want to die, pry it down like that. Such a sentence made Henderson feel extremely embarrassed for a moment. That sentence just now is not a threat. But a friendly reminder? Is that so? I'm so sorry, Father. [] I seemed to be too impulsive just now. Extremely uncomfortable to shift his eyes, Henderson felt ashamed for a moment,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, where can he continue to use the revolver in his hand at the servant of God. But in response to his next move. But once again, it exceeded his expectations. The revolver that wanted to put down was not withdrawn according to the owner's wishes, and was stopped by a sudden but not surprising palm before departure.


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