River from endless scenery from the end

River from endless scenery from the end (scenery from the end)

"Little uncle." He had the heart to say that he would come soon, but to the four-year-old child, he found that he did not dare to talk nonsense at all, "Little uncle did not say ah." “…… Little aunt, do you miss your little uncle? Properly climb onto Ziduan's lap and let Ziduan hold her. ……” Embarrassed to find that everyone was looking at her, Eden almost laughed and said loudly to herself, "You can't cheat children!" Since the end nodded, well, do not cheat, do not answer will not cheat. There is a kind of sweet smell on Tuotuo's body. It smells like honey. I felt that my heart was going to turn into a pool of water. Little aunt. "Hm?" "Mom said I would have a little brother." Look at Eden from the front. Eden pouted at her, indicating that her daughter had not finished speaking. Sure enough, she blinked her eyes and said to herself, "Auntie.." There's a little brother in the belly! She felt that her hair was going to be red, but she couldn't help laughing. She looked at her, "Do you really want a little brother?" He thought about it properly, "Little sister can do it, too." That lovely look made me lower my head and kiss her cheek. He turned his face triumphantly. Ziduan kissed here again. Everyone was properly amused to laugh. "You see," said Eden with a smile,teardrop pallet racking, "even Tuotuo is looking forward to having a baby at home. Why don't you refuel?" He just hugged Tuotuo, smiled, and did not answer. Eden and her mother-in-law looked at each other, the two coincidentally said: "The key in the iron." When the doorbell rang, Aunt Shen went to open the door. Suddenly, she screamed and jumped down from her own leg and ran to the hall. "Don't run away," said Mrs. Tong hurriedly. "Be careful not to fall." After a while,pallet rack shelving, I heard a lot of laughter and shouting. Mrs. Tong froze for a moment. "Who?" "Mom!"! Brother, sister-in-law! Read. Chapter IV Memories of Flowers and Fire (XII) A881E'labelA881EA881E 'such a loud voice, who is not Tong Tiehe? "Yo!" Eden was the first to react. She clapped her hands and said, "Look, we were just talking about you!" Tong Tiehe will properly carry on the shoulder, approached some, usually slightly too serious face, at this time the expression is soft, let properly grab his hair and rub. As Eden called her daughter down, she laughed and said that Iron River had long ears and quick feet. When Mrs. Tong heard that Tiehe had not had dinner, she and Aunt Shen went into the kitchen to arrange dinner. At that time, Gangchuan took it over, heavy duty metal racking ,metal racking systems, and the two brothers said a few words. During the conversation, there was another phone call for Tiehe. Talking on the phone, he went over and waved to Mrs. Tong not to get too much food. He just ate ready-made food. Looking at everything that was suddenly busy in front of me, noisy. And happy. She stared at the back of Tiehe standing on the porch making a phone call. It wasn't until Eden touched her that she reacted and dragged Iron River's suitcase into the room. The room they are going to live in is not very big. This small building is a residence for senior civil servants. It was built in the 1950s and has three bedrooms. Accustomed to living in a big house, she felt cramped here, wondering what he would do-but the feeling of a warm home should not have the crowded feeling of things piled up everywhere, the cramped feeling of bumps everywhere? As he thought about it, he put away the luggage he had brought. Fortunately, he did not bring many things, just two sets of clothes to change with him. Didn't seem to want to stay longer. Last year, he flew to Europe on business on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Hearing the laughter downstairs, I felt flustered. After I came here, I was in a panic. As soon as the Iron River came, it was even more panicky. Tiehe and Gangchuan were still sitting in the living room drinking and chatting after the women had gone back to their rooms to rest. The two brothers have had a good relationship since they were young, but now they spend less time together and more time apart, and there are always endless words when they meet. Gangchuan's capacity for liquor is not as good as Tiehe's, and now it's already hot, but Tiehe still looks as usual. Gangchuan suddenly patted his brother on the shoulder and said with a smile: "." Hello Mom told your wife. Ah "What?" “…… That one A.. "Which one?" Iron River is inexplicable. Just. You pretend.. Pretend to be garlic! "What is it?" "Child.". ” Iron River froze for a moment, "that." His mind stagnated. It suddenly occurred to me that two days ago in Grandpa's place, Grandpa said, "There is no kitten or puppy, even if a child has one.". He smiled a little. Gangchuan patted his brother on the shoulder again! I have to.. Back to the room, you also go to rest early. No, I'll go back myself. Tiehe looked at him in a funny way, and Gangchuan forgot that their bedroom was across the door. Sending Gangchuan to the door and watching him go in, Tiehe stood at the door of the room for a while. Pushing the door, I was surprised to find that I had not slept and was reading at the head of the bed. Did I disturb you? She shook her head. He just remembered that she had the problem of choosing seats. Iron River looked at the room and frowned. So small, and installed such a big bed, it seems more and more lack of space, it is difficult to turn around. If I had known, I wouldn't have agreed to live at home. He had some remorse. Shall we change places? He sat on the edge of the bed and said suddenly. He frowned and said, "Well, you don't want to make your father happy in the New Year, do you?" She knew what he was thinking. But the father-in-law was already quite critical of the luxurious lifestyle of the Iron River. If he really wanted to go out to live, it would be like stirring up a hornet's nest? Don't try to live in peace. We can't stay together for a few nights, so why bother to make the old people unhappy. The Iron River is silent. It's a little crowded, but it's like a family, isn't it? He put the book in his hand on the head of the bed and tidied up the quilt. Seeing that he did not move, he asked, "Don't you want to take a bath?" Iron River went out with his pajamas. Thinking of Tiehe's awkward appearance just now, he pouted,push back racking system, and sure enough, it was the eldest young master. If you can't sleep without taking a shower, you won't go into the "public" bathroom. She sat still for a moment and lay down. kingmoreracking.com


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