Lion King Goody, Tiger King Joe Cole

The war between Qin City and Quake Fortress has just begun today. Lion King Goody, Tiger King Joe Cole, and a group of orc generals gathered in the military hall of Thor's Hammer Fortress, each of them breathing very unstable at this time.

"Is it very uncomfortable?" Ye Yinzhu's cold voice came out in all directions, and his voice contained magic elements. Qi, magic frightens the soul, so that everyone's attention is focused on him, his voice is far away. Heavy breathing paused, heard Ye Yinzhu's question and no one spoke, but the breath of the Qin City soldiers had told Ye Yinzhu that they were still not adapted to today's scene. Ye Yinzhu continued: "It's normal to feel uncomfortable. Anyone who kills for the first time and encounters such a bloody scene for the first time will feel uncomfortable.". But I just want to ask you a question. Those who think through this question can still be here in the next battle. Those who can't think through it should not come. You can report to your superiors, turn back to Qin City by yourself, join in the construction of Qin City, and also give full play to your abilities. On the battlefield, I only need soldiers of iron and blood, not cowards with chaff on their legs. Perhaps because of being attracted by Ye Yinzhu's words, at this time, the physical reaction of the Qin City soldiers is not as strong as before. Ye Li looked at his grandson not far away, his face could not help showing a smile, timely roar out, "Bamboo disciples told me." "No-yes-." Almost with the strength of the whole body roared out, the momentum of the soldiers of the Aozhu Legion suddenly flourished, strong self-esteem has made their hearts fear and inadaptability to resolve most of them. Almost at the same time,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, the commanders of the other three legions, the three suzerains, asked the same question. When all the Qin City infantry soldiers issued a strong roar, the army of sixty thousand people suddenly changed, although it has not been restored to the beginning of the battlefield as sharp, but before the depression and hesitation has been swept away. There was a smile on Ye Yinzhu's face, and his voice came from far away,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, "Good.". I am very satisfied with your answers. The question I want to talk about is whether you want to come back alive or become minced meat like an orc on the battlefield. I can tell you that if you vomit again on the battlefield and have fear in your heart again, then you are likely to be like those corpses left on the battlefield now. Want to survive, want to be strong, what should you do? Go back and figure it out. When the next war comes, anyone who vomits again will be sent back to Qin City immediately and never enter the battle order of Qin City. After saying this, Ye Yinzhu rose from the back of Maginot Iron Dragon and floated towards the Holy Light City. Behind him, there is always a faint shadow, if not very careful, simply can not see her existence. The war between Qin City and Quake Fortress has just begun today. Lion King Goody, Tiger King Joe Cole, and a group of orc generals gathered in the military hall of Thor's Hammer Fortress, each of them breathing very unstable at this time. Although the Thor tribe and the God of War tribe are not so harmonious, at this moment, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, the two tribes, which have also lost tens of thousands of soldiers, are not in the mood of schadenfreude. Today's World War I, the orcs can be said to have suffered heavy losses, although the real main force has not been affected, but such a one-sided war has produced a huge blow to the morale of the entire fortress. Chief Goody, do you have any idea where these people came from today. How is it possible for humans to have such powerful warriors. Could it be that they are visitors from Falan? Joe Cole's deep voice was full of resentment. The death of forty thousand soldiers is not the word "heartache" that can represent his mood at this time. Goody shook his head and said, "No, these people are not from Falan.". Falan is secretly supporting Landias, otherwise we would not be concentrating on the Milan Empire. Don't forget, Falan is closed. Joe Cole frowned and said, "But if it weren't for Falan, how could humans have all the infantry that can use fighting spirit?"? Although they have no mounts, I am sure that the combat effectiveness of these infantry, I am afraid, is higher than that of your Golden Army and my White Tiger Army. Strangling tens of thousands of us and getting away with it, which I didn't even think about before. ” Goody said in a deep voice: "This is the wisdom of mankind. The enemies we meet today are not only not weak in their own strength, but more importantly, they have strange battle formations. With these formations, they can minimize their own losses and cause us heavy losses.". Maybe you have heard the name of Qin City. I am sure that today these people are from the city of Qin. The young man in white, who was in the middle of the command, was the Lord of Qin City, the Emperor of Qin, Ye Yinzhu. Unexpectedly, his strength is so strong, outside the fortress, I do not have the confidence to win him. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 241 Qin Di V Lion King (part two). Qin City? Is it the same city that robbed our supplies in the Kingdom of Flo? The knowledge of Qin City is far less than that of Guti. Guti nodded and said, "According to the news from the Kingdom of Flo, the four mythical beasts once appeared in the army of Qin City.". It seems that we are really in trouble this time. After listening to Guti's words, Joe Cole gasped. "Chief Guti, you're not alarmist." There was a trace of bitterness on Guti's face. "I hope I'm alarmist, and I hope those pigs are wrong.". However, whether the appearance of the four mythical beasts is true or false, we must be prepared to deal with it. Otherwise, once the morale of the troops is shaken, it will not be the disaster of our Thor tribe, but the common disaster of our three tribes. Are you willing to submit to Amethyst Bimeng, the legendary king of the orcs, the head of the four mythical beasts? Joe Cole was silent, looking at Guti, his face uncertain. After a while, he raised his tiger palm to Guti. "Chief Guti, I hope that from today on,304 Stainless Steel Coil, our two tribes can reach a real cooperation.". Regardless of each other. Facing the immediate crisis together. At this time, we must unite. I know that you are better than me in military ability. I have decided that from now on, all the fighting forces of the White Tiger Legion and my God of War tribe will be under your command until the end of this war. 。


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