The ancestor of all demons

Emperor Shitian watched the ancient brontosaurus appear in front of the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven pulling the chariot

Emperor Shitian watched the ancient brontosaurus appear in front of the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven pulling the chariot The powerful dragon body was matched with the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven "It was like a match made in heaven Originally it was like a dead thing" Now "when the ancient brontosaurus pulled the chariot" it burst out with endless brilliance as if it had life Take to the air! Falling on the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven it did not enter the chariot of the Emperor but fought on the chariot In an instant countless Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals magical powers of the emperor poured into the body like a tide constantly washing themselves A pure Emperor Dragon yuan ferociously poured into the flesh and blood Brush! The immortal body of Huangji runs by itself and the divine rings are derived quickly from the flesh and blood Sadness joy taste anger and fear of the four immortal rings emerged one after another and from the feet like a big mill "the double Tu Tu will be shattered" What an overbearing Emperor Longyuan What pure power All right all right! Fear of the immortal obsession all into the emperor [body] As soon as the Emperor Long yuan entered the body That impact simply to the whole demon body are exploded if not for the "physical overbearing" is the practice of the emperor extremely not to destroy the body I am afraid all of a sudden will collapse And that from the flesh and blood derived from the immortal God ring get this overbearing dragon yuan as a source of power with an unprecedented speed of rapid operation The speed flies oh starts from the double foot by the naked eye visible speed rapid is crushed into the red powder Because in the illusion of emptiness the obsession of immortality is so strong that he gets his call to "pour it into the body one after another and fall into the fifth ring of immortality the halo of fear" to gather with Emperor Longyuan with the help of the operation mode of Emperor's immortality Melt together at once Boom! Boom! In a flash the whole chariot of the emperor was trembling violently The divine splendor of the purple gold's s豕 is unprecedentedly strong The whole chariot was wrapped up like a blazing purple and gold sun People can't even open their eyes Ding ding ding! Flesh and blood coalesced again at a speed visible to the naked eye And that fear of the immortal God ring suddenly appeared a statue of the Holy Spirit with the appearance of Emperor Shitian his face showed an angry look and his body stood on tiptoe with a real dragon At the moment of the appearance of the Holy Spirit the "Immortal Ring" is also transformed All of a sudden the "whole God ring" is condensed just like the essence forming a purple and gold God ring like colored glaze There are countless mysterious runes flashing on it The fifth ring of the immortal God was formed Huang Ji did not destroy himself and broke into the sixth level for this emperor Emperor Longyuan who poured into the body from the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven was not completely consumed but was still pouring in Chance! This is the chance given by the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven How can we let it go easily In this regard Emperor Shitian did not integrate the Emperor Longyuan into the eleven grades of black lotus at all but directly used it to enhance the body of the demon and used it to refine the body The emperor is not destroyed and every breakthrough is a huge promotion In the early days of the ancient demon China Chemicals Suppliers he had the power to fight against the sky which was comparable to the peak of the ancient demon because of the powerful body of the demon Moreover the physical body only needs vast power and there is no bottleneck at all before the Dharma reaches the eleventh level As long as there is huge energy and vast immortal obsession we can continue to break through This is the best shortcut to enhance strength Boom! Emperor Shitian's whole body swelled violently One hundred Zhangs two hundred Zhangs in a twinkling of an eye "reached the limit of its own demon body showing the vast demon body of seven thousand Zhangs" The constant rotation of the five immortal rings sets off it just like the arrival of the ancient emperor Bang! With the strong support of Emperor Longyuan the five immortal God rings immediately ran crazily grinding like a big mill crushing the seven thousand feet of demon body at once "condensing 129600 purple and gold s s 豕 blood each of which is as crystal as purple s 豕 crystal" over the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven There are small immortal God rings rotating outside each blood Boom! In the illusion of emptiness countless immortal obsessions vibrate violently After seeing the five immortal obsessions of self-joy anger sorrow fear and taste the immortal obsession comes one after another and melts into a drop of blood The vast Emperor Longyuan poured into it Huangji immortal mosquito is transforming at an unprecedented speed Only a quarter of an hour passed the essence of blood Gathering forming a strange ancient array immortal body display all of a sudden condensed out of the demon body but "the demon body in this blink of an eye has been transformed to grow to eight thousand feet in size" outside the body once again more than a ring of immortal God listen to the halo!! The vast dragon yuan but also the sixth immortal God ring condensed to a very strong degree only a little can be condensed into a glass crystal into the real God ring Whoo! Emperor Shitian took a deep breath and the immortal God ring outside his body immediately and quickly converged back The powerful pressure also dissipated and disappeared The Emperor Longyuan gushing out from the chariot of Material Chemicals the Emperor of Heaven was completely absorbed The Archaic Brontosaurus turned and looked at Emperor Shitian "In the eyes of the big dragon there was a frightened God" Even it felt a trace of fear at the pressure it had just given off In particular the immortal God ring emanates the idea of "yy迄" which makes it more and more memorable I can't help but feel a strong awe for Emperor Shitian OK Emperor Madman now your body is stronger again "It's stronger than before" Now even in the ancient demons you are already the peak of existence " Ming nodded with satisfaction Although the realm has not improved the fighting power has become more powerful The strength of the body "can not even break the treasure" Clang! Emperor Shitian was not moved by such praise "He reached out his hand and pulled out the purple and gold spear on the left side of the chariot On the spear he felt a terrible power to destroy all things Countless purple and gold gods were interwoven together as if outlining the supreme power to judge heaven and earth interweaving into two strange emperor's judgments!"! As soon as the Emperor of Heaven was angry "All things are extinct and rivers of blood are born" The soul is plunged into misery The Emperor of Heaven also has anger "When you have the supreme power to judge all things in the world this handle is the spear of judgment!"


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