Therefore, although hurt the fire demon king

Therefore, although hurt the fire demon king, but far away from the movement of Ji did not reveal any excitement, on the contrary, now he is a dignified face.

A roar of pain sounded from the mouth of the Fire Demon King, his left palm brazenly clapped out, without any reservation, the powerful magic and power from the front will move Ji and Dayan Holy Fire Dragon swept out. However, Ji Dong and his Dayan Holy Fire Dragon were obviously ready. When the left palm of the Fire Demon King swept over aimlessly with huge magic, Ji Dong had already taken the Dayan Holy Fire Dragon back into space for the first time to reduce the area of stress, while he himself curled up into a ball and wrapped his body behind his wings, then swung up with the strong impact of magic and flew far away. Fire Demon King is also the ultimate double fire, attributes simply can not hurt Ji move, although his magic is huge, but also very scattered, Ji move can fly, but to say that really hurt Ji move, it is impossible. Originally, the strong people in the center of the earth who watched the battle below focused their attention on three battles respectively. As the power of the soul of the Fire Spirit King enveloped the Red Yan so that they could not see the battle situation, the attention was cast on both sides. But at this moment, the eyes of almost all the strong people in the center of the earth are frozen. Solidified in the right palm raised high, shining with the light of Tai Chi, the sharp demon king roared up to the sky. One of the core elders of the Flaming Holy Church asked another elder in a low voice, "The Fire Demon King seems to be injured.". This Damn,Magnesium Sulphate price, is that really human? And the magic is so weak. How on earth did he do it? It seems that those guys were not unjustly defeated just now. Oh, God! In the face of the Fire Demon King, it was not he who was the first to be injured, but the Fire Demon King. Can you believe it? The conversation between the two core elders can be said to speak the voice of the vast majority of the strong people in the center of the earth, yes! Who would have thought that Ji Dong could be the first to hurt the Fire Demon King? Who can believe it? However, the facts are in front of them, and there is no room for them not to believe. Of course,potassium sulphate fertilizer, they do not know, now Ji move is not good. In the previous blow, he could be said to have played hard, whether it was his own play, or the short but exquisite cooperation with Dayan Holy Fire Dragon, which was already beyond the level of play. What's more, he has been under tremendous pressure from the Fire Demon King from beginning to end! On the clip, Ji's plan was not completed. In his plan, this round of defeat does not end here. Ji Dong's way of fighting is to break out in an instant in order to defeat his opponent. He had a lot of options. However, the Fire Demon King is too powerful, in the previous whole process, Ji moved to consume too much effort, so that he will be sunny cone, Youyan ice into the body of the Fire Demon King to form the body of the outbreak of the sun and moon Qiankun world, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide powder, he himself has been weak, can no longer continue to contend. Only temporarily recede. Moreover, all this is based on the contempt of the Fire Demon King for him. Therefore, although hurt the fire demon king, but far away from the movement of Ji did not reveal any excitement, on the contrary, now he is a dignified face. The Fire Demon King would certainly not give him a second chance, and the damage he did to the Fire Demon King was extremely limited. Ji moves very clearly, under the fire demon king's extreme reaction, destroys the God to strike only to put two nirvana skills into his palm, and has not been able to go deep to detonate. At most, it was only the right palm of the Fire Demon King that was injured. Compared with Ji's readiness, the Fire Demon King was extremely shocked and angry, and he never thought that he would be injured in the hands of such a weak human. Had it not been for the magic of Ji Dong, even if he stood there and let Ji Dong attack himself, he might not have been hurt. The overbearing destruction of the gods, instantly detonated in his body in the world of the sun and the moon, all brought the fire demon king a great shock. No matter how reluctant he was to admit it, he knew that he had underestimated the human youth. He really has the strength to hurt himself! Except on their side. On the other hand, the battle on both sides is still going on. No one knows about the battle between the King of Fire Spirit and Hong Yan, but the King of Fire Lotus has already had the advantage of pressing on the Holy Fire Demon. The Holy Fire Demon is struggling to support it. It can only be passive defense, and it is becoming more and more difficult. After all, the strength gap between the two sides is there, although he has released all his Holy Strength. But the Fire Lotus King's ever-changing ways of attack, his powerful magic and soul, suppressed him without any chance to breathe. Even he doesn't know how long he can hold out. Holy Fire Demon did not care to observe the form on the field, did not know the situation of Ji Dong and the Fire Demon King, but the Fire Lotus King has been concerned about this side, she attacked her opponent while monitoring the battle between Ji Dong and the Fire Demon King. Ji Dong is the lover of the flame, no matter how, she can not let the fire demon king kill Ji Dong. When she saw that the Fire Demon King had been injured by Ji Dong, she could not help but be dull for a moment, and even the offensive in her hands slowed down for half a minute, making the Holy Fire Demon breathe a little. Did he hurt the Fire Lord? This shock for the Fire Lotus King does not have to be less than the Fire Demon King himself, she and the Fire Demon King tit for tat, for the strength of the Fire Lord is naturally well understood. Not to mention that Ji's magic is less than nine crowns, even if it's her, it's not easy to hurt the Fire Demon King. Sister, what kind of monster are you practicing! "You let me get hurt." The Fire Lord roared angrily, and although he was also a fire, he had received such a heavy blow that at this moment, his right hand was completely numb and had no feeling. Temporarily lost combat effectiveness. Ji Dong did not know that the most powerful ability of the Fire Demon King was mainly concentrated in these two hands. He hurt the right hand of the Fire Demon King by mistake, which immediately limited the strength of the Fire Demon King. Ji move just this blow, is absolutely after careful consideration, after coming to the earth's core world,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, he is very clear that his future must face the strong earth's core. Especially after knowing the existence of these three holy powers, he thought, how can we hurt or even defeat these holy powers.


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