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If she took the initiative to ask her to help solve the crisis of the Chen family, their friendship is over, now just let her help to bring to the Qingqiu Pavilion, at least in the future may be able to have a friendship. And she also knew that if only by the previous favor Jiang mother-in-law would never help her, it depends on whether their friendship over the years has been good enough. Granny Jiang is uncertain, and her character is even more elusive. If she makes excessive demands on her, it is possible for her to lose her life carelessly. You're going to the one in Qingqiu Pavilion. Granny Jiang's hoarse voice came, as if she was in a good mood today, and she was still in the mood to exchange a few words with her. Chen Lanxin carefully looked at Jiang mother-in-law, and then nodded, of course, she knew that this matter must be hidden from Jiang mother-in-law, she bet that Jiang mother-in-law is willing to take the initiative to help her. Even if she does not tell Jiang mother-in-law now their own situation, I think Jiang mother-in-law is also clear, so it depends on whether Jiang mother-in-law is willing to help, if willing she will help, if not willing she can not force. I really want to find the Lord of Qingqiu Pavilion. My mother-in-law must have heard something about the Chen family and Zhou Tueshao this time. I have no way out now, so I want to borrow some silver from the Lord of Jinqiu Pavilion to get through the present crisis. Chen Lanxin quietly raised her eyes and looked at Granny Jiang: "But Shen Wanhe stopped me from seeing her, and I had no way out, so I came to find my mother-in-law. I hope my mother-in-law can help me, as long as I can see Qin Yuqing!" Chen Lanxin said that the room was silent again. She felt her heart was about to jump out. In such silence, Granny Jiang's voice like metal friction suddenly sounded: "I advise you not to go,tin beneficiation plant, but if you insist, the old woman doesn't mind accompanying you for a trip in vain!" Chen Lanxin gave a wry smile: "I also know that going this time may not solve the problem, but now this is the only way I can think of!" After a pause, Chen Xinlan added, "No matter whether I can hit the target this time or not, the favor you owe me is clear!" Granny Jiang looked up at Chen Lanxin, and her eyes seemed to shine with a touch of blood: "Go there now?" Chen Lan was a little disappointed, although she knew that the possibility of Jiang's mother-in-law taking the initiative to help her was very small,portable gold wash plant, but she was still hopeful, and when she was really rejected, she could not avoid disappointment. Cloud mother-in-law gently coughed a few times, stood up, covered in the dark eyes lightly looked at Chen Lanxin, suddenly flashed a touch of sharp, and then said: "Think clearly, I take you there this time, even if I owe this favor, don't come to me in the future!" It's not that I haven't been psychologically prepared for this before, but when I really heard the cloud mother-in-law say so, Chen Lanxin couldn't help pumping her heart, and finally began to say respectfully: "Lanxin knows!" "Go!" Granny Jiang nodded with satisfaction. Chen Lanxin that little mind where can escape her eyes, but do not want to expose it, also too lazy to expose, small gold wash plant ,manganese beneficiation plant, this little girl a few years ago there are some pure good heart, now has long been a Philistine businessman, although can not say how, she herself is not a good person. It can even be said that she herself is the most vicious villain, but people are always like this, they can not do it, but they can take it for granted to others. Lyceum! Qin Yuqing's pale face smiled at the moment he saw Chen Lanxin, "I knew you would still come to see me!" "I came here a few days ago, and the Second Lord wouldn't let me come in to see you!" Chen Lanxin looked at Qin Yuqing with a worried face. "I hurt you. Are you better now?" Chapter 155 infatuation is always mercilessly mistaken for the "fourth watch." "It's nothing, it's just an arm!" Qin Yuqing smiled a little reluctantly, but still could not bear to let Chen Lanxin blame himself, "you can come to see me, my injury is better than half of it!" "That's good. I just came to see you today. I'm afraid I won't have a chance in the future!" Chen Lanxin said with a sigh. "Is it because of Shen Wanhe?" Qin Yuqing's face showed anger, he is now under house arrest here, has been loyal to his third brother did not listen to him, "I am not dead, he can not stop you to see me!" "Not just because of him!" Chen Lanxin looked like she wanted to speak and stopped, and finally opened her mouth and said, "It was Tuesday that we didn't start on the Chen family!" "Zhou yuanyan!" Qin Yuqing eyes flashed a touch of resentment, think of their own hands, think of their own future is a basket case, more unworthy of the beautiful girl in front of him, his heart is like being stirred by a knife, how much effort he has made for this, only he knows. He used to practice weapons day and night, all day in this joy, sometimes ten days and a half months without bathing or shaving, the whole person like a savage, since he knew she did not like, he began to change himself, he let himself become like those dudes look more elegant. Even though he was not used to it, it was not a problem. He just hoped to get into her eyes. Although she did not say, but Qin Yuqing knew that she did not like to knock, or even look down on himself as a blacksmith, so he had a heart plug, and two brothers to do this Qingqiu Pavilion, hoping to stand with her. But now everything is ruined, all because of Zhou yuanyan, the man who made him useless and lived in the heart of his beloved girl. I'm afraid the Chen family will be ruined in the future, and all my years of hard work will go down the drain! Chen Lanxin was really sad at this time, saying that his eyes were slightly red, but he did not shed tears, "but it's all right, I can make a comeback in the future, so that the green hills will not worry about firewood!" "What can I do for you?" Qin Yuqing looked at his beloved girl like this, and felt a throbbing pain in his heart, a little more painful than when he broke his wrist. Chen Lanxin hesitated: "I originally wanted to borrow some money from you, but now it seems impossible, but it doesn't matter,coltan ore processing, you take good care of yourself, I will think of my own way!" "I'm useless!" Qin Yuqing at this time can not say the uncomfortable, he is now a little help can not help. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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