Upgrade to God _ 20200215155704.

Upgrade to God _ 20200215155704.Upgrade to God _ 20200215155704.

In the distance, a huge handprint appeared on the original flat surface of the earth, and the huge handprint was tens of meters deep. In the palm print, the earth was scorched, scattered burning sparks, like stars dotted in the night sky, shining with dazzling light. In the huge handprint, a man with five colors shining all over his body stood quietly. Man's face, no joy, no sadness, so quietly looking at somewhere. "Chen Feng and Wen Qing looked down the man's eyes, but saw that in midair, Ying Fei stood with angry eyes and a look of surprise on his face." Think. Simiao seems to be different! Asked love in Chen Feng's ear issued a cry of surprise, Chen Feng hurriedly looked at Wang Simiao again, only to see Wang Simiao at this time, clothes broken, expressionless, but the flashing five-color Shenhua, unexpectedly not from another, but from his body, that kind of feeling, as if at this time Wang Simiang is a colorful stone carving, not a living person. How could this happen? Chen Feng is very curious, because the cultivation of immortals has always been to guide the surrounding Reiki to present a certain effect,Portable gold trommel, in other words, the human body is just a converter to convert Reiki into a substance. But the situation of Wang Simiao in front of us does not belong to this situation at all. If we have to use a very appropriate word to describe it, that is, Wang Simiao at this time seems to be integrated with those elements, or that he does not need to change Reiki at all, he can directly create Reiki. OK It's so strange that this situation is like you! Wen Qing held his mouth and whispered in surprise! "With me?" Chen Feng was stunned, pointed his hand at his nose, and said in astonishment. Yeah, it's really like you! You may not notice that every time you open the golden body,Portable gold trommel, the defense state of the immortal golden body will be opened to the maximum, the body will also show a metal texture, as if your body at that time was not a mortal body at all, but an unbreakable metal fortress, so that the enemy has not yet started fighting, there is a sense of frustration that you can not break through your defense! Speaking of this, the voice of inquiry paused, and then continued: "And now Simiao, like you at that time, he looks like a five-color stone, even if you are good, you can't hurt him a bit, even if the other side is a strong emperor!" Hearing this, Chen Feng suddenly realized that, yes, Wang Simiao is really the same as a stone now. No wonder he has a special feeling when he looks at him. Now that he thinks about it, it's the kind of difficult feeling that people can't start with steaming and boiling, gold CIP machine ,gold heap leaching, but dare not belittle it. You really brought me a lot of surprises! Just as Chen Feng was whispering, Ying Fei in the air had # # # adjusted his state of mind and calmed down some of the irritability in his heart. But you let me down very much! Wang Simiao still looked at Ying Fei quietly and had no intention of doing anything. Is it? ' Ying Fei gave a sneer, and immediately his body moved, and the flames between heaven and earth rose in the second transpiration, # # # toward Wang Simiao. Wang Simiao looked at the rapidly approaching Yingfei, his body was motionless, and he boldly opened his hands, enjoying the breeze blowing around him and the flames coming towards him. Boom. Boom, boom.. Explosive sound constantly sounded, winning flying hands like electricity, a hot flame, like a flying angry dragon, severely hit Wang Simiao, but Wang Simiao just closed his eyes, quietly feeling every moment of the body and flame collision. Flames, surging majestically, hit Wang Simiao, but like a stone sinking into the sea, countless sparks flying, like rolling waves in the sea, bringing scarlet color at the same time, but also swinging layers of colorful. Ah Chen Fenghe was stunned by the scene in front of him, and his mind was blank. It was a powerful attack from the Great Friar. Wang Simiao not only stood still and resisted directly, but also enjoyed himself. Was he a man? Countless question marks not only hover in Chen Fenghe's mind # # , but also let the constant attack win fly, completely collapse. Between the world, who dares to directly face the attack of the strong emperor without hiding, not to mention the early monks of the emperor, I am afraid that even the peak monks of the emperor, dare not do so? "Good.." What a terrible defense, it's really like a stone that can't be killed! He stared at his beautiful eyes, grew up his mouth, and said foolishly. Yes Yes Chen Feng's voice became a little astringent. He grinned and held back a sentence for a long time. But as soon as he finished this sentence, Chen Feng seemed to suddenly think of something. He murmured in a low voice: "Wait, five-color stone, five-color stone.." God, why didn't I think of it? Difficult. Could it be that the five-color stone hanging on Simiao's chest is a five-color stone? The last five-color stone left by Nuwa to mend the sky? If that's really the case, Simiao refined the stone to mend the sky, then he. Chen Feng was stunned, but Wang Simiao on the ground seemed to have enjoyed the attack of winning. He slowly opened his eyes and said leisurely: "Take out your tricks to save your life. If you only have this ability, I can only make a move.." Volume 1 Chapter 99 Artifact Collision! Chapter 99 artifact collision! Such arrogant words, if changed in peacetime, I am afraid not only win fly, is Chen Feng and ask for love, will also sniff. In their memory, it seems that no one dares to talk to the emperor like this, but in this situation, several people did not smile at all, because they knew that Wang Simiao did not mean to joke at all. Ying Fei stopped the movement of his hands, frowned tightly together, and looked at Wang Simiao standing in a huge handprint, his eyes full of war. For many years, Ying Fei has been under his father's halo. In the inner world,Carbon in Pulp, it can be said that he wants the wind to get the wind and the rain to get the rain. Those who are slightly disobedient are all beheaded by him. But today, he can only rely on his years of penance to fight his way out. He knew that if he did not kill the man in front of him today, he would only die. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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