The Tied Bride of the Military Wedding

The Tied Bride of the Military WeddingThe Tied Bride of the Military Wedding

After dinner, Zuo Panqing went back to her room to take a bath. Although the child was all right, she felt very uncomfortable when she went to the hospital. After changing his clothes and coming out, Gu Xuewen waited for him outside. When he saw her coming out, he pulled her hand hard, hugged her into his arms, lowered his head and sealed her lips. Zuo Panqing froze for a moment, then quickly reacted and raised his hand around his neck. Catering to his kisses. The flexible lips and tongue completely covered her mouth, and the strong little snake scurried into her mouth. Kiss, fierce and fierce, lips and tongues are entangled with numbness, but the taste of saliva is as sweet as honey. Mmm. Zuo Panqing could not bear the sound of resistance. Gu Xuewen hugged her more tightly, his body was put down on the bed, he propped up his body, dark eyes, staring at her face, inside the love, desire everywhere. I want to eat you. She must not know that every time she takes a bath, she has a layer of moisture on her body,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, which looks as attractive as a peach. It always makes him want more. Gu, Gu Xuewen. Zuo Panqing felt that he could not speak. He swallowed his saliva and calmed himself down: "Not now." "I know." What the hell is the first trimester of pregnancy? Who stipulates it? At the thought of having to endure for a long time, he felt that his anger had increased a little. But at this time Gu Xuewen looked at her little face shy, bad heart suddenly got up, grabbed her hand and put it somewhere on his own. Help me “……” Zuo Panqing's face turned red, his hands pulled away as if they had been burned, and he turned his eyes away,Kava Root Extract, feeling embarrassed. Are you shy? Gu Xuewen raised his lips: "It's not that I haven't done it." "Gu Xuewen." And he said? I knew she couldn't hear that. Help me if you don't want me to keep talking. What an excessive demand! Zuo Panqing wants to look down upon him. But it will take three months. His needs have always been strong. It's normal to want her. Ask him to endure for three months. As if knowing what she was thinking, Gu Xuewen opened his mouth with a smile: "It will take more than a month.". Do you have the heart to keep it hungry? "Who can't bear it?" Zuo Panqing's mouth was hard, but he sat up and began to help him solve the problem. Embarrassed, I couldn't help muttering, "I hate it. You might as well find a woman to bully others like this." As soon as he finished speaking, he felt that the atmosphere in the room was different in an instant. Gu Xuewen held her hand with a slight effort, and his voice was somewhat threatening. Zuo Panqing, you are going to die, and you dare to let me find another woman. I must let you know how good I am. "You are so annoying." Zuo Panqing just said casually, "I'm just saying casually. Do you want to take it seriously?" "You can't say it casually." Gu Xuewen was so angry with her that he picked her up and pressed her lips in the past, kissing her wildly. He kissed her so hard that she could not speak and her breath was unsteady, and then he let her go. Damn woman, don't think that I can't cure you now that you're pregnant. When you give birth to the baby, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Sex Enhancement Powder, you wait for me. "I'll just wait." Solved her biggest problem right now. Zuo Panqing's mood also relaxed: "Gu Xuewen, there is still nearly a year.". I'm waiting for you to deal with me. We'll see who will take care of who. She's not afraid. That one face arrogant small appearance, lets Gu Xuewen hate the tooth itch, the mind one ruthlessly, grabs her hand to put on own body again. A year later, a year later, now, I'm going to take care of you. "No." Zuo Panqing wanted to escape, but it was too late. Finally, when he was half-pushed, he let Gu Xuewen succeed. Most of the day passed after the uproar. Zuo Panqing didn't have to go to work. He felt very embarrassed and called Manager Zhou to ask for leave. He said he would go tomorrow. Hung up the phone, the body was fished into the arms of Gu Xuewen. His lips were pressed against the back of her neck, and the breath came out of her neck, causing her to shudder. Gu Xuewen, let me go. He just tormented himself like that, and it's not that, but isn't he enough? "Don't let go." Gu Xuewen hugged her tightly and thought of Xuanyuan in his mind. Must be a one-time solution to that guy, the original action, is not enough to shake the foundation of the Dragon Hall, but if further? Looking at his suddenly serious face, Zuo Panqing propped up his body and stroked his outline with a bit of temptation: "Xuewen, don't you really mind?" She was touched by another man, and her child may not be his. He really.. "Well." His lips were sealed again, and he let her go after a fierce kiss that made her lips tingle. Deep eyes, with a bit of anger. Zuo Panqing, you say again, I don't care whether you are pregnant or not, I will do you first. "How dare you." Zuo Panqing stared at Gu Xuewen and said, "I will destroy you first." "Hope it will be fine." The atmosphere restores relaxed, Gu Xuewen hugs her, the lip angle raises a good-looking solitary degree: "I really do not care." Thinking all night, thinking all night. No more pain than Zuo Panqing, no more injury than Zuo Panqing. When she was more hurt and more painful than herself, what reason did he have to care about it? He vowed to protect Zuo Panqing, not to let her suffer a little harm, is his protection is to care about these are not her mistakes, and then use other people's mistakes to punish her? I hope you don't care. Don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes. Ok His deep eyes were clear and sincere, and she could see them at a glance. She knew what she said was true, and the page was turned. Reach out and embrace him. At this time, Zuo Panqing's heart was completely relieved. He's right. You don't need to punish yourself for other people's mistakes. She's not wrong. Thank you "To me, you never have to say thank you." He is her husband, no matter what he does for her,S Adenosyl Methionine, it is right. Zuo Panqing nodded and finally stopped asking. In fact, there is no need to ask again. Learn literature. I'm so glad I married you. "I'm glad I married you, too." Not everyone can find a suitable partner in the vast crowd. It's a kind of luck to find it. It is a blessing to be able to cherish.


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