Yu CangshengYu CangshengYu Cangsheng

Yu CangshengYu CangshengYu CangshengYu Cangsheng

"The guilty minister thanks your Highness!" Li Ye did not get up, kneeling and kowtowing three times. When she turned against Helian Shi, she could be regarded as obeying God's will. This time, she had no chance to oppose Dongfang Shi, who was supported by the common people. She was undoubtedly asking for her own death. His whole life was ruined, and he didn't know if he could save the young children at home. Her ears were fine, and the princesses who had come to guard her first did not do anything to her, so the sound of dozens of feet away was still very clear, but I was afraid that the three men had already walked together on the way to the afterlife. Although the long princess said that she could be treated leniently, there was no lack of exile, and the crime of rebellion was bound to be even. But Feng Jun went on to say with a smile, "Time is pressing, so I won't beat around the Bush.". The old general's family has been rescued, but I have to give the world an explanation. According to the instructions of the woman, the legal principle is nothing more than human feelings, please move the old general family to another state, and the emperor will say that the old general with the rest of the rebels together! I don't think I need to explain the rest of the details, do I? Change your name, you can start over? The news was so shocking that Li Ye forgot the etiquette and looked up at the smiling princess. He couldn't help asking, "Which state are you going to?" After asking, he wanted to slap himself in the mouth. Now that he had spared you,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, even if he had been exiled to a bitter and cold place in the north, he would have kowtowed to thank him. He even had one more question! "The old general was reassured that he was not in exile, but in another southern state." Feng Jun looked at the old lady's surprised appearance and sniggered, "Tai Nu gave you a hundred hectares of fertile land. The gold and silver in the original home can be taken away. Can you feel at ease?" "Guilty minister, guilty minister.." Li Ye stammered and did not know how to say, originally she was a military general clumsy in expression, at this time as if dumb in general. Feng Jun stood up and took the official seal on the table and walked away, shaking his hand. "Someone else will contact you about the following things. It's good to leave the rebel camp as soon as possible at this time." Then he went straight away without looking back. Li Ye knelt in the middle of the curtain and blew the night wind for half an hour. Finally,Glucono Delta Lactone, he stood up on his knees and greeted the general to leave quietly at night. Night fighting There was silence in the camp, and the soldiers on guard were standing steadily, only to feel that the fourth watch was coming in a twinkling of an eye, and today's time seemed to pass very quickly! You won't find out until tomorrow morning that all four generals are dead! Feng Jun maliciously raised his lips when he stepped out of the barracks, and there was chaos. She has sent someone to send the antidote to Dongfang Hanyu, hoping that when she wakes up tomorrow, she can fix this messy camp! If she doesn't understand and wants to use these soldiers to do something else, then she will be the next to die. The guards of Jingxue Palace came out from different corners, talking and laughing in a low voice. It was really a very unchallenging thing to kill three people! Feng Jun paused and dragged Xuanle, who was half a step behind him, with his fingers interlocked. "How can it be convenient to talk like this?" "Eh?" Xuanle was led by her, the night wind was cool, the palm was warm, and she couldn't help laughing sweetly, "Aren't you tired?" "Why are you tired after walking a few miles?" And in order to let oneself have no psychological burden, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,D BHB Factory, she did not see the bloody scene. Well, thinking of this, I feel a little guilty about Lian Qi and go back to invite her to dinner. Can I go home tomorrow? Xuanle walked next to her, feeling that the wind was better than usual. "Yes," Feng Jun hugged his waist, "tonight to solve another problem, tomorrow night departure, the day after tomorrow morning can be home!" "One more question?" Too close, Feng Jun's breath brushed his side face from time to time, and Xuanle could not help shrinking his neck. Le, I love you! No matter when, I am always by your side! Feng Jun suddenly stopped and said earnestly to Xuanle's eyes. What.. Xuanle's voice muttered in his throat. Although I do not know why she suddenly came to such a sentence, but can not help but burn red face, head drooping low, the heart is not obedient to the same burst of rapid beating. Feng Jun raised his face, forced him to face his eyes, and gently put his lips on it. "After a while, you may meet someone you don't like.". So, remember, I'm here! "Someone I don't like?" The excitement and trembling on the body gradually receded, Xuanle calmed down, he did not like the people, quite a lot of it. Feng Jun, afraid that he would be stimulated, held her waist as close as possible with her backhand. "Who?" Feng Jun was silent for a moment. He was only five miles away from the gathering meadow. He could not even fly for half an hour with flying skills. Someone was already waiting there. Want to also be, oneself at the same time sent people to start in Tianning dozens of States and counties, lifted her lair in one fell swoop, destroyed everything she managed for half a lifetime overnight, she is not in this time when there are the least people around her to seek revenge, that is a fool! “…… Helian. "Hehe ~ ~" Xuanle listened to Feng Jun's deep voice and suddenly laughed. "Are you my wife?" Feng Jun saw that his expression was not unusual, slightly relieved, bit on his earlobe, tone deliberately vicious, "how, anyone dare to question it?" "The wife should protect her husband." Xuanle smiled and flashed back, her slender waist folded into a beautiful radian, her eyes shining with the stars, "My wife is the Lord of the Pure Snow Palace and the God of Tianning, why should I be afraid?" "Just trust me!" Feng Jun suddenly felt that he was alarmist, perhaps just like in another world when people always say that women can withstand more pressure than men, here men are the same, if he figured out, there is no need to worry about anything. I'm all yours. Xuanle hummed in a low voice, glanced at her and twisted his belt. "Why don't you believe it?" "Well, then let's go quickly." Feng Jun picked him up and lifted his breath. "It's time to solve the problem and feel at ease." Xuanle struggled to jump down and walk with her. "You're wasting your strength holding me now. How can you fight the enemy later?" Feng Jun grinned and took his hand. When the two of them arrived at the meadow, a dozen or so guards from the Jingxue Palace stood in a row, each with a face so tight that they wished they could break their skin. Opposite stood several people dressed in night clothes,L Methylfolate Factory, not surprisingly, Helian and her men. Feng Jun stopped five feet away and walked slowly to the place between the two groups. He said to the middle-aged woman on the left side of the group, "You have been famous for a long time!" 。 pioneer-biotech.com


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